Tuesday, 12 February 2019

My Photography Post February 2019

I always love when I get to do a type of photography that I haven't done for ages and one type which I haven't shot in years is Macro Photography. Macro images were actually one of the first type of images I shot when I first got into photography. I remember taking a close up of a really tiny snail shell I found.

Recently I got the chance to borrow a friends Macro lens and so this lead to me doing some exploring with it to see what I could find. The days I got to shoot, were both either wet or snowy days and so perfect for Macro pictures.

So here are some of the images that I shot. You may notice quite a theme of droplets.

1. Icy Tree - 
Ok this is actually a twig, but I love how the Macro lens makes it seem bigger than it is and love the little snow crystals resting on it. 

2. Ice Droplet -
This was the tiniest piece of grass hanging from this thorny twig covered in snow. It took quite a bit of effort to get such a tiny strand in focus.

3. Water Droplet 
I spotted this tiny little droplet coming from this twig and just had to capture it. 

4. Moss Water Droplets 
I just loved the ice that had melted on this moss to form little water droplets. The Macro lens could get really nice and close up to get the detail of each bubble. 

5. Metal Drip -
I just loved this large drop of water coming from this piece of metal and the way the light was caught on it. I also love the detail of the metal itself. 

6. Droplets -
Again I loved the way the droplets all formed on this metal bench. Love how you can get such detail from such a little thing by using a Macro lens. 

7. Life amongst the snow -
I found the tiniest of little plants just starting to grow peeping out from the snow. 

8. Melting Snow - 
Love how you can see the snow that was on this leaf melting and just leaving a tiny bit of ice behind on the back of the leaf.

Which of the above photographs do you like the most and why? 

Saturday, 9 February 2019

Monthly Book Roundup - What we was reading in Janaury

It is a new year, which means a whole new set of books for me to read to Lily. Lily is a lot fussier with the stories I read her now, and she does go back to her old favourites a lot of the time, but I do get chance to introduce her to new books each month. Just don't get to read them as often as I would like. I think it is because she is getting older and the repetition of the same books doesn't interest her as much as it did when she was little. 

I still like to read 2 - 3 stories a night to Lily though. Usually we have one long one and 2 shorter stories.

You can read all my other book reviews Here

January I just let Lily choose a few new stories from her pile of books. We didn't have a particular theme to which stories we read.

Here is what we read in January -

1. Kiki and Bobo's Birthday Surprise by Yasmeen Ismail

Firstly this is a brilliant flap book. It has so many little flaps to open up with surprise pictures underneath. Lily loved opening them all to see what she could find. The story is all about Kiki finding out from Bobo that is is a very special day. Straight away Kiki thinks that it must be Bobo's birthday and so she goes and starts planning a party and starts to make him a cake. In the meantime, Bobo knows that actually it is Kiki's Birthday and he goes out to buy her a present. When he gets back she shouts surprise and Happy Birthday, to which he explains its actually her birthday. They then both enjoy the party together. It is a lovely Birthday surprise story. Lily asked for this one often this month. I was sent this book by Walker Books but you can pick it up from online.

2. Sugerlump and the Unicorn by Julia Donaldson 

Sugerlump is a lovely rocking horse who often gets played on by the children of the house. But one day he gets bored and wishes that he could be out of the house and become a real horse. The unicorn is magical and can grant wishes and so does this wish for him. But eventually Sugerlump isn't happy again, and wishes to become something new. He keeps getting bored of his new horsy lifes and eventually decides he misses the children, and so the Unicorn turns him back into his rocking horse. Unfortunately the children had by now grown up and so there was no one to ride him. This is where the Unicorn takes it upon herself to turn Sugerlump into a fair ground ride so he can be rode all day by lots of different children and so never get bored. The story I really enjoyed and I thought that it had a lovely ending. There was also some lovely little rhymes throughout the story which kept getting repeated and so made the story enjoyable to read. Some of the pictures are also covered in glitter which adds a magical touch. Lily was bought this book by a friend and it can be bought it most book stores.

