Wednesday, 1 March 2023

Chicco's 2 in 1 Rocking Dino Review

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When it comes to toys, I love toys that have lots of different ways to aid learning. 

When Chicco offered me their 2 in 1 Rocking Dino, I jumped at the chance to get Henry a new toy that he would love to play with, but that would also help him with his learning through play.

Henry was super excited when he saw the box, and instantly spotted that it had a dinosaur inside and said the word dinosaur. 

When we got it out of the box, he instantly wanted to play with it. 

The first thing he did was give it a good inspection. The dinosaur itself is super cute, and a nice shade of green, it is in the shape of a rocker so when you put it on the floor it can rock from side to side. It also has 3 holes for shapes to go in. These 3 different shapes all also have different colours. Already you have lots of learning aspects here with recognizing shapes and colours. The pieces are easy to slot into the dinosaur and they also push out of the other end. 

The second element to this toy, is the balancing of the shapes on the dinosaur's back. They can be placed on in any order but if they are placed more to one side, the dinosaur tips slightly. This gives a child their first lesson in weight. The learning aspect to this type of play is huge. You get to learn about size, order, and balance, and it really helps with hand coordination and fine motor skills. When all the pieces are on, you can rock the dinosaur and hope they don't fall off, but if they do, this provides a fun opportunity to place them back on. 

The last element of play is stacking the pieces into a tower, which I think was Henry's favourite part as he loves knocking the tower down. Due to the shape, they are really easy to stack on top of each other and Henry managed this really well. 

The quality of this toy is lovely, the plastics are made from recyclable plastic and are part of Chicco's Eco range. I also love the colours of the toy. 

Overall I'm really pleased with this toy, especially as it comes with so many learning aspects. 

You can see more about this toy on the Chicco website.  

Would your child enjoy this toy?

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