Saturday, 24 June 2017

The A to Z of Lily

I spotted last week on someones blog post an A to Z of me post. I thought it was a great idea but I wanted to change it to make it the A-Z of Lily. The idea is that I have to think of the first word relating to Lily that comes into your head beginning with that letter. So here we go...  

A - ADORABLE - Lily can definitely be this. She makes the more adorable face when she wants something and looks up at me and says "please mummy".

B - BOISTEROUS - Sometimes I just don't know where she gets the energy from but sometimes she runs rings around me and finds it hilarious. 

C - CUDDLY - Lily loves a good cuddle. Sometimes a little to much and she won't let me stop cuddling her for 2 seconds. 

D - DISASTROUS - Lily has been a little clumsy lately and causing all sorts of mini disasters. Breaking things, knocking her potty of fresh wee all over, and falling over and being so close to really hurting herself. 

E - ENERGETIC - A little like how boisterous she is, I just don't know where she gets her energy from but she doesn't nap any more and just keeps going and going. 

F - FUNNY - Lily does the funniest little things and says the funniest. She is always dressing up and telling me how much she likes everything. Even her daddies boxers she told me she loved while we did the laundry. 

G - GROSS - Why do children insist on picking there nose and pulling out a great big bogie and showing you it?

H - HAPPY - I just love it when Lily is in a happy mood. Playing nicely with her teddies and making up conversations as she smiles away. 

I - IRRESISTIBLE - I just can't help but pick her up and give her the biggest kisses sometimes! 

J - JUMPY - Lily is so easy to make jump, she is frightened of her own shadow sometimes. She also loves to jump on the bed. 

K - KIND - Lily always shares and if someone is upset she will give them a hug and make sure they are okay. 

L - LOVING - Lily is so loveable. She always strokes the cats and when she is around other babies she will look after them by giving them a blanket or teddies. 

M - MONSTER - Oh yes, Lily can definitely be a little monster. She knows how to throw a good tantrum and also knows how to totally ignore everything you are saying. 

N - NOISY - Hand me the headphones. Lily sometimes runs around the house screaming just for fun. I have had guests cringe at how high pitched her scream can be. 

O - OH DEAR - One of the things Lily says a lot! 

P - POLITE - Lily has really good manners, always says please and thank you and sometimes will say sorry. 

Q - QUEEN - I swear this little lady thinks she is the queen. The way she sometimes orders me around like she thinks she is in charge. 

R - REFUSING - Lily's favourite word is NO! She really does like to try her best to refuse to do things, like have a bath and go to bed, eat all her dinner. 

S - STUBBORN - She wants things her way or no way generally, and just like I said for R, flat out refuses to do things. Even when they are for her own good.

T - TALKATIVE - Now that Lily knows how to talk, she doesn't ever stop. Sometimes we can't understand what she is going on about, especially when talking to herself or her toys and teddies but most the time we can have a good conversation with her. 

U - UNDERSTANDS - Lily is really good at understanding things now. Most things I explain to her she gets and then remembers how to do later on.  

V - VANITY  - Lily is always looking at herself in the mirror, she is always dressing up lately and wanting to wear her jewellery. I have also caught her trying on my underwear and high heels. Oh dear haha. 

W - WHINEY - Like does love to whinge and whine. Usually over nothing. She is the worst for it when tired. 

X - CROSS - As there are no words beginning with X that I can think off i'm saying cross as thats definitely what Lily can get like. She will fold her arms at you and say NO!   

Y - YAWN - This is something Lily makes me do a lot when she tires me out. Which is pretty much every day. Haha 

Z - ZOOM - Lily zooms around the house like she is fuelled up on red bull. 

What words describe your child? 

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Encouraging Role Play - Being a Doctor

Role play is such an important part of learning and its something that Lily has always enjoyed doing. Sometimes I find that its great to set up a little scenario to encourage role play and show children that things don't always have to be exactly what they are. For example you could use a brick and pretend that it is a phone. 

So today I set up a Dr scenario for Lily. Lily is currently mad on watching Doc Mcstuffins and so I knew she would enjoy this scenario.

