Tuesday, 4 October 2022

Care Bears 40th Anniversary and NEW Bears

 (Ad - Gifted)

Wow, Can you believe it, It's the Care Bears 40th Anniversary this year. I remember having one when I was little and so I'm so pleased that Lily is now loving collecting them. 

There are lots of Care Bears available now to buy and they have just brought out 3 NEW ones for your kids to collect. True Heart Bear, Daydream Bear, and Superstar Bear. 

If you don't know about Care Bears, they are a group of loveable, huggable, bear BFF's who live a sweet caring life. They come in the form of a super soft 14inch plush that can now become your new best friend. 

We were sent True Heart Bear to add to Lily's collection. 

True Heart Bear is a loveable, friendly wise bear who always tells the truth. True Heart Bear shows how the best, truest part of us radiates from what's in our hearts.

True Heart bear just like all of the care bears, is so adorable and so soft and cuddly. Her fur is super silky to stroke and all the carebears are always such quality bears. 

This bear is pink and has a belly badge of a multi-coloured star with a pink heart in the middle. A care bears tummy badge is what makes each care bear individual and shows its character. This is what Lily loves the most about them, that they all have different badges making them super collectible.

The bear also has the care bear pink heart on its bottom which shows it is a genuine care bear. These 14inch Care Bears also have a button nose in the shape of a heart which is a lovely edition. 

Lily is in love with her new care bear and can't wait to collect more.

Care bears can be bought from your local Clintons store. 

What does your child love about care bears?


  1. My daughter loves the Care Bears, she has the grumpy one which she takes to bed with her haha. I used to love the Care Bears too when I was a child.

  2. I loved Care Bears when I was a child! Mine was a pale blue colour. It gave me a sense of comfort when i cuddled it.

  3. These are adorable
    Always a favourite of mine

  4. Oh I remember having a collection of Care Bears when I was a child, I still have my cupcake birthday bear (my favourite) who sits on my shelf in my bedroom!

  5. I loved care bears when I was growing up might have to get my kids one they are just adorable

  6. I used to love CareBears, this is adorable!

  7. Aww I loved care bears as a child, they are so snuggly

  8. Care bears are very appealing across the decades to lots of children!

  9. I still have my original carebears saved safely for future grandchildren, i'll have to get a couple of the new ones to put away too

  10. I have never been exposed to care bears when I was young but once my kids are more interested in soft toys, I would want to get them one. I really would like to get them the I Care Bear Eco-Friendly Plush to help them be more eco friendly with their choices