Saturday, 7 December 2019

Gift with Smiggle This Christmas

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Still looking for additional gifts this year for your little one? Well have you thought about checking out Smiggle?

What is Smiggle? If you haven't spotted it in your shopping centre, or maybe have but haven't been inside, Smiggle is your store for all things fun, colourful, stationary and simply COOL!

They have a super range of products from pencils to backpacks and there is things that both boys and girls will both love. 

Smiggle even have items in there store that maybe you may not know was even in there... So I have been sent 4 items to tell you about!

1. Star Wars Character Wallet 

Big star wars fan in the family? Well this wallet is sure to make them feel grown up and cool. They are bound to get some Christmas money from family, so what a perfect gift to receive from Santa, something to store it in! The waller features Darth Vader on the front and so is very recognisable as star wars. Not only that, there is a surpise smell element to it as the Darth Vader has a Cola scent to it! How cool!
It has 2 zipped compartments, plus card area and translucent are to put a photo. You can grab this from Smiggle for just £10! 

2. Star Wars Slapband 

This item is the perfect stocking filler for any Star wars fan. Everyone knows how much kids love slap bands and this one being themed Star wars just gives it that extra added cool! Again it features Darth Vader on the front and your child will love showing off their wrist while wearing this. At only £5 its perfect for a little extra added gift this year. 

3. Imagine Unicorn Earmuffs 

It is most definitely getting colder and your going to need something to protect your child's ears. So how about a pair of earmuffs? Smiggle have these lovely Unicorn ones that are super soft and fluffy meaning extra comfort for when your child wears them. Your child will love the pretty pastel colours of this but the thing they will look the most is that they get to look like a unicorn with the golden horn on their head. These make the perfect gift to add a little magic while helping your child feel super stylish and super warm. Smiggle are now selling them for a nice price of only £10. 

4. Sing It, Karaoke Microphone and Speaker 

This is perfect for the little singer in the family. Simply connect the microphone into a smart phone, laptop or tablet device and get your child ready to sing along to their favourite tunes. It can be connected via AUX or bluetooth so really easy to get started. The thing your child will love the most about this item, is that it looks just like a microphone all the famous singers have. So they will feel extra special and just like a real star! This item is a definite special christmas gift retailing at £39.00

All of these amazing items can be bought from a Smiggle Store or online on their website

Have you ever been into a Smiggle before?

Do you think you will be getting any of these gifts? 

Thursday, 5 December 2019

Win a Science Mad Chemistry Lab

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Is your child Science mad? Do they wish to become a scientist? Do they Love chemistry. If yes is the answer to these questions then your child will love the Science Mad Chemistry Lab.

Discover the wonders of chemistry with this well-equipped laboratory set where you can perform 80+ safety-tested, themed experiments.

The experiments are clearly planned and set out within a detailed instruction manual. 

The set comes with an excellent selection of 10 different chemicals and a real methylated spirit burner to help when learning about the fascinating chemical reactions involving heat.

It is for kids aged 10+ and makes the perfect christmas gift for a little mad scientist. 

You can buy it from Smyths Toy Stores for £29.99 

I have the chance for you to WIN one of these exciting sets! (though heads up! The Competition doesn't end before Christmas) 

To enter to win this Science Mad Chemistry Lab, enter on the Gleam app below!

Win a Science Mad Chemistry Lab

Love Writing Co, Learn to Write Pack - Review

Love Writing Co is all about helping it be easier to learn how to write. Writing is something that all children have to learn how to do. Usually around the age of 3 you may start seeing them develop some writing skills and by 4 or 5 they may be able to start to form letters and words. Love Writing Co make wonderful resources which are perfect for helping your child along the right writing path. 

Lily loves Writing and is constantly practicing her letters. Especially since she started school so i loved the sound of the Love Writing Company. 

We was sent one of their Learn to Write Packs to try out. 

(ad - Gifted)

It comes in a lovely blue drawstring bag with the logo on the front, which means that you can always keep your pack together and place it away neatly when not using it. Inside there is 2 activity books, for ages 3-5, a pack of pencils, some coloured pencils, a rubber, a pencil sharpener and some special birthday cards. 