We got all her teddy's down from her bedroom to start. I piled them all up in one area of the room. I then got Lily's wooden doll pram and I told her that this would be an ambulance. (I then made the noise nee nah nee nah as I pushed it about.) I got her dolls bed and told her that the poorly teddy's need to be brought here. I then put toggether a Dr's kit. This had stethoscope, cream, a little measuring container which I told her was medicine, and a thermometer. 

I first showed Lily a scenario. Got the pram and picked up a teddy and I told Lily it needed to go to the hospital. She put the teddy in the pram and I said to cover it with the blanket so it didn't get cold. She then wizzed to the other end of the room going nee nah ne nah with the pram which is now her make believe ambulance. She then took the teddy out and placed it in bed. I then asked where was the teddy hurt and she said arm. I said okay maybe you need to give him some cream. So she pretended to give him cream and said "all better now" So when the patients were better they went and sat on the couch. 

Lily totally knew how to play now and I sat back and left her to it. As much as she enjoys me playing with her. I think its important for a child to explore there own imagination with role play and create what they want to create. During her play I would ask a few questions like "whats wrong with this patient" and she would say "sore head" and so I might suggest to give him medicine and showed her to tip the container into his mouth.

Lily played at this for ages with so many of her teddy's. She really enjoyed it and it was so lovely watching her pretend to be a Doctor.

I definetly plan to do more role play with her and the huge collection of teddy's. 

What sort of roles do your children like to take on? 

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Nuby Picnic Bundle - Review and Giveaway

Did you know that this week is #NationalPicnicWeek?

It definitely came at the perfect week as we have actually had some nice weather and managed to head out for a picnic. We were super lucky that I also had a Nuby Picnic Bundle ready on stand by, which they sent me to review. 

Nuby has a fantastic range of baby and toddler tablewear and not only are their products great for every day use. They are also perfect for picnics.

Nuby sent us - 

2 packs of sectioned plates
One 3 pack of stackable suction bowls with lids
A travel mealtime cutlery set
A snack and sip cup
A busy sipper beaker 
A dress me dolly

I was really happy that the dress me dolly was in the bundle. Who better to invite to our picnic than a lovely dolly. Lily was so impressed with her and gave her a big hug as soon as I handed her over. The dolly is such good quality. She is really soft and perfect for ages 0+. The dolls clothes all have little things that you can do to it. Such as zip up her top, fasten her shoes, and button up her pocket. Lily really liked the zip mostly and kept pulling it up and down. The dolly retails at £9.99 but if your quick she is currently on sale at a bargain price of £4.99!! I really couldn't recommend this doll enough and think she is a steal at both great prices. Also if you have a boy and not a girl, thats no problem. Nuby also do a dress me pirate doll. 

So first thing first is getting the picnic ready. I got out my stackable suction plates. These are great. I just love the colours and think they are perfect for storing in the cupboard after using them. They have 3 different sizes and all come with lids. Which is perfect for picnics as well as storing other foods at other times. We don't really have much use for the suction part of them now lily is older but that part of it is perfect for baby's and toddlers that like to try and pull there food all down them selfs. I tested out how good the suction is on them and it is REALLY hard to pull them off, you have to sort of slide them off the table. It would be impossible for a baby or toddler to pull this over. This set of tubs retails at £7.49. 

So I got the picnic ready and put it all in a bag and we headed to the park and I filled up all of the tubs. One tub I had yellow peppers and tomatoes in. The second I placed Lily's sandwich in. The third I placed some cheese nibbles in. I placed lids on top of them all which easily snap shut on top of the tubs. They felt really tight and sealed. I had no worries that a lid may come off and spill out all the food. It was also good to know that the nibbles wern't going soft inside from the tubs sealing so well. 

We got to the park. I laid out everything for the picnic. Me and Lily and dolly all sat down and lily handed out the sectioned plates. I love these. They remind me of trays you used to get your dinner on at school. Each pack came with 2 colours and so we ended up with red, orange, green and blue. Each plate has 3 sections. They are perfect for little fingers foods just like the type you get at a picnic. I opened up the tubs and Lily then shared out the food between herself, me and dolly. She placed the different foods in each different section, so she knew exactly what she was meant to do with the plates. The plates are all dishwasher, microwavable and steriliser safe so when not being used for a picnic they are also perfect for home use. Lily really enjoyed eating her picnic food from the plates. I think they are a great way to make it more exciting for your child to eat and may even help fussy eaters want to eat up all their food. 

