Friday, 2 December 2016

Bratz Hoverboard Review

Bratz Dolls are just getting cooler and cooler! They have just brought a new line of dolls out that have one very cool accessory. Hoverboards!

We were sent Chloe and I am so excited to have her and tell you all about her. 

Im really impressed with this doll. Its the first of dolls that I have seen to do such a cool idea. Chloe stands on a hoverboard and its all controlled by you using the remote control. The remote control is radio controlled and links to the hover board that the doll is standing on. 

Hoverboards are the new in thing now and so to see one on a doll is very cool. 

She can go forwards, backwards and even do a 360 turn. It comes with an adjustable stand that helps keep the doll on the hoverboard and helps keep her stable and upright.  

The hoverboard also has LED lights on it that can be lit for while she rides. Which does a really cool effect. They are really bright and on chloe's hoverboard they are blue. 

It does need quite a few batteries so if you are buying this for Christmas day, make sure you are stocked up. It needs 2 x AA for the remote control and it needs 3 x AA for the hoverboard itself. 

Chloe couldn't look cooler with her outfit and its really good to see her wearing the essential safety things that you would wear to ride, the pink helmet and knee pads.

This doll is bound to keep any child entertained for hours. I know as a child I would of loved to have one of these to make ride around the house. Its aimed for children aged 5+ which is why I haven't given it to Lily yet but as soon as she is old enough I can't wait to give it her to play with. 

The Hoverboard dolls are priced at £39.99 and can be bought from many toy shops as well as Amazon

If your child is a Bratz fan then either Chloe of Yasmin with their hoverboards would make the perfect gift!

What do you think to this doll? 


  1. My neice has this beauty on her Christmas list-must admit id love it too

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