Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Lilys Little Learners Rainy Day Activities

So for most the school holidays are over. It hasn't been the best of summers this year and we have seen plenty rainy days. A lot more than I care to have seen. So this means that we have had to do a lot of indoor activities. Lots of painting, playing with toys, sticker books. All the usual really. 
But we are getting pretty bored of activities like this and Lily isn't yet at school and I see more rainy days ahead. So we have thought of a list of great rainy day activities that we could do. 

Here they are - 

1. Put On a Show
Lately this is something Lily has really enjoyed doing. There only short shows at the moment where she sings for some teddies and myself but its a great idea to try and make a full performance if you know you have a rainy day. This would work brilliant if you have more than one child and the whole family can get involved. You can do singing, dancing, poems, magic. The list of things for shows is endless.

2. Collect the Rain
If you can cope with getting a little bit wet then there is no reason why when it rains you have to stay inside. One great thing to do it get lots of tubs and containers and go collecting the rain. Children find it fascinating watching the rain collect into the cups and pans they are holding.  

3. A Indoor Mini Assault Corse 
This can be as tricky or un tricky as you want it to be. All you need to do is find things around the house that could me turned into a mini assault corse. You could use tubs to step in and out off, tunnels to crawl through, slides to slide down, items to step over, and nothing is stopping you from putting a egg on a spoon indoors and seeing if you can balance it. You can have races if you have more than one child or you could be timing it if you have only one. You can make prizes for completion and could even have a mini award ceremony. It will definitely be something you children enjoy and also burns off that energy. 

4. A Games Day
Who doesn't love games? We love them and have a huge collection. Lily really could happily sit and play games all day. Grab some snacks, get out the games and have some family fun playing games. These don't have to be board games. Charades is a really good one for all ages of children as you could change the game to suit the child. For example you could act out animals and the child has to guess what you are.

5. A Water Fight
Well if its raining already then why not? I think the idea of a water fight in the rain makes it even more fun. It has been quite warm on the rainy days so getting wet outside is hardly going to cause a cold. Its easier to collect water to throw at the person if it is raining too and I can definetly see it being a muddy experience. What kids don't love mud!

6. Baking
This is quite an obvious one to do, though Im not sure why I haven't been doing it since we have needed to be indoors lots. But Lily takes after me and loves baking. You could make simple recipes, or complicated. You could even have a bake off and set baking challenges if your children are old enough for that. 

7. Child Friendly Cooking
This is something I want to do more with Lily. Especially as it is coming up to halloween as would love to make some fancy looking foods. The only thing we have cooked toggether is pizza breads. I think that cooking with your children is great to be able to get them started with cooking and gain an interest themselves. I do wish I was better at cooking and so this may be a way to help myself to. There are all sorts you can make but finger foods are a great one to start off with. Then you can all sit around and have a teddy bear picnic with what you have made. 

8. A Quiz
Lily is nearly 3 and I think a quiz is something even she could be involved with. Her quiz maybe about her favourite Tv shows. I bet she knows more answers than I do about what she watches and so I would have to do the research. What ever your child's age is Im sure they would love to get involved in a quiz about their favourite subjects. You could do different rounds with different subjects if you have more then one child. This is a really great activity to do to get everyone sitting around toggether and having some fun. 

9. Build a Den
This is an easy one to do at home, you can use anything you like to make a den, bed sheets, cushions, empty boxes. Your children will love building it, then playing in it and then most possibly knocking it all down again. This is something I haven't yet done with Lily but I think it will be something we do soon. You could also extend this play by making your own flags for the den, or door signs. 

10. Indoor Camping
A little like den building but only with a real tent. Lily has a pop up one and they are really cheap to buy. You can make the experience as real to camping as you like, make it dark and tell stories, make a pretend fire, eat marshmallows. If you are a big family its a great way to spend some time toggether, if not then you child could invite her teddy friends to come play turning it into a role play experience too. 

Which of these rainy day activities do you think you will do first? 


  1. That'll keep you busy for hours! I love building dens with my daughter :D xxx

  2. A Games Day, as there is such variety, and it can be great fun for the family.

    Rachel Craig

  3. I can recall my niece when young would often ask to play a game :- She would then produce a jigsaw puzzle. Seems she enjoyed doing her jigsaw puzzle with some help from an adult. She enjoyed us interacting, chatting about the picture / s, characters etc on the puzzle.

    Rachel Craig

  4. Build a den

    It's always a favourite HERE

  5. Bingo can be such fun. Helps little ones recognise and become familiar with numbers.

    Rachel Craig

  6. Great ideas, we have rain 90% of the time in South Wales, Megan also loves putting on shows singing and dancing, doing gymnastics or ballet, she also loves games days, her favourite is her frozen frustration game xxx

  7. Awesome ideas im usually clue less what to fo on days stuck in ❤

  8. lots of fab ideas to keep little ones busy

  9. It's always good to have a few rainy day ideas up your sleeve that don't involve tech time. My three love their tech but have a nice balance between it and actually communicating and playing with one another. Thank you for a few more ideas for the ever predictable rain of the UK

  10. What super ideas there are here - no need to stay glued to a phone all day - get out and play games!

  11. Some great imaginative ideas here to make the most of s rainy day

  12. Some great ideas there! We do enjoy doing some home baking, board games or jigsaws when the weather is rubbish!

  13. my kids always loved putting on a show, especially my son who now does that for a living as a professional musician. I will have to try to get my granddaughter to do a show for us this Christmas.

  14. Baking is great when the weather is rubbish - nice to enjoy a sweet home baked treat! Also like doing quizzes, or colouring xx

  15. i always wonder what to do on rainy days so this is great