3. The Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson  

Lily asked for this story quite a few times this month. It is all about a little girl who owns some paper dolls and takes them on an adventure. She loves to play with them. One day a little boy tears up her paper dolls, but this is where the story doesn't end up sad, because the paper dolls get to go and play in a very special place, the little girls memory. I think the idea behind the story is to show children that they don't need to get upset about things that break or that are lost, because we will always remember them. The story also has some rhyming in it and is very nice to read. I would really recommend this story, especially if recently your child has encountered loss. This book Lily was bought by a friend, but it can be picked up online and in most book stores.

Which of the above books do you like the sound of the best?

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

5 Gift Ideas for Valentines

Not long until Valentines Day, and if you haven't got your gift already, now is the time to get it bought. 

Are you out of ideas? This is where my short but sweet little Valentines Gift guide may come in handy.

I have 5 lovely items that would make the perfect gift for Valentines. Some for women and some for guys. Or maybe if you spot something you like you could use this to give a little hint hint at a gift you may like to receive?

So here are 5 gifts ideas for Valentines. 

1. Songmics Jewellery Box - RRP £19.99 *Buy Me Here* 

I was sent this Jewellery Box by Songmics and it really is a perfect little box. I love how neat and tidy it looks and how pretty the silver fastening is on the front of the box. Inside there is a little compartment with 4 individual section to it. One is for rings, 2 are empty spaces and one has a little closed lid. This lifts out and then there is another compartment under that which has another 4 sections for Jewellery storage. It also comes with a mirror in the lid so you can see what the jewellery looks like on. This Jewellery box is really stylish, compact and so easy to take with you as well as keep at home. It also has a key lock feature to make sure any valuable jewellery is safe. I think it makes such a lovely gift for any Jewellery lover at Valentines.

2. Personalised Beer Bottles - RRP £24.99 *Buy Me Here*

I think men are a little harder to buy for at Valentines and so a nice safe option is to go for something alcohol related like bottles of beer. But that doesn't always show much thought and so if you are wanting to go one step further then you could think about personalised beer bottles. I think these are really quirky. The labels on them all have a nice Valentines message but they relate it back to beer which I find very fun. The 3 beers in the set are from Best of British Beer and they come in a nice little gift box with a plastic slider on the front and 3 compartments for the beers to sit in. Then to make the gift even better you also get to personalise it. On mine I just used the word Always, and added Love Cassie. But instead of the word Always, you can add your partners name. The perfect gift for when simple beer is just not enough. 

3. SEAMS Hand Cream - RRP £14.00 *Buy Me Here* 

I am not sure if this is just me or most women out there. But I LOVE handcream. I will always find it a treat if someone buys me hand cream so then I can treat my hands. SEAMs hand cream is perfect for hard working hands. It is made with Shea Butter, Macadamia Oil, and Fragonia Oil. It really is such lovely hand cream and dries instantly into your skin leaving it feeling non greasy but moisturised. It also has such a lovely smell and one of the things I love the most about hand cream is how lovely your hands smell after. This would be a lovely gift to give someone who adores hand cream or its the perfect thing to add if you are making a little luxury hamper for someone. 

4. Personalised Teardrop Decanter. - RRP £49.95 *Buy Me Here*

This really would be a treat for someone who is into their drinks. I have never actually seen a decanter in this shape before and I really love it. It is nice to find one that is different shaped to the normal square or rectangle ones you find and so this makes it that much more a special gift for someone. It is made from a really solid class which has a bubble base giving that floating bubble effect. It has a glass stopper in the top and holds a really decent large amount of alcohol.
Not only is is a gorgeous looking Decanter, you can also get it personalised and place your own message on the front including names. I simply wrote on my With Love from Cassie. It would be a Valentines Gift that someone would hold dear for the rest of their life. 

5. Kiss the Moon Love Face Oil - RRP £48.00 *Buy Me Here* 

With this lovely face oil, you would not only be giving a gift that says I love you, but you would also be giving the gift of sleep. It is classed as beauty sleep in a bottle and not only does it smell so relaxing with its scents of Rose and Rosehip Seed Oil, Frankincense & Ylang Ylang but it also encourages skin renewal over night. I think they was this little bottle is presented is so lovely. It comes in a little box that lifts open from the side. It doesn't feel like a product box and feels more like a neat and tidy storage box. I know I wont be getting rid of the box and my little oil will live in there when I am not using it. This lovely product has won aromatherapy awards and so would definitely be happily received as a gift. 

