Thursday 29 September 2022

Sports Themed STEFFI LOVE Dolls Review

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Dolls have been a massive hit with girls for years now and now there is a wide range to choose from. One doll you may want to take a look at if you already haven't is Steffi Love. Lily has been a big fan of her for a while now and already has a brilliant collection of different themed sets. 

We were super pleased to hear that there are now new sets and themes and one of these themes is Sports. 

Lily was super excited to see that the sports dolls came with a sports activity. One doll came riding a bike and one came on a longboard. These are 2 things she doesn't have for her dolls so she was very happy.

Steffi dolls are lovely, their hair is super shiny and always comes nice and neat and she has a pretty face with a lovely natural look.  

We firstly had to get them out the box, this was pretty easy to do which keeps me happy. It is the worse when you have an inpatient child and a toy you just cannot get open. 

Lily was super pleased with them when they came out of the box. 

She first played with the doll with the longboard. The longboard itself has wheels that actually move, meaning you can push her along on it. They also have straps that you can fasten her feet to the board, unfortunately, they would only stay shut for a short amount of time and kept coming undone, but this didn't stop Lily from playing with the doll. 

Her outfit is a pink T-shirt and green shorts which match the colour of the board. She also has matching arm bands, knee bands, and a helmet. These can all be removed if needed. She also comes with a bag that hangs across her which is also removable. 

One of the brilliant features of this Steffi doll is that she has fully moveable limbs, meaning that she can be placed into different poses. Lily does Gymnastics so the fact she could replicate some of these poses with her doll really pleased her.

Next, we opened the doll with the bike. This set comes with the Steffi doll, a Baby, and a pet cat.

Again the wheels on the bike move around, meaning Lily can push the doll along like the doll is really riding the bike. This Steffi is also moveable, meaning she can sit down on the bike in the correct riding position. 

The baby is super cute, and comes sat in a baby carrier at the front. The baby can be removed in and out of the baby carrier. The pet puppy is sat in a basket in the back of the bike and again can come out. This Steffi wears a beautiful pink top and blue shorts. She also comes with a Helmet which straps on and stays on. 

Lily really enjoyed playing with both dolls, and played making them both act out like they were family playing sports together. They are brilliant for imaginary play. Steffi is all about Family, Friends, sports and animals, so it was great to see her acting out in this way. 

Both of the Steffi Love Dolls are OUT NOW and can be bought from retailers such as Very, Sainsburys, Amazon and Hamleys. 

Would your children love these dolls?


  1. Yes my daughter loves dolls like this, she's 7 now and really it's the only thing she plays with when she plays.

  2. My niece would love this. Apart from being a big Barbie fan, it helps with the teaching of riding a bike, the reminder to wear a helmet etc.

  3. The girls will love as much as lily

  4. My daughter would love this she spends hours playing with her Barbie dolls

  5. I think it's great that dolls are influencing girls to do exercise and sports and it's not just a boy's thing. I think it's a much healthier toy to have than just a doll with make up or pretty dresses