Wednesday 25 May 2022

Care Bears I Care Bear Review

 (Ad - Gifted)

If you care about the environment, then I Care Bear is the one for you. 

I Care Bear is here to remind us to all care for the environment and the world around us. It is super important to look after Earth and I Care Bear is a super believer in this. 

I care encourages us to recycle, reduce waste and go for walks instead of using transport. 

Just like all care bears, I care bear is there to become your new best friend as friendship is also super important. Rain or shine, I care bear will always care about you and be there for you. 

Of course, I Care Bear couldn't love the environment and be made of nasty materials, so this care bear is Eco Friendly and made completely out of recyclable materials. This does not make a difference to the amazing quality of the care bear though and it is still super soft, fluffy, and snuggly. In fact, my little one was so impressed with how soft she actually was.

As well as I care Bear being made from recyclable materials, the box it comes in also is. It was also sent in an outer care bear box which is perfect for reusing after. My girls decided to use it as a bed for their carebears before we decided to put it out into the recycling. 

My favorite thing about this care bear is the colours. They are a beautiful ombre of green and blue. It also has a lovely rainbow on its tummy which connects the world to a heart. The perfect emblem for a care bear that loves the world. 

This Eco care bear is 35.5cm in height and is £19.99 to buy


  1. I loved Care Bears as a child Rebecca mercer

  2. I love that they do an Eco friendly bear!

  3. Oh this is fantastic! I never knew they had one made from recyclable materials. Why aren't they all made from recyclable material?