Monday 7 March 2022

Celebrate National Feet Week 2022

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Who here spends lots of time caring for their feet and who here forgets all about them? 

I am in between, I always moisturise my feet, but I doubt I give them the full attention that they need. 

As its National Feet Week, this is the week to start thinking about your feet and how you may take better care of them. 

Starting with some wonderful products from some wonderful brands. 

There are many feet products on the market but today I am featuring these lovely items from the following brands.

Lyons Leaf
1000 Mile and
Ultimate Performance

There are many aspects of a foot that need taking care of. For instance you heels, which often get over looked. But also often get dry and cracked. So its a great idea to use heel repairs and heel balms which many of the above brands do. 

Then there is the soles of our feet which take a lot of pressure being walked on all day. That's where insoles come in handy. 

Your feet also overall need good support so when your feet and going to be used a lot (like when running) run anklet socks are a great idea.

And finally your toes and toe nails. Often people paint their toe nails to make them pretty, but how often do you moisturise them and treat them to make them healthy? Palmers has such lovely creams to help both feet and toe nails and if you find your toe nails are needing some treatment to get them new and healthy then Mavala has a great product for this.

A study recently found that if we have a eye problem we see a optician, if we have a tooth problem we see a dentist, but that most people end up with feet problems and never get them seen too. Instead, living with the pain or discomfort hoping it will eventually pass. 

Where you could go visit a Podiatrist who would be able to sort many foot related problems.
I must admit, I have never been to one and both me and my daughter have suffered with toe / toe nail issues in the past. But after suffering for nearly a year, I now know how important and helpful it would have been to see one.

So, are you going to join me in celebrating National Feet Week by starting to take extra care with your feet?

How do you already care for your feet?


  1. I must admit that I neglect my feet a lot too. I have flexitol too but I am too lazy to apply it on. Saying that, I do think it's my favourite one because when I do use it, I really see the difference

  2. I dont tend to look after my feet as much as I should apart from at the beginning of the summer when I have to get them out and then I panic as they are in a state haha. It is nice to have lovely soft feet.