Thursday, 19 April 2018

Books About Kindness

One thing that I always want Lily to learn about is acts of kindness. 

Over time we have been collecting books and I thought I would share with you which books all about acts of kindness that I would recommend to you. 

First up we have The Last Chip by Duncan Beedie

The last chip is a story all about a very hungry pigeon. He is trying to find a meal but everywhere he goes he struggles to find one as there are bigger pigeons or seagulls that won't share their food. Eventually he decides he is going to give up on the thought of eating and settles down for the night. Just as he does, somebody offers him their last chip. It ends up that its a homeless person and they become friends and sleep on the streets together. 

I think the story of this book is lovely. It really sends a nice message to always be kind and share and give to others that also may be struggling. Also gives a message that no matter your situation you should always be kind and always think of others. By the homeless person giving the pigeon a chip, she then gained a friend. 

I really loved the way it was written and it had some great characters in it and the illustrations went along side it really nicely. I would really recommend this story and it can be bought from Amazon or Waterstones. 

Next we have A Gold Star for George by Alice Hemming

Gold stars are being given out to the animals around the wildlife park and George really wanted to get one. George was quite good at a lot, keeping his paddock clean, dressing well, but instead of focusing on just himself, he decided to help out all of his friends and ended up doing things like helping the lamas clean their pen. But because he helped out his friends, they ended up winning the stars instead of him. This made him really sad, but his friends all decided to make and give him stars to show him how good and deserving he really was of a gold star. 

This story is a great story all about friends being kind to each other and also being thankful of the friends we have that help us out. It is also great that it shows that no matter how much George wanted a gold star, he would happily still help his friends out who also wanted one. It is a great story about being selfless. 

The story has bright illustrations and great characters. We really enjoyed the story line. You can buy this book from Amazon. 

Last but not least we have Roo the Roaring Dinosaur by David Bedford

Roo loved his Moomie, which was his little blankie that he cuddled and snuggled. He used to take it everywhere with him and one day he was out with his moomie and a mammoth in a hot air balloon came crashing down. Roo and the mammoth played and soon became the best of friends. But soon it was time for the mammoth to go. But there was one problem, there was a hole in his balloon. This is when Roo had to made a hard decision and decided that he would give up his moomie which would fill the hole in the balloon. This act of kindness didn't go un noticed though and in return the mammoth sent down his blue scarf which became Roo's new and even better moomie. 

This is such a lovely story about kindness and giving. It really shows putting others before your self and is a real good tale of friendship. The illustrations are great and Roo is adorable. 

I have really enjoyed reading this book to Lily and may also be a great book to read to your child if they have something that they are going to need to give away. 

You can buy this book from the Books and Pieces Website.

Which book do you like the sound of? 

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Mid Month More About Me - April

So I have some more update about my fitness for you. 

My fitness is something that I have been working hard on lately and I have taken it to the next level by doing even more classes and also working out at home. 

I am also starting to think about the foods I eat too. 

Here is a little more about my month of fitness. 

Areal Hoop 

After doing so well on the pole, I have now taken up Areal Hoop. I must admit, it has been something I have fancied as soon as I found out that the Cloud Areal Arts group does it , but I thought to myself I shall wait until I have got myself a little more strength before I start.

I am glad I did because wow, it takes a ton of strength to get up there and pull out some of the moves. I was quite able to pull out some moves on the hoop the first week I tried, though I did end up coming away with some bruises. Today was week 3 of hoop and managed to see how much my strength had increased from the first week. I am also bruising less which is good. 

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3 

Working Out 

Working out at home is something I have now started doing and I have noticed such a difference in how toned by body is since I started. I also have noticed I have lost weight which wasn't planned as I mostly wanted to tone, but looking at myself I have lost weight from my stomach and hips.
I am doing things like Squats, Sit ups, Leg raises, and the plank and these are all starting to tone me up really well. I get such a buzz after doing these exercises and it really does give me a boost of energy.

As well as this I have been doing a lot more stretching and started to build strength in my arms with push ups and handstands.  

Eating Healthy 

I am definitely not on a diet. But I have started to think a little more about the foods I am eating. Which ones give me energy and also protein to build my muscle. I have started to try and eat more chicken, beetroot, and also fruit. I also want to build up my iron as I know that will help my energy so eating green veg and salad like spinach and rocket. Luckily I do love eating those and could actually happily sit and eat them like a bag of sweets.