Firstly lets talk about the Activity books. Book 1 is all about learning to form letters. So each page has the letter A to Z in lowercase and uppercase. I was really pleased to see that it had both in as this is currently something Lily is learning. It is great for her to be able to see them side by side to be able to know what that letter looks as a capital.

At the top it shows the letter and also a word and picture that relates to that letter. For example h for hippo. It then has 2 lines of dotted letters which also shows you the direction you need to draw to write them. This is a great thing as Lily has started to know how to write letters but often doesn't do them the way they are meant to be drawn. The second 2 lines down just have dots and no direction. This is so your child can practice the direction of writing with out seeing an example. Then finally there are 2 lines at the bottom that your child can then practice their own letters with no dots to help.
There are also some thicker letters on a line which I think are for colouring in. 

At the end of each activity there is an area where you can place stickers. This area says well done and the sticker is a reward. Lily loved gaining a sticker after she had done a full page of letters. The stickers are all super colourful and fun and for sure any child will be working hard to get one.

At the start of book 1 there is also an activity where they can follow the lines, this activity is made for pencil grip and control. Then at the back there are numbers for your child to write. Lily did really well with this activity though at times rushed and had to be told to slow down. 

Book 2 has a little more focus on words. After practicing letters in the first book, this is where they can then move onto putting the letters neatly together to form a word. It again starts with more pencil grip and control activities and then moves on to words that start with each letter. For example L - Lion, Ladybird. It also has the same sticker area for when your child has done a good job and finished the page. This book also includes some lovely colouring of the word you have written. Which gives a nice opportunity to use the coloured crayons that are in the pack. 

The Crayons are perfect for a child Lily's age. Each pencil is the perfect size for her hand and that made it much easier to control what she was doing. the pack comes with 12 different colours and I think the biggest bonus about them is that they are erasable. Lily has often made mistake in colour before and not been able to rub it out. Which has frustrated her. Another plus about them is that they have a softer core, meaning that a child doesn't have to apply as much pressure when colouring. They all come in a neat pack where the pencils can be kept in place to use again and again. 

We was also sent some cute little birthday cards which has the dotted lines for what you need to write inside. Lily can't wait until it is someones birthday so then she can do these.

The pencils that come in the pack are also specially designed with little hands and new writers in mind. They are shorter but wider so easier to hold and again have a softer core so then the pencil glides along the page easier. I must admit, I didn't see Lily struggle at all when it came to writing her letters.

The rubber and pencil sharpener is really clever because it is 2 in one. I must admit I was really surprised when I pulled it in half and found the sharpeners in there. Lily was also super excited that it had both elements to it. It is great because it catches the shavings inside and so a child can do it them self without making a mess. The rubber part is also great as it comes with a lid, meaning it won't get dirty. Lily found it really easy to rub out with this. In fact I think she kept making mistakes on purpose just so she could use the rubber. She found it fun. 

Overall Lily really loved this set and happily sat down and quietly did her letters. It is an activity she has always loved doing anyway and in this pack there is hours of letter writing fun for her. I can see she is going to spend a lot of time completing this book. I really think it is a great way to either get your child started with writing, or helping them carry on their learning from school. Im sure the teachers will give you brownie points for encouraging them to use a pack like this. 

You can pick up a 3-5 pack for £26.50 or if your child is past this age they also do a 6 - 9 pack. Or you may just want to buy some of the items alone, which you can also do. Head to the Love Writing Co Website to pick it all up! 

Does your child enjoy writing?
What do you think to this writing pack? 

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Women's Christmas Gift Guide

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I really do think there are so many lovely gifts on the market for women. Thats why I really had no trouble compiling this list of wonderful items that you may want to concider this year. 

This list may help you choose something you want yourself, or it may inspire you to buy something for someone. 

Either way I hope you enjoy reading through my Gift Ideas for women this Christmas. 