Which of the Above Products do you like the sound of? 

*Disclaimer - AD - All Products were Gifted*

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Couple Fun at Valentines

You might be the type of couple who loves to go out for a romantic meal at Valentines, or you may enjoy having a romantic night in alone. Or you may not be into either of those things and you would prefer a fun night with your other couple friends with a couple of drinks and a laugh. 

Well if you are that type of couple then I have the perfect idea to make your night even more fun. 

Why not get your self a couples game to play??

I can suggest just the one for you. I got sent a game called Know Your Partner by Cheatwell Games. 

This fun game is all about matching answers to score points and it comes with a fun little board game to expand the fun. It is all about how well you know your partner and puts your relationship to the test but in a fun way.

The game needs at least 4 people to play, so 2 couples who play against each other. Then you roll the dice to see which of the questions you need to answer.

The questions are super fun and have multiple choices as the answers. Some of the answers as so funny and I did have a good giggle at some of these. 

So if you are at a loss of what to do you Valentines, then why not concider buying this game. You can get if from The Gift Experience for £16.99.

Would you play a game like this at Valentines? 

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Num Noms Mystery Makeup Surprise - Review

Lily and I have actually been fans of Num Noms for a few years now. We are always really eager and excited to see what new products come out by them. It is a brand new year and so a brand new product has come out and wow we are impressed.

We were sent a nice surprise hamper from Num Noms.

Inside it had a Num Noms Magazine (which I didn't know existed but do now and think its brilliant), some sweeties and 3 of the brand new Mystery Makeup Surprise bottles.

Lily and I really didn't know what to expect from these, but we were definetly excited. Who doesn't love a surprise. Lily has also loved pretending to put on mummy's makeup lately, and although I don't encourage it much, I don't mind her having the odd bit of child's makeup.

I just loved the bottles, they reminded me of milkshakes and you can't get more fun than milkshake drinks. I love the little detail of the straw coming out the top and it really is a brand new surprise design that has not been seen before.

Opening them is such an exciting part of the surprise, I had to start the rip of the plastic for Lily but after I had done that she could remove the rest herself. 

As soon as you have taken the plastic off, the bottle is then clear and you can see what you have got inside. These looked totally different to the usual Num Noms we are used to seeing and so was very intrigued to get them open and have a look. 

To open the bottles you need to first remove the lid and then it opens up by pulling at the bottle until it opens in half. This bottle can then be used as a little play house which later on Lily did.

The items you get inside are one Num Nom character and a lipgloss, also some instructions and a collectors guide. 

I think the new little characters are so sweet. They are still food themed but are made with a thicker plastic, have bodies and cute little outfits. But there is also another element to them. One of the ones we got in our bottle, had a opening on its face and inside was scented shimmer. Lily was super impressed at this and loved that it had a makeup surprise inside.

The surprise doesn't just stop there, you also get inside either a lipgloss, nail varnish, shimmer or body spray. We also got 2 characters that turned into nail varnish and the nail varnish is stored in their body.
As well as that we got lots of different scented lip glosses along with them which Lily loves. As always the lip glosses are really fruity and fragrant. 

Lily was really happy with these and she actually played with the characters for ages using the bottles as little houses and making up her own imaginative play with them.

Each bottle is RRP £9.99 and for the fact your getting a surprise, piece of makeup and a play figure I would say it is money well spent. Especially when you start to create a little collection of them to play with and your child can really get imaginative with them.

They are recommended for ages 5-8 but Lily is 4 and she really loved them.

You can see more about the Mystery Makeup series on the Num Noms Website

Is this something your child would enjoy?

Monday, 28 January 2019

Infacare Bubble Bath Giveaway

Isn't it great when you find the perfect bubble bath for your babies and kids to use? 

