Monday 28 March 2022

Care Bears Dream Bright Bear Review

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Last weekend we took an exciting trip to Smyths Toy store. We were on a quest to find the brand new Dream Bright Care Bear. 

We searched the shelves and eventually, we found it! And of course, we took it home with us. 

Care Bears are all about spreading a message to young ones and dream bright bear has a special message to share. 

Dream Bright Bear is all about encouraging you to follow your dreams and dream big! Anything is possible if you believe in yourself and if you are sad, Dream Bright Bear will always be there to cheer you up. 

Lily was so pleased to have her. She definitely needs to believe in herself a lot more. So this bear gives the perfect message to her. 

Dream Bright is such a lovely bear, she has such soft beautiful blue and purple fur and she is so cuddly. Lily expressed how soft she felt and was amazed by that. 

This lovely bear is perfect for Lily to snuggle with at night, as nighttime is when she struggles the most and needs the most looking after. She has cuddled it every night without fail.

As well as having such lovely colours which are in an ombre style, Dream Bright Bear has the special belly badge that care bears all have. Dream Brights badge is a heart with wings that resonates an uplifting, positive message. 

The carebear also has the classic heart nose. 

Lily is so pleased to have her very first care bear and I can tell that she is going to be wanting more of them. 

Care Bears are all available at Smyths Toy Store. 

Would your child love a Dream Bright Bear? 

Wednesday 23 March 2022

Unique Eyes Dolls Review

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Lily is such a lover of dolls, and so to find out there is a brand new beautiful doll on the market, Lily was eager to have one. 

We was sent one of the amazingly beautiful Unique Eyes Dolls which are brand new out now. 

Unique Eyes Dolls are one of a kind. Spreading the story of friendship and becoming your child's new best friend. 

Lily was sent Rebecca and her first impression was that she LOVED her hair. Lily could not wait to get it out of the box to get a closer look. 

Rebecca has blonde, pink and blue hair with a Platt at one side of her head. She wears a lovely pink and purple outfit and pink boots. She is such a beautiful doll and made at such high quality. 

One of the things I love about her is that she can stand up without having to have a stand. Meaning Lily can play with her doll easily and also display her when she is not playing with her. 

So the one thing I haven't yet mentioned is why she is called a Unique Eyes doll. Well not only are her eyes beautiful and brown, but they follow your gaze. Meaning she is always looking at you. Lily loved this feature as it meant her doll was interacting with her. It really created a magical experience for her. 

Rebecca is one of a series of 3 dolls, there is also Amy and Sophia to collect. They are all best of friends who love fashion, play sports and have many interests and passions. Their outfits are inspired by fashion trends and their bodies are also realistic body shapes which makes them more relatable to a child. I think this aspect is super important. 

You can also buy these dolls as a set with an additional outfit. Which kids will love as they always seem to love dressing up their dolls. 

Lily was so pleased with her dolls hair. She actually owned clips of pink and blue hair and one in a Platt and so decided to put them in her hair so she could match her new best friend. 

I can see Lily wanting the rest of these dolls and they are something I would 100% buy for her. 

These dolls are £24.99 to buy and can be bought from retailers such as Amazon, B&M, and The Entertainer. Or you can take a look at them at this Link

Do you think your child would love a doll like this? 

Monday 21 March 2022

Learning Resources Peekaboo Farm and Hedgehog Rainbow Stacker

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I have always been a massive fan of Learning Resources toys. I find it so important to encourage learning from a young age and Learning Resources toys are great at encouraging this. 

I have been using Learning Resources toys ever since Lily was a toddler and so I am super pleased to be getting to introduce these wonderful toys now to Henry. 

We were sent two new toys to test and out and review. 

The Peekaboo Learning Farm and Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog, Rainbow stacker. 

One thing I love about Learning Resource toys is that they come in sturdy boxes, which are perfect for storing the toys inside. It does drive me mad when a toy has many pieces and they end up lost because they aren't kept together, but with these boxed they can be stored away nice and safe. 

The first toy we tried was the Peekaboo Learning Farm. This toy is recommended for 18 months plus. Henry is only 12 months but he is really good with his hands and I knew he would love this toy. 

The set comes with 15 pieces total. 5 barns with 5 roofs, and 5 farm animals. 

All the animals fit inside the little barns creating a fun game of peekaboo. The lifting of the lids, putting the animals inside and out, and putting the lids back on is great for fine motor skills, hand and eye co-ordination, and concentration skills. These are all great skills to start to learn at a young age. 

Henry really loved putting the animals inside and out of the barns.

The set comes with 5 animals, a goat, cow, duck, pig, and a horse. These all have holes in the bottom so then they can be placed on fingers to make finger puppets. This is great for imagination play, singing to your child, or helping your child learn about animals and animal sounds. Henry already knows how to make the sound of a cow so he loved this feature. 

The animals are super smooth in texture, but they are quite heavy for small hands. (Though Henry didn't seem to struggle to hold them)

Another good learning aspect of the barns is that they are all coloured differently. This is a great way for your child to start to learn colours and learn to match colours together. Which they will be able to do by matching the roofs of the barns to the barn. 

All the barns also have a number on which is great for early number recognition. The roofs of the barns have matching dots to the number of the barn, which is then great for the next stage of learning, which is counting. 

Overall Henry loved this toy and it kept him occupied for quite some time. It was a great little toy that he could happily sit on the floor and play with. 

This toy can be bought from the Learning Resources website for £19.99. 

The next toy we tried was Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog Rainbow Stacker.

Henry was delighted to see the happy face of the hedgehog and was really drawn to the colours of this toy. 

Spike the Hedgehog is a delightful character that kids will be able to interact with on an imaginative level as well as learn from. 