1. T-Zone Glitter Peel off Mask - RRP £6.99  *Buy Me Here*

Do you know someone who loves to pamper themselves! Well this Glitter Mask is the Ultimate Treat. It has properties in it that draws out impurities, helping keep the skin clear, and it also helps the skin to look more vibrant and glowing. Plus it is easy to use, and easy to peel off and has that extra Christmas Sparkle while your wearing it. It also makes the perfect size to fit into someones stocking. 

2. Kisa Pyro Pet Candle  - RRP £25.00 *Buy Me Here* 

I think this has to be the coolest most original candle I have ever seen! It is called a Pyro Pet and at first it seems like any normal candle in shape of a animal but when you start to burn it, the wax melts away and there is something very different inside. Bit by bit a metal skeleton starts to appear and when it is fully melted you are left with a full metal skeleton of the animal. I think its great because it is something you can keep and display after your candle is finished. This would make the perfect gift for someone who likes things a little bit different. 

3. Air Dry Rack - RRP £19.95 *Buy Me Here*  

You have relaxed all night, finished your wine, washed your glass but don't want the hassle of drying it? Then the Air Dry Rack is perfect for you. After you have given it a wash, you simply hang the glass up to dry. It leaves your glasses with a perfect shine and smear free as the air naturally dries the glass. Then you can leave your glasses on it until next time you use them as the Air Dry is super stylish looking. No need to be having to put them away meaning a hassle free evening. 

4. IWOOT Drinks Tumbler - RRP £14.99 *Buy Me Here* 

Looking for a tumbler with some style? This one from IWOOT might be just what your looking for. It has a great animal print pattern and lots of different colours from greens to oranges. It also is metallic and shines so prettily. But if this isn't the style you are looking for then why not try having a look on the IWOOT website as there are so many more designs to choose from. This makes the perfect gift for anyone who wants to look stylish on the go! 

5. Polaroid Pop Camera - RRP £178.99  *Buy Me Here* 

Love taking pictures? Want something fun that you can slip into your bag and use on the go? The Polaroid Pop could be perfect for you. I am super impressed with this product. I have always loved Polaroid cameras and already own one of their instants. So when I heard about the Pop I was amazed. Why? Because not only can you take photographs, and then view them, you can then print them out there and then! You simply take your pictures, look through them and hit print on the ones you want. Can't get much better than that. Plus the white border of the photograph can be decorated, making your prints more fun. It even has built in flash and video. It is all you need in a camera and more. It really makes the perfect gift for that camera mad person! 

6. Vie Hand Made Soaps - RRP £6.95 *Buy Me Here*

Now these make the perfect little gift for someone who loves all things natural. This cute little gift set of 4 soaps come in 4 different scents, Jasmine, Rose, Frangipani and Lavender. They are all 50gms and square and the perfect size for fitting into the hand. The wonderful colours will also look lovely on your sink in the bathroom. they are made from Coconut Oil and so lovely and natural and very kind to your skin. Perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. They also make a lovely stocking filler! 

7. Derwent Tropical Colouring Set - RRP £20 *Buy Me Here* 

Now these are something I am totally gifting to myself this year. Beautiful high quality colouring pencils. I am a huge fan of colouring and I know many people out there are too. And if you like colouring then a decent set of pencils is just what you need. These colours are all really varied and go from some really bright colours to some dark shades. They are perfect for shading and perfect for drawing bold lines. Colouring is a great thing to do for mindfulness and relaxation so if your looking to gift someone exactly that, then these pencils could be the perfect gift for them. 

8. OLAY Whip - RRP £34.99  *Buy Me Here*  

This is the Olay Total Effects Whip, Light as Air touch, Active Moisturiser and it is exactly what it says it is in the title. This feels really light to place on your skin as it has a total weightless feel to it. It has 7 benefits in 1 cream and is made to help you have more youthful looking skin. It is specially whipped to go from a cream to liquid as it touches your skin meaning for optimal absorption. It dries exceptionally fast which means it's perfect for applying before makeup. It makes the perfect gift for someone who loves looking after their skin. 

