Thursday 16 December 2021

BB Junior Drive n Rock Vehicles Review

 (Ad - Gifted)

After spotting these wonderful toys on Tobar Toys Instagram page, I simple had to see if I could review them. They kindly sent out 3 of them to try out. 
Introducing BB Junior Drive n Rock Vehicles. How impressed does Henry look at these new toys he has. He loved that you could try them before they came out of the packaging and so started to play with them straight away.

B Junior makes fantastic baby and toddler toys which encourage fun hands on play.
These Drive n Rock toys are no exception and I think they have hit the nail on the head when it comes to fun.  

What a mixture!! Trucks which young kids always love, and making music and noise, which they again love. I really do love how they have incorporated the 2 together to make some fantastic toys. 

You have 3 Drive n Rock toys to choose from, A Yellow Truck and Drum, an Orange Truck and Guitar or a Red Truck and Keyboard. 

All trucks come with a face of the front and the colours are bright. Which always encourages babies and toddlers to want to play with them. They all also have a symbol on the front which shows which type of truck they are. 

One of the impressive things about this toy is that Henry can play with them as one toy, Truck and Instrument. Or he can play with them separately by playing with the truck alone or instrument alone as the instruments come off the back of the Trucks. Henry has played with them all ways possible. 

The instruments are really easy to take on and off, he can easily take them off all by himself, but needed me to put them back on. As you can see from the image its a simple shape slot to attach them together. 

One other really cool feature is that the sounds the instruments make, change depending on if they are on the Truck or off. When on the Truck they make beeping and Truck noises, and when off the truck they make music noises. This is really clever and I love that it add a whole new element to them. 

The buttons on the keyboard are REALLY easy to press. I get frustrated when baby toys create buttons that you have to press hard to make a sound but these Henry barely needs to apply pressure to make a sound. The guitar is a really easy flick action and the drum he really didn't need to hit hard for it to make a sound. The drum also has 2 parts to it. One that makes a drum noise and one that plays a tune. 

I am also super impressed with how easy the Trucks push. Henry barely needs any strength to push them around, they glide so smoothly and he easily pushes them back and forward. You would imagine them to be heavy but they are super lightweight meaning its easy for him to hold and have placed on his knee. 

But lightweight does not mean that these toys are not well made. Quite the opposite! They are brilliantly made and so far have really been withstanding some rough and tumble, which babies often do with toys. Henry has on many occasions bashed the Trucks into things and chucked the instruments from his highchair and there hasn't been a single damage to any of the toys. This is a real bonus when it comes to a baby toy. 

The instruments all switch off with a easy reachable switch on the side or back and they come with batteries already in them so your child can play straight away. 

If I was to rate these toys I would give them an 11/10 because they are that good. 

Each Truck is £17.99 each which is a great price for a toy that's going to get lots of use. They can be bought online at Amazon. 

I can't wait to see Henry grow and develop with these toys. 

What do you like about these toys?


  1. Whats not to like ! Built for little people - made to last

  2. A very fair price for a faulous toy. There is something about transport-related toys that all children find really appealing. These look colourful, robust, fun and educational.

  3. they are very cute and look really interesting

  4. This'd be lovely for my friend who is expecting a baby!