Spike pulls apart into 6 different pieces. All of these pieces are different colours, brown for his face, then red, orange, green, blue and purple. Firstly these pieces are great for sensory play. The bumpy spikes along the edges are great for feeling and learning the texture bumpy. 

The pieces all stack together, and this is where the use of fine motor skills come in as well as hand and eye coordination. Each piece gets pushed together to make the hedgehog, or you could stack the pieces vertically to make a different shape. When stacked together, you can then see some shape images on the side, which will help with early shape recognition. 

Henry can easily grab the pieces, and although they are easy to push together, he needs to work on his hand and eye coordination to line up the pieces to be able to place them together. 

Now for what I consider the best part of this toy, and which element Henry loved the most. Each of the pieces all have holes in of different shapes and sizes, these are so then the toy can get used with water play or in the bath. 

Henry loves playing with water so these were a great hit with him. He loves splashing them about and although he hasn't yet got the hang of lifting them up with water inside, he loved watching the water fall through the holes when I lifted it up and catching it with his hands. 

I can see these getting a lot of use in the bath and for water play.

Spike the Hedgehog can be bought for £12.50 from the Learning resources website. Which is a great price to say that the toy offers so much to it. 

What elements of these toys do you love the look off?

Monday 14 March 2022

The Lionheart Tales Giveaway.

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The Lionheart Tales is all about Jungle Life and Jungle Learning. Their exciting website is home to episodes of exciting episodes of the Lionheart Tales and explore the Jungle Town. Plus wonderful Jungle themed printables to download and complete. 

Of course, it just wouldn't be The Lionheart tales without being available in book form and so you can head to the shop to view the range of brilliant Lionheart themed goodies you can buy. 

I was sent some of these goodies, which are also going to be available to you as an amazing prize at the end of this blog post. 

The Elephant is named Benji and he is one of the characters from The Lionheart tales. He also features in his very own storybook called Tummy Flutter Byes. 

The Lionheart stories are all about Courage, making friends, and about following dreams, and having adventures. 

In the story Tummy Flutter Byes, Benji is feeling nervous about a Show and Tell in school. His friends help him and they go on a mission to find his courage. 

Benji also features in a super creative Shimmer Frame Kit which is perfect for tackling boredom and helping with fine motor skills. He also comes in the form of an adorable soft toy. Which is perfect for young children. 

The Lionheart Tales focuses a lot on learning and so they have a lot of activities and also pens available in their store. They have put together an Activity pad which is FULL of fun things that will also aid learning. These activities are perfect for Motor Skills, hand and eye co-ordination, and creativity. 

They have a big selection of different pens on their website too. The ones in this bundle are specially made for being washable. Which is creat for children who are just starting to learn to write as they tend to make a mess. This pack comes with 10 beautiful bright colours. 

So, if you're looking to tackle boredom, want to encourage creativity and also want to help your child learn then head to The Lionheart Tales Website

Love the look of this bundle? Enter the Competition below for your chance to win it!

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Wednesday 9 March 2022

Win a Kids JD Bug Junior Scooter

 The weather is starting to improve, which means your kids are going to want to start playing out. There are many ways to encourage fun and physical activity outdoors but does your little one own their very own scooter yet? 

No? Then you will want to check out the JD Bug Junior Scooter range from

This scooter is for the younger rider and is aimed at children aged 4 and above. It is one of the safest and lightweight scooters on the market and is perfect for a child's first scooter. 

It is also foldable making it easy to transport around and fit into car boots. Meaning it's great to be taken on holiday. 

The handles are on an expendable bar meaning that it grows with your child and the bar spins a full 360 Degrees. 

It also has a quick stop brake which is helpful if your child ends up going way to fast. 

This scooter comes in an amazing array of colours choosing from Silver, Black, Blue, Sky Blue, Red, Pink, and Purple. And the best bit is it comes at an affordable price of £34.95. 

Safety is super important when riding a scooter so we recommend that you purchase a helmet to for your child. 

So, What colour would you buy your child?

How would you like to WIN one of these scooters? Simply enter on the gleam app below. 

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Win a Kids Scooter

Monday 7 March 2022

Celebrate National Feet Week 2022

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Who here spends lots of time caring for their feet and who here forgets all about them? 

I am in between, I always moisturise my feet, but I doubt I give them the full attention that they need. 

As its National Feet Week, this is the week to start thinking about your feet and how you may take better care of them. 

Starting with some wonderful products from some wonderful brands. 

There are many feet products on the market but today I am featuring these lovely items from the following brands.

Lyons Leaf
1000 Mile and
Ultimate Performance

There are many aspects of a foot that need taking care of. For instance you heels, which often get over looked. But also often get dry and cracked. So its a great idea to use heel repairs and heel balms which many of the above brands do. 

Then there is the soles of our feet which take a lot of pressure being walked on all day. That's where insoles come in handy. 

Your feet also overall need good support so when your feet and going to be used a lot (like when running) run anklet socks are a great idea.

And finally your toes and toe nails. Often people paint their toe nails to make them pretty, but how often do you moisturise them and treat them to make them healthy? Palmers has such lovely creams to help both feet and toe nails and if you find your toe nails are needing some treatment to get them new and healthy then Mavala has a great product for this.

A study recently found that if we have a eye problem we see a optician, if we have a tooth problem we see a dentist, but that most people end up with feet problems and never get them seen too. Instead, living with the pain or discomfort hoping it will eventually pass. 

Where you could go visit a Podiatrist who would be able to sort many foot related problems.
I must admit, I have never been to one and both me and my daughter have suffered with toe / toe nail issues in the past. But after suffering for nearly a year, I now know how important and helpful it would have been to see one.

So, are you going to join me in celebrating National Feet Week by starting to take extra care with your feet?

How do you already care for your feet?