Thursday 26 May 2022

Activity Books from Books2Door Review

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With half term coming up and summer holidays looming, you are bound to be looking at ways to keep the kids entertained. That's where Books2Door can help. 

They have an extensive website of books for all ages, but I am going to tell you about some of the books from their range of Activity books. 

Activity books are great for keeping kids entertained, especially when these activity books can be taken outdoors to be enjoyed. 

We were sent a bundle of books to tell you all about. 

Books2Door has lots of different books perfect for different age ranges. We were sent a selection of ones for different ages seen as the age range in our household is from 1 to 9 years old. 

Firstly ones for our youngest at 1. We were sent Usbourne Peep Inside books which come in a collection of 6. Due to the text inside, they are recommended for children aged 2+ but Henry is just delighted by the colourful pictures and the flaps. Each book has a different theme. There is the Zoo, The Farm, Dinosaurs, The Garden, Nighttime, and Animals Homes. Each book has storylines about what you would find there, and you lift the flaps to explore and find out. 
The books are hardback and have sturdy pages, which are great for little hands. And the flaps, are easy to open and also not flimsy, making them harder to rip. 

The next set of books is another lovely set of lift flap books which are aimed at ages 0-5. These books are all about nature and are all about homes of nature. The set of 3 books are Bug House, Animal Homes, and Bird House. Each book shows delightful images of creatures and their homes, with flaps for you to explore more. For an older child, they can read all about the different birds, bugs and animals and learn all about them. Henry loves birds so opening flaps and seeing birds was lovely for him. These books are all shaped like a house, which is a cute design. They are also hardback which means they are great for small hands. They also have lots of peepholes which is another aspect of the books that Henry loved.

The next set of books is aimed at children aged 3 to 5 years old and are a lot more hands-on activity type of books. These are playtime learning books, and they come in a set of 5. These activity books are all about keeping your children entertained with things they love to do. So the set comes with Dot to Dot, Trace and Colour, Number Puzzles, Word Games, and Search and Find. Not only are these activities super fun, they are also sticker books, and we all know kids love stickers. Each book comes with a whopping 250 stickers which are such to keep your younger ones entertained. Lily is now 7, but she still loves a good dot to dot book and still loves playing with stickers. All the books are also filled with cute characters and animals that little ones would love. 

The next collection of books was a lovely collection of I Heart Colouring Books. Colouring is such a good activity to do, its relaxing, its creative, and its mindful. It is something that can pass the hours along without realising they are passing. These mini colouring books are perfect to take places with you to keep your child entertained, they are also perfect to take along outdoors for some relax time. This set comes with 6 different colouring books in 6 different themes, narwhal, mermaids, butterflies, flamingoes, unicorns and cute unicorns. The book has back to back choices of images to colour and all the images are filled with lots of shapes, patterns and details to colour in. The books are paperback and although there isn't an age range for colouring, I would say with the details in them that they are better for children aged 5 plus. 

The last selection of books we were sent is a bundle of STEM starters for Kids. These paperback activity books give a fun way of teaching children all about STEM, (science, technology, engineering and maths). Children are often fascinated with how things work, so getting to learn more about things while being out and about, will be great for them. The collection of books are for ages 7+ and come in a set of 8. You have Meteorology, Geology, Biology, Robotics, Maths, Science, Engineering and Technology. In each of the books, there will be a page all about parts of that subject, there then will be a fun activity that is in conjunction with that subject. They are perfect for learning while having fun. The books are paperback and also full of colourful pictures which will keep the attention of your childs interest. 

Books2Door also sell single books as well as collections and the prices are super reasonable. The collections of books above range from £6.99 to £16.99 as you find them in brilliant sale prices. 

Head to the Books2Door website and have a good look around at the Activity Books to see for yourself. 

Which of the above sets would your children love?

Wednesday 25 May 2022

Care Bears I Care Bear Review

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If you care about the environment, then I Care Bear is the one for you. 

I Care Bear is here to remind us to all care for the environment and the world around us. It is super important to look after Earth and I Care Bear is a super believer in this. 

I care encourages us to recycle, reduce waste and go for walks instead of using transport. 

Just like all care bears, I care bear is there to become your new best friend as friendship is also super important. Rain or shine, I care bear will always care about you and be there for you. 

Of course, I Care Bear couldn't love the environment and be made of nasty materials, so this care bear is Eco Friendly and made completely out of recyclable materials. This does not make a difference to the amazing quality of the care bear though and it is still super soft, fluffy, and snuggly. In fact, my little one was so impressed with how soft she actually was.

As well as I care Bear being made from recyclable materials, the box it comes in also is. It was also sent in an outer care bear box which is perfect for reusing after. My girls decided to use it as a bed for their carebears before we decided to put it out into the recycling. 

My favorite thing about this care bear is the colours. They are a beautiful ombre of green and blue. It also has a lovely rainbow on its tummy which connects the world to a heart. The perfect emblem for a care bear that loves the world. 

This Eco care bear is 35.5cm in height and is £19.99 to buy

Friday 20 May 2022

Celebrate Fathers Day with TrendHim

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Fathers Day is soon Approaching and where better to look for gifts than TrendHim. Their website has a super range of gifts for men. Ranging from bags to belts, bow ties to jewelry there's bound to be something that is suitable for a Father in your life.  

Prices also really vary meaning that it's affordable for most, but there is also some lovely items to splash out on.

I have used the TrendHim website many times now and there is always something I find for Fathers day on there. Plus the website is super easy to browse and use.

We would like to celebrate Fathers Day with TrendHim by offering you a fab competition. There is a chance you could win a £50 spend on the website to treat that man in your life. 

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Wednesday 4 May 2022

Giddy Up Board Game Review

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Games have got to be our favorite pastime in this house. Ideal offered us this Giddy Up game, and it looked so much fun that we most definitely had to give it a try. 

The Giddy up game is horse themed and all about fast reactions. 

I was super impressed when it arrived. The horse's head was a decent size and was really emotive and happy. Lily was so excited to play it and Henry just loved the look of it. 

We are all massive horse fans in this house so to have a game themed upon horses is just great. 

The game comes with a horse's head, attached with reins and an extendable pole. It also comes with game cards and instructions. 

The game has 3 modes to play, Training, Challenge, and Cross Country. 

We tried the training first to get used to playing. Lily found sitting on the pole easy enough and as it was quite light she could move around on it really easily. 

The horse is interactive and you have to do certain things and move the horse in certain ways to complete an action. So for example, you can pat the horse's head, feed the horse by putting your hand into its mouth, and you can also move to trot and jump. 

In the challenge game, you will have to follow a set of commands to win the game. Lily found this great fun, but also challenging. You have to make sure you do the correct action otherwise you lose and have to start again. Also, it's a challenge to how fast you can do it which adds loads of excitement to the game. 

In Cross Country mode, there are little cards that you can use to set out a track. These cards all have instructions on them, such as pat me, jump and even more complicated ones such as do a 360. This then becomes a challenge of how fast you can complete your own track. Lily loved that she could be creative with this part and choose what pattern of commands she wanted. 

The little cards that come with the game are stored in the horse's head. This is really handy because otherwise, they would have ended up lost for sure. The cards slot in and out the head easily and it's something your child should be able to do themselves. 

Lily loved that this game you play all by yourself, and you don't have to wait for a friend to play with you. But she also enjoyed taking turns with her sisters and having a good giggle at the actions that had to be done. 

It is such a good game and it's also going to be great fun to play outdoors now that the weather is getting better. 

The game is £17.99 and can be bought from the Smyths Toy store Website

Do you think your children would find this game fun?

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