Thursday, 20 December 2018

5 Christmas Themed Activities

Christmas has come around so fast and already children are breaking up from Nursery and School. This means that as a parent we are all racking our brains for ideas of things to keep our children entertained over Christmas. If it's anything like this area, it is probably raining outside and so we are limited to indoor activities.

So Im here to provide you with a little bit of help and so here is a list of things you could think about doing with your children.

1. Bake Cookies

Santa is going to need a treat leaving out on Christmas morning and what's better way if making this more exciting for your children than providing him with cookies that they helped to bake. There are so many choices of what type of cookies you could bake, this year we are going to be making rainbow cookies with smarties in.

2. Making Christmas Puppets

This is a mini activity that Lily and I did last week. We made little puppets on sticks. You will need lollypop sticks, glue, card and tissue paper. First your child needs to cut a shape which will be the body and the head. Then choose what puppet you would like to do. We decided to make Father Christmas and so we got red tissue paper to make his clothing and then cotton cool for his beard and on the top of his jacket. Then Lily gave him a face. Its a great little activity that doesn't take long to do. 

3. Making your own Reindeer Dust
You can now buy reindeer dust from the shops, but you could make it even more fun for your kids by making your own. You will need oats, or if you don't have oats you could use other cereals and crush it. You will also need some different coloured glitters. Mix it all together and then you can place it into some tissue paper to make a little bag for it to be stored in until the night before Christmas. Sprinkle it out before they go to bed and you can tell your kids that santa can see the glitter and that the reindeers smell the food to know to come to your house. I also tell Lily that is helps the reindeers fly. 

4. Making Snowflakes
This activity reminds me of one that I used to do when I was a child. It is super easy to do. Fold a piece of paper in half and cut out a semi circle which when unfolded becomes a circle. Then fold it again and again. Get your child to start cutting out little shapes such as triangles and circles. Then unfold. As you unfold each later, add more little cuts into it. When you fully unfold it should look like a snow flake. I let Lily do all her own cutting and she did a great job. Then we added glitter to the snowflake and put some string on so we can hang it up. It is such a nice thing to be able to make from just the things you usually keep at home. 

5. Naughty Elf Treasure Hunt
This is a great Christmas day or boxing Day activity and it doesn't cost much to do. You will need to buy some treats, bars of chocolate and bags of sweets, little toys work very well for this. You could wrap them up, but you don't need to. Then hide them around the house. You then need to write little notes from the naughty elves giving clues to where they have been hiding the presents. It is such a fun little thing to do and adds excitement to either Christmas day or boxing day. 

Which of these Activities do you think you will try this year? 


  1. glitter is dangerous for wildlife and the environment.

    it can pollute ponds and can harm animals (all birds/hedgehogs) when consumed. wild animals will be attracted to the oats, especially the birds who scavenge for things to eat in winter.

    please do not advise this to other parents.

  2. see here for more information

  3. the treasure hunt sounds good!

  4. Snowflakes ! We've rather a lot this year !

  5. Naughty Elf Treasure Hunt :- As seems like great fun.

    Rachel Craig

  6. Thanks for the suggestions. I usually run out of ideas. The snowflakes would be first on our list.

  7. Making Snowflakes :- Brownies and Girls Guides made some wonderful snowflakes to decorate part of the church. Delighful.

    Rachel Craig