Infacare is one of my choices of bubble baths that I have always used since Lily was a baby. It has always been really kind to her skin and always smelt great. I still use Infacare for Lily for her bath times and also my mum also uses it as she has sensitive skin. This really does show how gentle Infacare really is. 

Thats why I have teamed up with Infacare to offer one of my readers a chance to win 2 bottles! One is Ultra mild and more for a daytime bath, and the other is a more soothing formula especially for bedtime.

Here is a little more about the 2 bubble baths up for grabs. 

Infacare Night Time Baby Bath and Infacare Ultra Mild Baby Bath 

InfaCare baby bath does more than just clean gently, it helps care for your baby's skin too. While also creating some long lasting bubbles for bathtime fun.

Using a specially selected, safe and gentle fragrance to help baby relax in the bath, the InfaCare night-time bath is ideal to use as part of baby's bedtime routine, just in time for a restful night's sleep. Clinical testing proves that InfaCare is gentle on the skin and is suitable for babies and children who may be prone to dry and sensitive skin. Dermatological and pH balanced, InfaCare night-time is mild enough for babies aged from 1 month. 

The prices of Infacare are also so affordable at £2.15 for the 400ml Ultra Mild Bottle and £3.19 for the 750ml bottle. Then the night time baby bath available for £3.49 for a 750ml bottle. These can be bought from from leading stores such as Tesco's and Superdrug. 

Enter Below on the Gleam app for your chance to win - 

Win a Infacare Set of Bubble Baths

Friday, 25 January 2019

TinPo - The New Kids Tv show coming to CBeebies

I am so excited to tell you all about this new show which is about to be aired on CBeebies. It is called Tinpo and is all about 4 clever and creative characters that set out to solve problems around their town. 

The characters are called Tinpo, Doug-Po, Logi-Po and Hack-Po and they all ride around on their train attending to people problems around the town. They absolutely love problem solving and find fun creative ways to get the problems solved. It is all about trial and error for them and they all work together trying different things until the job is done. They use fantastic and exciting tools to construct ways of problem solving and although they aren't always the most practical ways of problem solving, they are the most fun. 

The show is the perfect imaginative viewing for pre-schoolers and is a great show for encouragement of problem solving and being creative in doing so.

Lily got to have a preview of the show and she loved it.

We was sent some episodes to watch, along with some yummy popcorn, sweets and activities. As soon as Lily was home from nursery I let her sit down to have some wind down time and watch this new show. 

The first thing that Lily thought about the show was that the theme tune was brilliant. She started moving along to it and dancing with her hands with a big smile on her face. I also think the theme tune is great, some tunes can be quite annoying but this one is quite funky and catchy.

Lily was glued to the show and she loved that there was animals involved in the show. She particularly liked the dog that was in one episode. After the first episode was finished, she was soon eager to watch another, and then after she had watched all the episodes, she wanted to watch them again. This does show that this TV show really does interest kids and it is something they will happily watch again and again.

Lily struggled to tell me about what was happening in the show. But I did notice that while she was doing one of the activities that was sent, she went back to the computer screen to see if tinpo could give her any clues to how to do it. So the fact that they are problem solvers must have registered with her somewhere. 

As a parents view of the show, I think it is great. It has many educational aspects showing lots of fun ways of solving problems. But I did notice that the show was also designed in a very educational way with the use of bold shapes and colours.

I also liked that the characters all spoke in a very well spoken manner. I can't stand shows that make voices babyish, use made up words and encourage children not to speak correctly. These characters all used correct wording and spoke clearly, while still being very childlike.

Each episode is around 7 minutes long which I think is a great amount of time to keep children engaged in the episode. It appeals for a younger audience as well as pre-schoolers by the episodes not being too long. 

Lily really enjoyed doing her activities after the show, and then again the morning after. She noticed that each character had a certain colour and made sure she coloured in each character in the right colour. I asked her which her favourite character was and she said the yellow one. She also asked if she could watch it again which shows she enjoyed it.

The show aires at 6.55am and 3.55pm each day on Cbeebies and is also available on BBC iplayer. 

Do you think your child would enjoy this show?