Saturday 29 October 2022

How to be a WICKED Kids Gift Buyer

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Whether it be for a child you know well, or a child you don't. Whether it be for a birthday, Christmas, or a kid's party, buying gifts can sometimes be such a daunting thing. "Will they like it?, how much should I spend? Is it age-appropriate? All of these questions are something that may run through your mind. 

So why not make your life a lot easier and head straight to the Wicked Uncle Kids Online gift shop -HERE.
The range of toys and gift ideas is massive and I guarantee that there will be something on there for the child you have in mind. 

Online shopping can also sometimes be an effort, but not with Wicked Uncle, their website is laid out so well that you can shop in many different ways that work for you. 

For example, you need a gift for a child aged 6. Easy! On the home page, you can simply click a button for that age range, you can also choose if you want to look for a girl, boy, or both. 

Or you may be looking for something specific. For example, the child in mind loves construction. Perfect! simply click on the categories tab at the top of the page and hit the button for the construction section. Or scroll through the many different categories of toys that there are. 

And if you still have no clue what to buy, then Wicked Uncle has a Popular section on the website where you can browse their best-selling toys. Then when you see something you like, click into it, and it will also recommend products that are similar to that one. 

The website also has another feature that is super handy and that is to easily be able to share the link with someone. Simply click the share product link button and then you can copy the link, share to Facebook etc. This is great if you're giving someone ideas of what they could buy your kids, or if you are asking if someone's kids would love that toy.

It took me a matter of moments to find something that my kids would love, and seeing as all 4 of my children are completely different from each other, it was great that I managed to find a gift that suited each one of their tastes.

And if you want to make your gifting even more exciting, you could get it gift-wrapped, add a gift card and also get it delivered super quick (for the last-minute shoppers) The gift wrap option is brilliant as you actually get to decide what wrapping paper it is wrapped in. Perfect for making the gift more personalized. 

I find this great as Lily has family that lives away, some as far as Spain, and so them being able to have it wrapped before it's sent makes life so much easier for them and me. 

So, My tips for being the best kid's gift buyer.

1. Head to the Wicked Uncle Website and start your Wicked Gifting Experience straight away. 

2. Spend time easily browsing the amazing selection of toys. 

3. Buy something and get it gift-wrapped! 

Happy Shopping! 

What about the Wicked Uncle website sounds good to you? 


  1. There's a great choice of cool toys under a tenner. We have a lot of birthday parties in December and they're also ideal for stocking fillers.

  2. There's always something on wicked uncle for everyone love it

  3. Oh they do gift wrap too!! i love Wicked Uncle, their gifts are fab stocking fillers for the kids.

  4. Love wicked uncle - so many great gifts!

  5. They have gift wrap aswell, I didnt know that. There are some real great gifts on there!

  6. The variety and so easy to navigate the site and so easy to find the perfect gift at the perfect price point

  7. I love wicked uncle and use them a lot for when my children go to classmates birthday parties as I sometimes don't know the child too well! The gifts always go down well :)

  8. Fab variety of kids toys to choose from some great prices too 😍

  9. fantastic selection of things to choose from for everyone

  10. There are some great things at Wicked Uncle!

  11. I love how all the toys are separated into so many categories to make searching for a present so much easier. They have so many unique toys too

  12. i like the recommendations for specific ages

  13. Amazing is the right word for this site. A fabulous selection for every child's age and every budget.