9. Songmics Travel Jewellery Case - RRP £13.99 *Buy Me Here* 

Do you go on holiday lots? Travel around? Need to take your jewellery with you? This beautiful jewellery case is perfect for you. It comes as a compact stunning cream box that you zip up. With Mirror, 4 sections for your necklaces and bracelets and then a section for rings and earrings. Not only that but it comes with a beautiful mirror too! Then when you fold the Mirror section down, it has even more space for more items! What a lovely little gift for someone who loves their jewellery. (Head here to enter some Songmics giveaways) 

10. Personalised Confetti Bauble - RRP £13.99 *Buy Me Here*

This Bauble is a beautiful little extra touch to any tree. It is see through and filled with confetti that looks like snow flakes with some other subtle colours added in there. It come with a gold ribbon to attach it to the tree and a lovely tassle and charm which reads "made with love". To top it off you can personalise your bauble either with name or a saying such as Merry Christmas. This makes such a lovely gift that will be kept for years. So works perfectly for newly married couples, a parent, or even the one you love. 

11. Large Christmas Throw - RRP £24.99 *Buy Me Here*

This is one way to make your house extra Christmassy this year. This gorgeous super soft throw features some gorgeous christmas designs such as reindeers, christmas tree's and robins. All in a lovely patchwork design. It is perfect for throwing over chairs and even sofa's and also perfect for snuggling up into for when it gets cold. The front of the throw is silky soft and smooth, and the inside fluffy cosy fleece. It is guaranteed to make your home cosier this Christmas. 

12. What Came First - RRP £20.00  *Buy Me Here*

Game time! And this one is great for all the family to play. It is all about guessing what came first. The game comes with a board, counters and cards. The cards all read questions such as Mayo or Ketchup? Burger King or Mcdonalds and its your job to guess which came first. If you are right then you move around the board. It is a game of knowledge but mostly a lucky guess as they are questions you would have never thought of before. Perfect for people aged 10 plus and great for 2 - 8 players to play! Perfect if your having a games night this Christmas. 

13. Love Leggings Sports Leggings - RRP £28.00 *Buy Me Here* 

Keeping fit? Or maybe planning to get fit in the new year. These leggings would be a great buy to get you started. Love Leggings has a wide range to choose from with lots of different colour choice. You can also buy full length to mid length leggings to suit your style. They are made from a light weight fabric so it makes exercise even easier and they are made to fit tight so its like you have a extra layer of skin, meaning that they are super easy to move around in. If you know someone who is about to join the gym, then these may be perfect for them. 

14. A Fairytale Kitchen - RRP £24.99 *Buy Me Here*

This is a beautiful illustrated cooking book which is all about healing with food. It is written by an expert who uses plant based wholefoods with no sweetners, fats or oils to help her health. This book is perfect for anyone who is looking for a healthy lifestyle but still wants to eat delicious foods. It gives tips on healthy eating plus is jammed packed with yummy recipes that are easy for everyone to make.

15. Tru Bamboo Cheeseboard - RRP £22.45 *Buy Me Here*

Are you a fan of Cheese for Christmas, well this Tru Bamboo cheeseboard will be perfect for you. It is large in size so can fit loads of cheese on leaving plenty of space to butter your crackers. Plus it super sturdy and well made so you can even rest it on your knee while you do it. There is also a clever little drawer that holds 4 knifes and a fork which is perfect for storage. The best bit about it is that it is all made from Bamboo so it is super Eco Friendly. Perfect for the friend or relative that likes to look our for nature!  

16. IWOOT Inspirational Mirror - *Buy Me Here*

This mirror is great for the person who needs a little encouragement from now and again. It reads the message "Babe you got this" so then every time you look in it you can be reminded that you can tackle the day. If this quite doesn't suit you then IWOOT has a range of mirrors that all read different things. The clever thing about this mirror is that it can hand from anything you like by a simple chain at the top. No need to attach to your wall. 

Which of these items do you think you will be considering this year? 

(Ad - Gifted - All items were sent in return for feature) 

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

REVIEW - Baby Annabell Feels Better and Baby Annabel Medical Scanner

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We always love telling you all about the new and exciting ranges that Zaph Creation have and one of our favourites is the Baby Annabell Range. 

