Saturday, 11 November 2017

Christmas Gift Guide for Men

In my opinion men seem to be the hardest to buy for at Christmas. Half the time they either don't know what they want, or they have already been out and bought it when they first thought about wanting it. But there are always options and always things you may never have thought about buying. 

So here is my Christmas gift guide for men. It has a great range of different items that would suit a range of people and all at different prices.

Please take a look and I hope you find something that you could buy one of the men in your life. Or if you are a man reading this guide, why not pop it on your Christmas list and hope that someone buys it you. 

If you would like to see some of these items in more detail, head to my Instagram Page and follow me there. I will be adding additional pictures throughout the month. 

1. Gillette ProGlide Styler - RRP - £16.99 *Buy Me Here*
The Gillette Fusion all Purpose Styler combines Fusion ProGlide blades and a Braun-engineered trimmer to trim evenly, shave closely, and edge precisely. This all-purpose razor is waterproof and shower safe, so you can trim while you shower, and it works with all Gillette fusion blade refills, so you can easily master your signature style with just one tool. This useful gift is perfect for keeping any man perfectly shaved and happy. 

2. VonShef 8 Piece Stainless Steel Boston Cocktail Set - RRP - £12.99 *Buy Me Here*
It's party season and so here is the perfect gift to get the party started by rustling up the perfect cocktail. This 8 piece set comes with a 550ml capacity boston shaker, a wooden muddler, a 
stainless steel twisted bar spoon, a stainless steel Hawthorne strainer and a 25ml/ 50ml double-ended shot measuring jigger. It also has a detachable silicone ring to stop any leaks when shaking. Get inspired with the handy recipe guide and then impress friends by making professional and tasty cocktails. To top it off it all comes presented in a nice gift box making it the perfect gift. 

3. Discovery Channel Smartphone Telescope - RRP - £14.99 *Buy Me Here* 
See things like never before with this brilliant mobile phone and tablet accessory. The perfect way to capture images from a greater distance than ever before using your own standard smartphone or tablet camera using the incredible 10X zoom. This special gift will make sure no Christmas moments near or far will go unmissed. The perfect Christmas gift for that one person who does not stop taking photo's. 

4. Accentuate - The Hilarious Guess the Accent Game - RRP £19.99 *Buy Me Here* 
This game is guaranteed to have everyone in fits of laughter.
 Each player takes on the challenge of conveying the essence of an accent to team players. It's the team players job to giggle at you and ridicule you while they attempt to guess the accent your doing. Perfect game to play at parties, with your friends or at home with your family. If you know somebody who is up for a laugh this Christmas then this is the perfect gift for them. 

5. Zippo Hand Warmer - RRP £23.95 - *Buy Me Here*
Whether hunting, fishing, camping, or enjoying a nice winters walk, you don’t want distractions like cold hands. Zippo’s new and improved filling process for its hand warmers keeps you in the game! Fill the cup. Light the burner. Done! Up to 12 hours of heat for your hands and fingers. It fits perfectly into pockets, has a rugged and durable metal construction and comes in various colours. It's the perfect gift to keep to keep any man warm this Christmas. 

6. Custom Embossed Leather Hip Flasks by Mortuus Bestia - RRP £39.00 *Buy Me Here
Individually hand crafted to order on the Isle of Wight, these deeply embossed leather bound hip flasks make the ideal personalised gift for that special someone this Christmas. Available in a wide range of unique designs and colours. 

7. Mr Stanley's Earl Grey Tea Flavoured Dark Chocolate Match Sticks RRP - £6.99
Mr Stanley's Superior Chocolate Cigars RRP - £7.99 - *Buy Me Here* 
Looking for Chocolate that is a little different. Mr Stanley's will have exactly what you are looking for and these 2 boxes of chocolates make the perfect novelty pair to buy as a gift. The cigars are made from a smooth milk chocolate and are perfect for that guy who likes the finer things in life. The matches are a quality dark chocolate with a subtle hint of earl grey flavouring. These 2 boxes of chocolates are perfect stocking fillers or a perfect gift to wrap up and put under the tree. Check the website for more flavour selections.  

8. Well Groomed Wizard Beard Comb - RRP - £7.99 - *Buy Me Here*
This Pocket sized beard grooming comb is the perfect little gift to slide into a stocking or to add to a male grooming themed gift box. Suitable for both thick and thin hair types this quality wooden comb is for both beards and moustache's. Providing anti static tangle free care it's just what every bearded man needs in his life. 

9. Dobell - Smart Mans Cufflinks - RRP - £19.99 - *Buy Me Here*
Dobell's Smart Mans website offers a range of quality cufflinks that are perfect for any man to wear to make sure he looks great. These rhodium plated cricket bat and ball cufflinks are just one of many choices of sports, and hobby themed cufflinks. They would make the perfect gift to treat and keep the man in your life looking stylish. Check out the website for more styles of cufflinks. 

10. Morse Toad Personalised Chocolate - RRP Starting at £11.00 - *Buy Me Here*
This Chocolate really speaks out as a wonderful gift by being personalised with your very own message and photograph. You could place the name of someone special or create it for a very wonderful dad or husband. Who ever you create this gift for it is sure to make them feel special to have the chocolate personalised just for them. Made with the best belgium milk chocolate and cut into small individual pieces they are sure to be enjoyed by who ever receives this gift. 

11. The Book of Everyone - RRP - £23.95 - *Buy Me Here* 
The perfect book for a special occasion such as Christmas. Filled to the brim with amazing personalised facts and wonderful curiosities about the world the person was born into. Let ‘em know how much a garden gnome cost back in their day, and that they come from the same year as the discovery of Kitti’s hog-nosed bat. The most special part about this book is that it is all about them and it is made by you. It's a gift that will be treasured forever. 

Which of the gifts above would you concider buying someone this year? 

*I was sent some Pr samples in return for this post*


  1. I love the hand warmer and the hip flask; I wouldn't mind either for myself!

  2. I like the personalised chocolate

  3. Some great ideas - men can be so hard to buy for.

  4. Great guide! I love the Accentuate game! That could be a lot of fun! Xo

  5. I like the Morse Toad Personalised Chocolate

  6. Accentuate seems like a dangerous game to play with my husband. He's great with languages but rubbish with accents (if speaking in English). His attempt at an American accent always makes me cringe, maybe because I'm American.

  7. The Book of Everyone sounds really good. Thanks for the idea.

  8. Like all the items. The beard comb seems a nice gift for my fiancé.

    Rachel Craig

  9. My fiance has stubble so I'd choose the Gillette ProGlide Styler xx

  10. Some great ideas there, the Gillette ProGlide Styler looks just perfect for my hubby.

  11. Gosh so much choice
    Chocolate always is a winner here

  12. I like the sound of the telescope. I bought 2 discovery smartphone microscopes for men last year and they're really cool. The zoom on it is good, I want for myself

  13. Some great ideas for the very new man in my life ;)

  14. I've bought loads of Morse toad their Chocolate is lovely

  15. The Books of Everyone sounds like it might be a good gift.

    Rachel Craig

  16. My husband is so hard to buy for, he always buys himself anything he wants, so I invariable end up getting him something boring like socks. The Zippo hand warmer would be useful for him when he plays golf in cold weather.

  17. Luckily managed to get Christmas present for fiancé, still always nice to get a few smaller presents also, if possible.

    Rachel Craig

  18. Always nice to get some ideas for gifts.

    Rachel Craig