Saturday, 13 April 2019

Monthly Book Roundup - What we have been reading in March

Lily is a lot fussier with the stories I read her now, and she does go back to her old favourites a lot of the time, but I do get chance to introduce her to new books each month. Just don't get to read them as often as I would like. I think it is because she is getting older and the repetition of the same books doesn't interest her as much as it did when she was little. 

I still like to read 2 - 3 stories a night to Lily though. Usually we have one long one and 2 shorter stories.

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So last month I let Lily select which ones she wanted to read. She chose 2 Little Miss books from her collection which she hadden't read before plus another story. 

Here is what we read in March.

1. Little Miss Scatterbrain Causes Chaos 
I love Little Miss and I think the characters and story lines are brilliant. In this Little Miss book, Little Miss Scatterbrain is about to celebrate her birthday. She decides she wants a fruit salad for her Birthday, but instead buys Vegetables, and instead of getting in her own car, she accidentally steals Mr Topsy Turvys. Then she goes into the wrong house and Mr Jelly thinks there is a burglar which makes him call the police. Its only when the police man turns up that she realises all the chaos she has caused and also realises, it isn't her birthday after all. All the chaos made it so entertaining for Lily to listen to and she really enjoyed me reading this book to her. I got this book for the amazing price of £1 from Poundland!

2. Little Miss Stubborn and the Unicorn 
I firstly bought this book for Lily because of the fact it has a unicorn in it and Lily loves unicorns. But I am so glad I bought it because the storyline is brilliant. Little Miss Stubborn doesn't believe in Unicorns and when all her friends tell her they have seen them, she just won't believe them. Eventually the Unicorn comes to visit her and she is so stubborn that she still won't believe in Unicorns and is putting her foot down with the fact that she thinks Unicorns Don't Exist. If your child enjoys Little Miss stories and also loves Unicorns then they will love this story. Lily really enjoyed it but couldn't understand why she wouldn't believe in unicorns as Lily thinks Unicorns exist. Again I got this book for £1 from Poundland. 

3. The Princess and the Pea from Miles Kelly
This story I haven't heard in ages and so I was very pleased that Lily wanted to read it. It is the classic story of the Princess and the Pea but put together by Miles Kelly. The storyline is that the price is trying to find himself a princess to marry, but he doesn't like any of the ones he meets. One day a girl comes to the castle all bedraggled from the rain, she says she is a princess but she doesn't seem like one. So they do the ultimate test and make her sleep on a bed with many mattresses and a pea underneath the bottom one. It is said if she can feel the pea then she is a princess. In the end the girl wakes up and complains about a lump in her bed. She is a princess after all and she marries the prince. This book has some beautiful illustrations and Lily really enjoyed the story. You can get this book online or from the Miles Kelly Website.

Which of the above books do you like the sound of the best? 



  1. The princess and the pea - adore this little gem

  2. I don't really find any of them particularly appealing. Probably due to preferring something educational, positive, caring, uplifting, sentimental, with a positive message or positive feeling, etc. I'd like to see more books encouraging good manners, good morals, good / healthy mental / emotional health, etc.

    Rachel Craig

  3. my daughter loves princess and the pea, great book

  4. I like the look of little miss stubborn!


  5. Little Miss Stubborn and the Unicorn fun, very colourful

  6. I enjoy reading your book reviews. Also find it delightful that you share books with Lily, thus encouraging her to develop an interest in books, which can be beneficial for life long learning, etc.

    Rachel Craig

  7. Wondering what you and Lily have been reading in April. Could be topics such as :- Spring Time, Easter, Etc. As suitable for the time of year. Or may be a mixture / variety of topics / themes. Books come in such a vast array.

    Rachel Craih