Lily has always loved playing Doctors so as soon as we found out that they were doing a Baby Annabell Feels better doll and medical scanner we were so pleased that they had. We were sent them both to review and I could not wait to give them to Lily. 

I always love how Baby Annabell is presented in the box, you can see exactly what she is like before you buy which is always a great thing. Both toys were really easy to get out of the box and all you needed was some scissors. 

After that it is battery time. If you are buying these toys for Christmas, make sure you are stocked up as each one needs batteries. You need 3 AAA for the Annabell and 3 AA batteries for the Scanner. Open up the back of boys toys with a small screwdriver and pop the batteries in and your ready to go. 

As always the Baby Annabell dolls are such lovely quality. This doll is called Milly and her outfit is super soft and velvety to touch and as always features the cute little lamb on the front. This doll comes with medical equipment. It has medicine, a spoon, an injection a stethoscope and thermometer. the cute thing about the Thermometer is that it is dummy shaped and when you put it in the dolls mouth, the temperature on the front changes showing a hotter temperature. 

The clever thing about this doll is its lifelike features. The first is that there is a button on its back. When you press it, baby cries and her cheeks begin to glow red. But there is a way to make it feel better by feeding it some medicine with the spoon. Hold the spoon to its mouth and the glowing cheeks will disappear. Lily found this amazing and loved how lifelike this action was. 

Another lovely feature is that if you press against her heart with the stethoscope then you can hear her heart beat. So cute!
she also makes lots of other cute baby noises as she gets played with by your child. 

The Medical scanner is something that works along side Baby Milly.

The scanner looks great and is like a little computer. It has a screen and some buttons on the front. Unfortunetly the keyboard doesn't do anything though and doesn't press in. Which did disappoint Lily slightly as they looked like the did from first glance. Plus the symbols that looked like buttons around the screen also don't do anything and Lily also tried to press those. They are used for example to help you choose a treatment for baby Milly.

The set also comes with scanner which is attached to the machine, and a phone which sits in the side. You then also get a stethoscope, injection, thermometer, plaster, medicine and spoon.

The phone sits in the side ready to be used when the SOS (purple button) calls. It is signalling that your child needs to call a ambulance.

At the side of the Scanner there is also a little drawer. It doesn't fit much in but is handy to keep the little items such as thermometer and plaster.

So, how to use the Scanner. It is pretty easy actually and Lily got her head around it pretty quickly. You pick up the scanner away from the base, and you press it against the baby. It works better if you press on a area that is hard such as a leg or arm. It then starts to make a scanning noise and on the screen it shows you that it is scanning.

After it has scanned the screen will tell you what is wrong with Milly and then tell you what you need to do to make her better. So it may show the symbol for medicine, or it may show the symbol for plaster. After you have treated your baby, you then hit the Blue and Pink button with the plaster on it and it shows a symbol to say that baby is all happy again. 

Overall I am really pleased with these toys and so far they have been played with loads. I think if your child is a fan of playing with baby dolls then this is a great addition to play. 

The Baby Annabell Milly Feels Better Doll is £35 and can be bought from Toy Stores such as Argos and The Medical Scanner is £30 and can also be bought from Argos. Both are great prices for these items!

What do you think to this new Range of Baby Annabell toys?

Top 15 Kids Dreams!

So Dream Pillow Lately have been really interested in what children love to dream about. Dreams are super important to them and they want children to be able to remember their favourite dreams and then they can use a Dream Pillow to then draw their favourite dreams in hope that they can dream them again. 

Dream Pillow uses a technique called Image Rehearsal which means that if you draw your dreams and think positive thoughts before sleep, then you are more likely to see the things you have drawn in your dreams. 

The lovely Dream Pillows all come with cloud shaped notes that your children then put inside their dream pillow for their dreams to come true.

So Dream Pillow have been collecting together information on what have been Children's favourite dreams they have had. Wouldn't it be lovely if they could dream dreams like this every night??