I am really happy with how my body is shaping up so far, I am definitely seeing more definition on my body and seeing some muscle develop. But I have a way to go yet when it comes to full strength and muscle tone.

But I am keeping going and for now, I am pretty pleased with myself.

If working out isn't something you do, you should think about giving it a go. I never though I would enjoy it as much as I am, but its doing my moods, energy and body a power of good. 

Do you work out? 
What kind of exercise do you like to do? 


Friday, 13 April 2018

Orchard Toys Pizza Pizza Game Review

You just can't beat Orchard Toys Games! Fun, Educational and so far our favourite ones to play.

And we have a new one to tell you all about. It's called Pizza Pizza and Orchard Toys were kind enough to send us one to review. 

On the box, the game looks like its going to be so much fun. Every child loves pizza and so Lily was super excited to be playing a game. 

The game comes with - 
  • 4 pizza bases
  • a spinner
  • pizza pieces
  • chef with a dustbin board

Each pizza board has 5 colours on it and 5 different shapes on top. All the pizza slices are also a colour and have a shape on them. You get given a pizza board each and then the slices are layed down coloured side up. On the other side, there are lots of different toppings and some of them have bugs on top! 

The idea of the game is that you spin the 2 spinners, the spinners may land on EG - red and a triangle. Then you can choose wether you want to choose a piece of pizza with a colour on or a shape. As the game progresses, you may only have the option of choosing the colour or shape.

You then turn the piece of pizza over and if it doesn't have a bug on it. Then you can place it on your pizza board. 

If you do land on a pizza with bugs on them you have to shout IN THE BIN, and put the piece of pizza on the card with the chef and bin. Lily always screamed so loud when she got a bug and threw the piece down like they were real. This added such an element of fun to the game. 

The spinner also has a little pizza symbol on it. if your spinner lands on this, then that means you get to steal one of your opponents pieces. Lily didn't really understand this part of the game and didn't want to give up her pieces most of the time.

The winner of the game is the one who fills up their Pizza board first. Lily usually ended up winning but then at times she did cheat by not wanting to give me any of her pieces.

I think this game is really good for learning how to take turns, follow instructions, learn to match colours, and match shapes. The game is also brilliant for learning about foods as each pizza piece has a different topping. I found it great talking about what was on each peace and Lily loved to tell me which foods she liked.

As always with Orchard Toys Games, they are super colourful, super child friendly and also made from such good quality card that isn't easy to bend or ruin. Orchard Toys games are made to last and I love that fact about them.

I would really recommend this game as its such a good concept and also so much fun to play. I even enjoy playing this game as an adult and it is one of my favourites so far.

The game is for 1-4 players and is recommended for children aged 3 to 7 years old. You can buy it on the Orchard Toys website for £10.00. 

Do you think your child would enjoy this game? 

Thursday, 12 April 2018

My Photography Post - April

Well this month has seen another month where I have not had the time to go out and do some photography. But that said, I have felt very inspired and I have decided to start a new project.

One thing that made me inspired was a recent Tv show that I watched. It's called Flesh and Bone and is on Amazon Prime. It is quite a dark show and is all about a girls uprise as a ballerina. Watching the final episode and seeing such beauty in the dancing, I was totally inspired to go and see a ballet for myself. What luck would have it, the local play house had swan lake on and I just managed to get myself a seat. It was an amazing show and I left even more inspired.

As some of you may know, I have started Pole and Areal Hoop Fitness recently and so this is another thing that has inspired me to take up my new photographic project. I have decided that I am going to be doing a project on Performance. Starting with dance, areal hoop, pole fitness and also acrobatics. 

I haven't started shooting it yet, but I have sourced my first dancer and my first location idea for a shoot. I have a friend who is currently training in contemporary dance and also does ballet. It was only while I was photographing the amazing location of St Annes Beach when I decided that it would make an amazing location for a dance shoot. 

So, the only photography I have for you this month is some images of St Annes, taken on my iphone. But just know that there are some interested photography posts coming up. 

What kind of Performance would you like to see me photograph?  

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Baking With Lily - Making Krispie Cakes

Lily has been having lots of fun over the Easter holidays, and one of the things she decided to do was make Rice Krispie Cakes. We all know how to make Krispie Cakes as adults. So It would make a very boring blog post for me to instruct you how to do it. So, instead, here is Lily, telling all her little learners how to make Krispie Cakes.

So get your self some chocolate to melt, chocolates to decorate and some bun cases and get Baking With Lily. 

Hope you enjoyed Baking With Lily!!!

What would you like to see her bake next?