Monday 11 April 2022

WIN Little Brian Chunkies Paint Pens


With the weather getting nicer, kids are going to be wanting to play out more. So you are going to be wanting more play ideas for outdoors. 

So why not consider Little Brian Chunkies Paint Pens. 

These pens are great for painting outdoors, on stones, pavements, walls and the best part is, they simply wash off. The kids get to be super creative outside and you don't have to worry about their art work being a permanent feature of your garden. 

The kids recently used these and did some fab paintings outside the front of our house. Which is always nice for passers-by to see. 

If you love the sound of these, then why not enter the competition below to WIN a pack!

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Win Little Brian Chunkies Paint Pens

Sunday 10 April 2022

Plasticine at Easter

 (ad - Gifted)

Whether you are a grown up or a kid, you are sure to know what Plasticine is all about. I sure remember playing with it as a kid. 

So when we were challenged to get creative for Easter using Plasticine, we jumped at the chance. 

We were sent an amazing bundle of Plasticine goodies to get creative with. 

We were sent -

A pack of Fluorescent colours

A pack of Uber Tubes

A pack of Tower Blox

A pack of 24 colour mix 

and a Tool Box of Plasticine.

The 24 colour mix has a great variety of colours meaning there are endless things to make. The Fluro pack has 8 different super bright fluorescent colours meaning your creations can be even brighter. This set also comes with a plastic craft knife. 

The Toolbox is a super handy piece of kit. It comes with a rolling pin, and a variety of coloured plasticine. It also comes with some cute shape cutters to help make your creations with. It also comes with a plastic crafting knife. The best bit about the toolbox is that it is the perfect place to store your playdough and it can also be carried around with you using the handle of the box. It is a really sturdy box that locks really well, and I can see us getting a lot of use out of it. 

If you are looking for a bigger set of plasticine then you may want to consider the Tower Blox or Uber Tubes. 

We loved these sets for the amazing amount of plasticine you get in them. The uber tubes are 16 thick tubes of plasticine which the kids found were really good shapes to cut the amount of plasticine they wanted. The colours are perfect for most things you would want to make. 

The uber tubes set also comes with a playmat to do your cutting on, and cutters and tools. Such as knives and a rolling pin. With the cutters, my kids found the animal shapes the best and they found the best way to cut them was to use the shape cutter and then the knife to cut the shape out. 

The Tower Blox is also a great set. It comes with 10 tubs of playdough, which can all be stacked upon each other to make a tower. The variety of colours is great and has some classics like green, blue, pink. It also comes with a brilliant set of cutters, a rolling pin, a playmat and tools. The cutters are a range of animals and classic shapes like circles and squares. 

All these wonderful sets can be bought from Amazon. 

So, how did we get on with our Easter Challenge? 

The Kids did AMAZING and I was really impressed with what they managed to make. They made Easter Eggs, Bunnies, Chicks, and Spring flowers. 

They found all the tools really easy to use and also found they had the right colours for the things they wanted to make. 

They have put the things they made on display, knowing that Plasticine is so amazing that it actually doesn't dry out. Meaning that when Easter is over, they can reuse their plasticine. 

Check out below the things they made!

What would your child make with Plasticine? 

Sunday 3 April 2022

Baby Annabell and Her Easter Egg Review

(ad - Gifted)

At Easter so many kids end up with a TON of chocolate. So very often people are looking for alternative ideas for Easter gifts for their children. This is where the Baby Annabell and her Easter come as great ideas.

Baby Annabell has been a classic and well loved doll by many kids for years and one thing they always love is new things for their dollies.

We were sent a Baby Annabell and her special Easter Egg and Lily was so excited to see what would be inside it. 

The Easter Egg, is a large plastic egg that is bright pink. Inside is a lovely baby Annabell outfit. The packaging shows that there is a lovely dress inside but the egg itself just is pink and says baby Annabell on it. So this Egg would be a great gift to put at the end of a Easter Egg Hunt instead of a Chocolate Egg. 

Kids love surprise eggs, and so not knowing what is inside apart from that is to do with Baby Annabell would be so exciting for them. 

The egg is pretty easy to open and as soon as you do you get a glimse of what is inside.

Inside is the dress and also some stickers. These are to decorate your egg with, or your child may have something else in mind to decorate. Lily decided to decorate the egg. The stickers are all Easter themed and are things like bunnies, and eggs, and flowers. 

The dress is so beautiful and is also Easter themed. It is white and pink and has Easter images such as bunnies on. It has lovely frill and also has a bow at the top. The dress is a nice thin dress and perfect for her Baby Annabell at spring time. 

The dress is really easy to put on and take of and a child will be able to do this all by themself. Which they will love as dressing a baby is one of the favourite things for children to do. 

Lily got her Baby Annabell dressed into the dress and it fit perfectly. It suited her really well and it looked super sweet on her. Lily thought she looked so pretty. 

Lily is now so excited that her Baby Annabell is dressed ready for Easter and can't wait to take her out for the day. 

The outfit fits dolls that are size 43cm which is what Baby Annabell is. 

You can buy this Easter Egg for £13.99 and see more about it here on the Zapf Creation website

If you don't already own a Baby Annabell and you are wanting to buy one then you are buying one amazing doll. She comes with a outfit and acessories and so many features. You can read my review of her HERE. 

She is in stores for £54.99 and would also be perfect for your childs first doll.

What do you like about the Baby Annabell Easter Egg?