Thursday, 22 June 2017

Encouraging Role Play - Being a Doctor

Role play is such an important part of learning and its something that Lily has always enjoyed doing. Sometimes I find that its great to set up a little scenario to encourage role play and show children that things don't always have to be exactly what they are. For example you could use a brick and pretend that it is a phone. 

So today I set up a Dr scenario for Lily. Lily is currently mad on watching Doc Mcstuffins and so I knew she would enjoy this scenario.

We got all her teddy's down from her bedroom to start. I piled them all up in one area of the room. I then got Lily's wooden doll pram and I told her that this would be an ambulance. (I then made the noise nee nah nee nah as I pushed it about.) I got her dolls bed and told her that the poorly teddy's need to be brought here. I then put toggether a Dr's kit. This had stethoscope, cream, a little measuring container which I told her was medicine, and a thermometer. 

I first showed Lily a scenario. Got the pram and picked up a teddy and I told Lily it needed to go to the hospital. She put the teddy in the pram and I said to cover it with the blanket so it didn't get cold. She then wizzed to the other end of the room going nee nah ne nah with the pram which is now her make believe ambulance. She then took the teddy out and placed it in bed. I then asked where was the teddy hurt and she said arm. I said okay maybe you need to give him some cream. So she pretended to give him cream and said "all better now" So when the patients were better they went and sat on the couch. 

Lily totally knew how to play now and I sat back and left her to it. As much as she enjoys me playing with her. I think its important for a child to explore there own imagination with role play and create what they want to create. During her play I would ask a few questions like "whats wrong with this patient" and she would say "sore head" and so I might suggest to give him medicine and showed her to tip the container into his mouth.

Lily played at this for ages with so many of her teddy's. She really enjoyed it and it was so lovely watching her pretend to be a Doctor.

I definetly plan to do more role play with her and the huge collection of teddy's. 

What sort of roles do your children like to take on? 


  1. We love our role play -favourite at the moment is being a farmer and looking AFTER our animals

  2. Role play teaches such a lot! Watching them at play and how they react can be so funny too; such memory makers

  3. Fireman, Princess, Teacher, Shop Assistant, etc

    Rachel Craig

  4. my girls love playing mums and dads, doctors and nurses and princess's