Here are the TOP 15 dreams that we Love!

1. Communicating with Pets - We love the one who took his dog to school and it gave him all the answers. Run a close second by the girl who signs at home with her Guinea pigs.

2. Huge Lego house-   A Popular theme was living in a huge house but our favourite was the gigantic lego castle made from candy.

3. Driving big stuff-  A favourite with some of the older children was driving anything big. Bin lorries, cement mixers, diggers, bust most popular were the huge wheeled monster trucks.

4. Rocket ships - Travelling in a space ship to get to Disney Land or the moon.

5. Princesses -  Being a princess featured often ( Elsa from Frozen was the most popular)  

6. Being locked in their own sweet or toyshops -  Marshmallow floors all the sweets they can eat or toys they can play with never having to leave. 

7. Gifts on a Christmas winter morning - Maybe its the time of year but opening gifts at home on a snowy Christmas morning with a snowman, Santa or his Elves outside   

8. Riding on the back of dinosaurs - The favourite by a long way was T-Rex king of the Dinosaur Age.

9. Being a superheroes partner - Sometimes with their own superpowers sometimes without. The most popular superhero was Spiderman, followed by Batman and Superman.One by was approached by the Avengers  who wanted him to be their Leader

10. Pirate ship adventures - sailing on a pirate ship finding a desert island with buried treasure, One arrived to find the palm trees growing sweets instead of coconuts. 

11. Being in charge of their own theme park and chocolate factory -  One child found himself managing Alton Towers  another became the boss of Willy Wonkers chocolate factory and had to test lots of it!

12. Swimming Underwater in the sea -  on the back of a  dolphin , alongside a mermaid or in a school of Dory look-alikes .....all were popular.

13. Flying through the countryside - A really popular dream some flying over hills to get to the sea others through beautiful countryside even remembering the air ruffling their hair our favourite was flying from cloud to cloud on a pizza which looked like a UFO.

14. Rainbows and Unicorns - Riding unicorns across rainbow bridges just pipped the flying dreams to the post.

15. Interacting with Toys - Toys are children's best friends during the day, but some children found them self interacting with them even more in their dreams where the toys talked back. 

Dream Pillow are really interested to know if your child has any of these dreams? We also want to know which is your favourite???

So they want to offer you a prize for helping us decide which is the Top Child Dream! They are giving away a prize to WIN a £25 Amazon voucher!

To Enter -

Head to the Facebook Post -

Follow the instructions and comment which of the above Dreams do you think is the best!

Good Luck!

Monday, 2 December 2019

IWOOT Style your House with Fun Mats

(AD Gifted)

IWOOT stands for I want One Of Those and this website is full of things you will want!

They are all about providing you with fun and quirky ideas that you will want to treat yourself to, including cool but stylish things for your house hold.

One thing that IWOOT has a great selection of is Mats! Mats for your door, Mats for your bathroom, or even mouse mats. 

I was sent 2 mats to review that I thought would make my house more funky!

The first I chose was this bathmat! I loved the whole Nakey Nakey Nakey sign on it and thought it was amusing that yes, you would be Naked when stood on it!

The size of the mat (50cm by 70cm) is lovely and fits perfectly next to my bath, it has plenty of room to stand on and means that you can get out the shower or bath without getting your floor all wet.

Then I want to mention the softness, it is a really nice thickness and feels super soft on your feat to stand on.

But the thing I love the most is the colour, It suits my bathroom perfectly with its subtle grey look to it and really adds a new sense of style.

The bathmats are £14.99 and there is a huge range of designs.

The next I chose was this doormat.

I am a big fan of the walking dead and I thought it would be fun to greet people at my door with this message. Though hopefully it won't make people turn around and run away and not enter the house (or maybe thats your aim?).

The mat is perfect for wiping wet feet on and is also non slip so then it works perfectly on carpet or laminate floor.

This mat is also £14.99 and if you don't like the message that this gives out you can find so many more on the website.

So, Do you think you will be looking at IWOOT for home style ideas?

Have I made you WANT ONE OF THOSE?