Lily then wanted to eat her peppers with a travel fork. The fact the forks come in handy little travel cases is great and makes them perfect for taking to a picnic. The lid snaps on tightly so they don't fall out. They are made from plastic and so not sharp and also a perfect introduction to using cutlery. The only problem was that the fork wasn't sharp enough and I had to help lily stab the peppers by pressing down on them really hard. I think they would be perfect for eating picnic foods such as rice, cous cous and pasta. The travel set is a bargain price of £2.49. 

Soon enough Lily was thirsty. So I offered her the water I had brought in the busy sipper beaker. Lily can be really fussy with bottles but she loved this one. The colour design really attracted her and she found it really easy to hold, tip and sip from the spout. I did have to open it for her though as it was quite a stiff closing on the spout. Nuby have such a great range of beakers but this one Lily loved straight away and i'm really happy with it. It holds a good amount of water and is recommended for 18 months plus. It retails at another bargain price of £3.49

Lily eventually asked for some apple juice which is her favourite. I had brought some for her in the snack and sip cup. The snack and sip cup I think is so cool! You put the juice in the cup and then the snack in the top. You can be so creative and do all sorts of different combinations. So we had apple juice in the bottom and I placed some raisins in the top. I wish I would of had some apples in the house at the time as they would have been great to place in the snack section. I handed Lily the cup and said "here is your apple juice". She took it off me, looked at it and said "no I don't want raisins". I tried to explain to her that the juice was in the bottom and raisins in the top and that she wouldn't drink the raisins but after that she wouldn't try the cup at all. But as it was such a hot day and I was quite thirsty I tried it. I did love how soft the straw was in my mouth, but I did find that it was very hard to suck the juice out. Lily still won't try the cup so i'm not sure how she would do with it. But I did manage to have a drink and I do love the idea of having a snack with it too. Seen as Lily also wasn't eating the raisins I decided I would. So I went to lift the lid and as I pulled, the raisins came out everywhere. I have learnt with this lid to pull a little more gently. At least I know that it won't come open in my bag and the snacks won't come out everywhere. The drinks straw is also non spill which means is great so it also doesn't spill all over your bag. This cup retails at £4.49 and is recommended for 12 months plus. 

Over all we had a fantastic picnic and I really recommend using Nuby for all your picnic needs in the future. Head here to the Nuby website to see all the range. 

If you are picnic ready now!!  Nuby have kindly let me give away an entire bundle. That means you win all of the above! Its worth over £30 and you can also choose if you would like the girl dolly or the pirate one. Enter now on the gleam app below for your chance to win.

Win a Nuby Picnic Bundle Worth over £30

Monday, 19 June 2017

My Quick Thinking Park Idea

Today it was such a hot day as you know. I took Lily over to our local park and we had a picnic and a good run around with the ball. I knew she would want to go on the playground but was trying to her encourage her to play with other things because I knew everything on the playground was so hot. 

But Lily just loves the swings too much and how can I say no to her when they are staring her right in the face.

I felt the swings and they were hot. They would have burnt her legs. So I folded up the picnic matt and placed it inside for her to be able to swing. Easy enough and quite an obvious thing to do. She then went on the round about, which I did the same thing, and then she sat in the metal helicopter and so I placed in in there for her to sit as well. 

Then she asked to go on the slide and I thought, well, the picnic blanket isn't big enough to cover the slide. What am I going to do. Then I had an idea. I again folded the picnic matt up, and I helped Lily sit on it at the top of the slide, and then pulled the matt down the slide. 

It worked brilliantly, and it made it so much easier to slide down and she went smoothly down rather than her shoes catching the metal on the slide and stopping her sliding. It reminded me of a Helta Skelta ride. She loved it and we had to do it over and over again.

So next time your heading to the park on a really hot day, you may think its too sunny to take a blanket with you, but think agin as it comes in really useful. Can't believe I didn't think of it before. 

Here are some fun pictures of Lily getting to enjoy the park today. 

