Monday 30 January 2023

Win Lex Match - The Crazy Cube Game

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Love word games? This head to head game is perfect for you.

Lex Match, the crazy cube game has now brought out a 5 letter word wins the game. The aim of the game is simple. Create a 5-letter word to win. But it's challenging, as your opponent can push out your letter and replace it with their own making it a race to who can create a word first. The game comes with cubes with all the letters of the alphabet on the sides of the cubes. There is also a special LEX cube which can be any letter you like. The game also comes with cards with letters on and for extra points, you can use this letter to create your word. 

The game is for all the family, but if you have younger players, you could play a 3 or 4 letter word instead. When you have finished playing the game, it simply all folds up into an easy carry case. This makes the game perfect for taking to grandparents or going on holiday. 

You can buy this game for £19.99 and it can be picked up on Amazon. 

How would you like to win the game? 

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Win a Lex Match Game

Monday 23 January 2023

5 Ways to Keep Warm Outdoors in Winter


So far this winter for us has been very confusing, it's warmer then suddenly super cold. We have just had a load of snow the last week, but already it has gone again. With this in mind, it is always best to be prepared for when heading outdoors in the winter and to make sure that you find ways to keep warm. 

My family is very much an outdoorsy type family. We love our walks and whether it is raining, snowing, or cold, we will still be out in it. 

So we are very used to being prepared and here are a few tips for you for staying warm. 

1. Buying the right coats and outwear. 

When it comes to buying your coats for yourself or the kids, there are aspects you need to think of. Is it waterproof? Will my child be splashing in puddles? Does it have a warm layer inside? Does it have a hood? There are many places you can shop to buy your outerwear but you may want to look at Lighthouse Clothing  Their coats and puddle suits all come with the above attributes making them perfect for wintery outdoor outings. Puddle suits are great for toddlers, they come with a fleece inside for extra warmth, and also a waterproof outer layer for keeping dry. Keeping them dry means that your little one will never have to miss out on going to the park in fear of a wet bum from a slide. Their puddlesuits go up to age 5-6 which is brilliant as a lot of puddlesuits stop at a young age, and as we all know, kids most definately haven't grown out of splashing in puddles at that age. 

Outerwear also doesn't have to be boring, Lighthouse Clothing have some really cute designs, and some are nice and bright which is great for keeping your eye on your little one. Lighthouse Clothing know the importance of keeping warm and dry and their coats come with hoods that are nice and snug which protect from the wind. Which is great as their is nothing worse than a hood blowing down in the wind. 

Looking for coats with pockets is also something to think about when buying a coat. It's handy for keeping a packet is tissues in, a spare pair of gloves, or even hand warmers. 

(Coat and Puddlesuit from Lighthouse Clothing)

2. Know Where Heat is Lost. 

Heat is lost through the head and the feet, also hands are very easy to get cold. That is why a decent warm hat, gloves and snuggly socks are a great outdoor winter essential. Young kids don't always want to wear a hat, but if the design is right, they may love putting it on their head. The older they get, they will love a winter hat so then they can keep nice and warm. Lighthouse clothing also sells winter warmer gear like hats, and their are designs for younger and older kids. 

(Hat and coat from Lighthouse Clothing)

3. Take a Warm Drink

It is a great idea to take a hot drink with you for after the walk, when you have kids, its generally best to save it for when back to the car, or at the end of the walk, to avoid cold outdoor toilet trips. Hot chocolate always goes down well with my family. 

4. Keep Moving

Of corse, on a long walk you may need to take breaks, but keeping moving when out on a walk will help keep you warm. Encourage kids to not sit or lie down on the floor (unless wearing a puddlesuit of corse) and know where you are heading so if you do get too cold you can easily head back home. 

5. Wearing Correct Footwear

Make sure that your shoes are waterproof. If your feet get wet, then they will be cold for the rest of your time outdoors. Your feet being cold will mean the rest of you is cold. Another tip for welly wearers is to tuck your pants into your socks is possible, this will stop your pants riding up causing cold ankles. Same for puddlesuit use, make sure socks are over the pants before putting the suit and boots on. 

(Coat and hat from Lighhouse Clothing)

Do you have any tips for staying warm outdoors?