Friday, 16 August 2019

Win a EasiYo Yogurt Maker and Yogurt

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Who has heard of EasiYo? I have one at home and I love it! It makes really yummy yogurt and makes it in no time at all with little effort!

You can read my review all about it here

EasiYo are giving you the chance to win an EasiYo starter pack and a selection of Greek style yogurts! The make-at-home yogurt brand has added six gorgeous new flavours to the range – all delectably Greek style.

Choose from Black Cherry, Blueberry, Apricot, Strawberry, Lemon, and Strawberry & Banana.

So simple to make, you just mix the sachet with water and place in the EasiYo yogurt maker. Eight hours later there’s 1kg of delicious yogurt to enjoy. 

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Win a EasiYo Yogurt Maker and Yogurt

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Monthly Book Roundup - What we have been reading in July.

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I read to Lily each night with out fail. Story time is so important for settling a child for bed, giving them that extra one on one time plus it will help them with learning to read in the future. 

Lily is a lot fussier with the stories I read her now, and she does go back to her old favourites a lot of the time and as she is at an age where she can start to remember stories, she asks for specific ones. But I do get chance to introduce a few new new books each month, usually around 2 or 3.

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This month she chose a book from her collection plus I was sent 2 books from Walker Picture books to read.

Here is what we read.

1. Little Miss Giggle and the New Job - by Roger Hargreaves 
We just love Mr Men and Little Miss books. So we bought a selection of them from Poundland. This one is all about Little Miss Giggles which seems appropriate for Lily who like most children, is always giggling. The story is about Little Miss Giggles getting a new job in a restaurant. But as the story pans out she doesn't do too well in this job because she keeps offending people by giggling at the wrong times. In the end she finds the perfect job where giggling is very much aloud. I thought the storyline for it was great and Lily really enjoyed it. It is definitely a hot for £1 in poundland.

2. The Pigeon HAS to go to school -  by Mo Willems 
I did find the storyline to this very strange, but Lily seemed to enjoy it. It is a new story that has just come out and is all about a pigeon that is a little unsure about going to school. The pigeon is talking about all his worries and why he is scared to go to school, but then somehow ends up convincing himself that actually school is exciting and he just has to go! I think on some levels it will be a good book for children who are excited about going to school (like Lily is) as she loved hearing all about school. But in my personal opinion i'm a little unsure about those that are scared. I feel it focuses way to much on things children may be afraid of without enough of what is great about school at the end. But for other children who are already at school, I think they would love the cute little cartoon feel to the book and the comedy of the little scardy cat pigeon. This book can be bought on Amazon

3. Red Red Red - by Polly Dunbar
This has to be the best new book I have read to Lily for a while. It is called Red Red Red and is all about a little toddler that gets angry. It is very easily relatable to children who are toddlers or even Lily's age and get angry easily when they don't get their own way. 
The toddler in the story wants a biscuit and can't reach and falls when he tries to get one. It is all about him getting frustrated to not being able to get one. So he gets angry and see's red! His mum comforts him, and teaches him to count to 10 which helps him feel better. 
The book from start to finish is brilliant with the rhyming and Lily actually started to remember some of the words of the story and read them along with me. She very much enjoyed the part where she could join in and count to 10. There is also a part of the book where it says and breathe and they take a deep breathe, which I think is a lovely thing to do before bed to help relax you.
Overall the book was brilliantly written from start to finish and I would highly recommend it. Lily really enjoyed it. 
You can buy this book from Amazon.

Which of the above books would your child enjoy? 

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Win a Baby Born Surprise Bundle

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Unwrap Baby Born Surprise! These are cute little bundles of joy that come with 10 surprises! Each package is adorably packaged in a real fabric blanket. when unwrapped it reveals your baby which is bundled up in a very cute snuggly swaddle which is themed. It could be all wrapped up like a flower or maybe like a adorable unicorn! The surprise is real! 

Then use water to reveal your babies eye colour and wake her up from her sleep. Fully unwrap the swaddle and uncover the babies unique hairstyle. The babies bottle tells you if you have a girl or a boy. Feed the baby the water and she will pee in her diaper revealing a fun pattern. The cute little babies arms move and legs so she can sit up or lay down. 

There are so many to collect and each baby comes with a collector's guide which has surprise games to help find baby's name, birthday, and favourite food. It also includes a birth certificate to fill out. 

Baby Born Surprise are £11.99 each and can be bought from places such as Smyths Toy Store. Head to the Baby Born website to see more. 

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Win a Baby Surprise Bundle

Friday, 2 August 2019

Sylvanian Families Grocery Market Review

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This Sylvanian Family set I am about to tell you about to tell you about I can see becoming one of Lily's favourite sets. 

We were sent the Sylvanian Families Grocery Market for Lily to test out and Lily is currently a huge fan of playing shopping so it is perfect for her. 

Lily was so excited when she saw that what it was on the front of the box, and shouted out "shopping". She also is a huge Sylvanian fan so was pleased to have a new set to add to her collection. 