Country Kids

Sunday, 18 June 2017

My Sunday Photo 18/06/17

Happy Fathers Day! We Went to the Fair and Lily got something in the Lucky dip!  


Saturday, 17 June 2017

Mid Month More About Me - June

Each month i'm going to write a short post which is a little bit more about me. I might write about hobbies, favourite things, things I hate, places I love. But each month it will be a post where my readers can find out a little more about the person behind the blog.

I actually missed last months post because I could't think of somethings to write about. Im not always brilliant at talking about myself.

This month I decided i'm going to tell you all about my fears. I actually wrote about fears on the blog quite a while ago and spoke about a few fears I have but mostly talked about why we get fears and how to deal with them. You can see this post here

But as confident with most things I am, I actually am a big scaredy cat and have lots of fears. So here they are. 

1. Spiders (look away now if you hate them as picture below) Oh no, too late. Yes i'm terrified of spiders. You will generally see me not wanting to go near them and making the bravest person in the house put them outside for me. I have gotten a lot better recently and some smaller spiders I can have around the house. But big ones like this house spider... well thats big enough to eat me and it needs to leave NOW! I have a funny tale of when I was alone in the house and had to get rid of a spider. I don't condone in killing any animals or creatures and that includes spiders. So as it ran along the floor I grabbed a plastic take away container and quickly put it over it and jumped back up onto the couch. Phew. Im safe haha.... but wait, this spider is not having it and it wants out. It actually moves back and then runs really fast into the take away tub wall and moves the tub along with it. I screeched each time it did it haha. Yes. Im a wuss! This was a spider recently making my home its home. 

2. Small Confined Spaces  - I tend to panic if I am made to go anywhere to cramped. Im a tiny person but the thought of doing something like caving and having to crawl through tiny holes really makes me panic. I doubt I could get stuck but just the thought of it is enough. 

3. Heights - You know what, I really wish I didn't have this fear. I love the thought of going high places, looking at the view. I think my fear is more of falling than going anywhere high. I struggle to go up spiral stair cases and I panic when I am somewhere that is to high. I generally freeze and struggle to walk. I even struggle with ladders. When I went to prague one year, I went up Prague tower. It took me at least 4 attempts to persuade myself to go up. But I got in the lift and I did it. But when I got to the top and looked down, that was it. I clung to the sides and could barely walk or let go to take photographs. I managed one or 2 pictures and then had to get back down from there.

4. Horror Movies - I could class this one as a fear. As I really refuse to watch ANY horror movies. I have watched a few when younger that just made me not sleep for nights on end. I fear if I watched one now I would be worse as my imagination is just as crazy. The worst one I have ever watched was Nightmare on Elm Street. I still fear the scene where she gets dragged around the walls of her bedroom and if I see anyone dressed as freddie then thats it, i'm outa there! 

5. Flying - Its more the fear of crashing and dying than the actual flying itself, but the thought of being so high up in the air freaks me out. I mean really you have a few of my fears in one. Your in a confined space, very high up. Imagine if I ever bumped into a spider up there, or worse, Freddie Krueger. But I have managed to do it on my own when I went to prague. I had a huge panic attack before we set off and I sat at the edge of my seat the entire time but I made it and did it and i'm always proud of that.

6. The Dark - Yes this is normally something that small children are afraid off. But its something I have never managed to get over. If I am in a room and all the lights go out then I panic. You won't see me running into a pitch black room. I even hate passing rooms that are pitch black dark. Our spare room door has to be closed at night just so I can walk past it to get to the bathroom. I also sleep with a lamp on. I simply cant sleep without it anymore. It freaks me out that its dark when you close your eyes and then you open them and its still dark. I even avoid dark places like London Dungeons because i'm not keen on the idea of walking down dark corridors. 

I think thats it for fears. I used to be scared of snakes. and although you won't see me cuddling a large 6 foot long snake i'm not scared to be near them and I will hold smaller snakes. I overcame this fear when I was about 17 and held a small corn snake. It does show that some fears we can get over if we try. But I think some fears really are hard to shake from our system. 

If you have some strange fears or your child has a fear, make sure you pop over to my post where I explain fears, what causes them and how to help them. Click ME to head there now.

What are your fears?
Have you ever gotten over a fear?