The set comes unassembled in the box but doesn't take long to put together and you simply push the pieces together to make them fit. The longest part to setting up the set is putting on the stickers. The stickers really do add a nice element to it, but are very fiddly to do. I will admit, I hate putting stickers on as I can never manage to get them on perfect and unfortunetly when they are stuck down, they are very hard to take back off to re align and so you are stuck with it a little wonky. Luckily our kids don't seem to notice or even care about wonky stickers and so it isn't much of a problem. 

The set comes with a main house, which has opening doors. A check out till with working conveyor belt and some shelfs to place all the food on. It then comes with a really cute collection of food, fruits, and drinks. Even the little tins of sweetcorn have stickers so then you can tell exactly what they are.

It also comes with a tiny credit card and a shopping basket and bag. There are over 30 pieces in total so plenty of accessories to get creative with.

It probably took me about 30 mins total to set it all up. While I was setting up Lily enjoyed helping by placing all the food onto the shelves. When it is all set up it looks brilliant. Attention to detail is always great with Sylvanian sets. 

The set doesn't come with any Sylvanian Families, so Lily ran to go and get some of hers to play with. She chose one to be the shop keeper and then chose some more to be customers. 

She spent ages playing shopping with her new set. She would make one of the customers carry the shopping trolley and loved picking things from the shelf to make them buy. 

The thing I love the most about Sylvanian families is that it is brilliant for childrens imagination. I just love watching and listening to Lily act out what the Sylvanians are doing. 

This set works lovely with the rest of the sets we have, and all work together to make a lovely Sylvanian town. 

The sets are aimed at children over 3 years old due to there being a lot of small parts which cause a choking hazard. 

The set is £29.99 to buy and can be bought from Smyths Toy Store

Would your child enjoy this set? 

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Lily's Summer Clothes Selection

 It is time for summer again! Which means a nice new selection of summer clothing! 

I have headed to various shops, online and high street to pick up a new selection of items that are great for the summer weather (that we hope to have.)

So I thought I would do a little round up and show you some of them. There are a few that I bought a few years ago and so they may not be still on sale but they generally have other fantastic options in store.

Hope you enjoy looking through and get some summer inspiration for your little one. 

1. New Backpack from Pink Lining
I have always love Pink Lining and had this put away for Lily for a little while now. It has a pocket on the front and side pockets too. With the cutest little doggy design. Perfect for holidays and days out. 

2. T-shirts from Poundland
I love that Poundland is now doing clothing. Although its not £1 its extreamly reasonably priced and all these t-shirts were £2.50 each. I loved the colours and beach themes to them. The orange one you can see the back off in the picture but it also has a little shell with sequins on it on the front. 

3. New Pjs by The Essential One
These Pjs I got a little while ago from the online store The essential One. I think they are really cute with the mouse on the front plus I like that the shorts arn't tiny on the legs and nice and baggy so they are cool and comfy to sleep in. 

4. Summer Bottoms from Primark
I always find Primark great to go to for clothing and this is where I got this years short and crop leggings. Again I could not resist the beach theme to these ones. A pack of shorts are only £4 for 2 pairs. 

5. New Swin Wear
I picked this up from Morrisons last year but it didn't fit lily so I have saved it for this year. The thing I like about this 2 piece is that it isn't bikini length and so covers up the tummy.  

6. New Accessories from George and Primark
Lily really needed new shoes but I really did struggle to find the type I wanted. I wanted the style in the photo but these were literally the only colour I could find in her size. Not that I mind the colour, they are super funky. I managed to find them in George, Asda.
The socks and hair clips are both from Primark. Lily loves unicorns now so these were perfect for her and the clips I love as they are perfect for the seaside themed clothing I have for her so far. 

7. New Dresses
There is a discount store in my town and these were both bought from there. Lily is a huge minnie mouse fan and so she is going to love the minnie dress. I Love the soft colours of the other dress.

8. New Dress\top from The Essential One. 

This was another dress I had put away for Lily from the online store The Essential One. It is going to look really nice with some white crop leggings with it. 

9. Dresses from Primark 

Primark is the perfect place to pick up some cute but casual summer dresses. I got both of these from there for £2.50 

Which above do you think you will get for your little one? 

Friday, 19 July 2019

Monthly Book Roundup - What we have been reading in June

I read to Lily each night with out fail. Story time is so important for settling a child for bed, giving them that extra one on one time plus it will help them with learning to read in the future. 

Lily is a lot fussier with the stories I read her now, and she does go back to her old favourites a lot of the time and as she is at an age where she can start to remember stories, she asks for specific ones. But I do get chance to introduce a few new new books each month, usually around 2.

You can read all my other book reviews from the last few years Here

This month I bought Lily a new book from a shop that she fancied and we also read a new one from her collection of books at home. 

Here is what we read.

1. Molly Maybe's Monsters, The Dappity Doofer by Kristina Stephenson
The look of this book has always attracted me to want to read it to Lily because of its lovely shiny front cover, but I hadden't read it to her yet as it was quite a long story. The older Lily is getting the better she is at longer stories and so I decided to introduce it to her. The story is all about Molly and a Monster who is digging in the next door neighbours garden. Molly must investigate! So she gets in her special machine that takes her underground to the Monster land. There she finds that a special statue has been stolen and the monsters are having a meeting about it. Realising it must be that monster that is digging in the garden she heads to find him. Upon finding him she hears that the monster buried the statue and doesn't know where it is. So molly helps him find it. It ends up that her neighbour has turned it into a water fountain and so the next mission is to retrieve the statue which they do with success and the monster can return it to where it belongs.

I really like this story as its comical and full of imagination. Lily really enjoyed some of the funny parts in it too. When you begin reading it, it is very difficult to read as it has lots of random words such as the "Dappity Doofer" and until you get into the flow of reading these words its tricky to roll them off the tongue.
Over all its a great book and you can pick this up online. 

2. Oops-a-Daisy Here Comes Maisy by Elizabeth Dale

This is a new book that Lily and I picked up recently. It was a steal for £1 at Home Bargains and it looked like such a good read and one that Lily would enjoy.

The story is about some fairy's and it is one of their Birthdays. They are all having a Birthday tea party and one fairy called Maisy is invited. The only problem with Maisy is that she isn't very good with her magic and is also quite clumsy. Poor Maisy ends up making a mess of the tea party and flies off upset, but the Birthday fairy opens her present from her which is a lovely hand made dress and goes to find Maisy to bring her back to the party. It is a lovely story all about friendship and to still love people when they mean best but don't always succeed.
For the price of the story I would definitely recommend getting your hands on it. Lily loved it and wanted to read it over and over.

Which of the 2 books do you like the sound of? 

Monday, 15 July 2019

Helpful Holiday Activities by Orchard Toys

It's coming up to Holiday time! You may be taking a really long trip on a plane, or maybe a shorter trip in a car, or maybe visiting family for the holidays. Either way there are times that we all need to keep our children amused.

Holidays are generally full of fun and excitement, but it is also great for your child to have some down time. 

Orchard Toys have the perfect solution to keeping you child entertained and thats in the form of fun activity books and mini games. 

We was sent some Activity Books and a Mini Game for Lily to take on her upcoming holiday and so I want to tell you all about them. 

We was sent the game Penguin Pairs and also 3 Activity books, My First Words, Outer Space and Things to do. 

The first thing that your kids are going to love about these activity books is that they come with lots of fun stickers! If your children are anything like Lily then I bet they love stickers. The stickers are all at a large size too and so easy for little fingers to peel off and stick down. 

The second thing your child will love is that it is filled with colouring in, every page has something for them to colour. 

And one thing you will love about as an adult, is that as well as fun the books are all very helpful for learning. Lily loves to learn and anything that she can engage her brain in she loves. 

Here is a little more about each book - 

My First Words 
As the title states, its all about first words. The way this book works is that is has pictures of the word EG cat and then under it will have the word cat written out several times in dotted form for your child to copy over. Then also it will leave space for your child to try and write the word themselves. The book also has extra fun of colouring and some funky colourful stickers to add to the pages. 

Outer Space 
This book has a theme of all about outer space. It has tons of colouring pages, areas for sticking stickers and then lots of fun activities like dot to dots, word searches and counting activities. 

Things To Do
This book has a mixed theme of fun things to do. Again it has dot to dots, word searches, puzzles, and counting activities. All the puzzles and activities increase in level difficulty and so its great for keeping your child learning new things while having fun. It also comes with plenty of space to colour and areas to stick fun colourful stickers. 

Lily really loves activity books and she is also a mega fan of learning. She currently loves writing and so thats why the My first Words book is perfect for her. We have had some Orchard Toys Activity books before and Lily couldn't put them down. As a parent I was really impressed with the books as the amount of learning opportunities is fantastic and also the quality of the paper in the books really nice. 

Each book is £3 and is well worth the money. 

Now a little more about the game. 

Orchard toys have a range of Mini Games. These are perfect for travelling and taking with you when you go away. 

The games are all in a flat small box and so really don't take up much space. They are also really quick and easy games to play. Perfect to keep a child entertained with out using up to much of your holiday time. 

We was sent Penguin Pairs. This game is super easy to play and to set it up all you have to do is lay down the penguins face down. You then take it in turns to pick up 2 penguins and you are looking for 2 that are the same. 

The great thing about this game is that it can be playing together, or your child can play on their own trying to find the matching penguins.

Mini games are only £5 each and so again, well worth the money. 

So if you are planning to go away, or are looking for things to keep your child entertained for the summer holidays. Head to the Orchard Toys Website and pick up some helpful holiday activities now.

Keep your eye out on the Lily's Little Learners Instagram for pictures of Lily trying them out.

Which of the books do you think your child would like?

Are you planning any holidays where activities like this could come in handy?