Monday 29 November 2021

Babies and Toddlers Christmas Gift Guide

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I am loving having a baby to buy for for Christmas this year. It is so exciting seeing all the things that can be bought for them and with so much wonderful choice I am stuck choosing which is best to buy. So here is a list of some wonderful ideas of what you can buy your baby or toddler. 

1. SilkBebe Bunny Comforter - £21.99 *Buy Me Here*

What an adorable gift for a younger baby. Made from pure mulberry silk it is different to most comforters that babies usually own. The soft silk material will be a lovely new smooth material for a baby to touch and they will love to rub the material against their cheek as they snuggle with it. It also means that the baby is playing with a lovely natural material that is safe and kind to them. This comforter is designed so it doesn't irritate skin and can help prevent exzema which is a great plus.
The design of the comforter is super cute in the bunny shape with cute little face. At a height of 32cm its not too large for a small baby to cuddle.  It is also presented in a beautiful gift box which will be appreciated by the parents as a lovely gift. A lovely choice for a gift if your wanting to gift something special for a babies first Christmas. 

2. SNOObear - £59.95 - *Buy Me Here*

How about a soothing snuggle buddy for your baby? SNOOBear is exactly that. This adorable soft classic looking bear is also a white noise teddy which will help soothe your baby when upset, or when needing to sleep. White noise is a brilliant way to help soothe a baby and I can say its worked many times for me when trying to settle Henry. The noises that SNOObear makes are all designed by a white noise guru called Dr Harvey Karp and are magical for helping your baby drift of to sleep. The Snoobear can play to up to 60 min but then has a setting where it listens out for your baby making noise and then plays again to soothe your baby. Giving parents a better nights sleep.
It also has a strap so then you can take SNOObear with you having it hang from the pram or car seat. After your baby reaches 1 years old it is perfect for putting in their cot with them, making a transition to their own room much easier. You can buy SNOObear in either brown or white and it is super soft and cuddly which your baby will love. Buying this for your baby also means you are buying yourself a Christmas Gift. The Gift of Sleep! 

3. Ziggle Christmas Leggings and Bibs - *Buy Me Here*

Ziggle have a fabulous selection of Christmas clothing and bibs perfect for your baby to wear and get festive with this year. The leggings are super cute and super festive with a cute Christmas pattern on the bum and made in lovely festive colours such as red and white. The leggings are super warm and also stretchy making winter really comfortable for your baby. They come in sizes 0-6 months or 6-12 months and as they are stretchy, they grow with your baby. I love the style of these for crawling babies as you get to see the snowman on their bum wiggling as they crawl. The leggings are £9.99 making it a affordable item of clothing for your baby. 
You may also want to look at Ziggles Christmas Dribble Bibs. There are a great selection of Christmas designs on the website including snowmen, Rudolphs, and mince pies. You can buy a bib on its own for £3.99 or can buy a set of 4 for £12.99

4. Frugi Alpine Winter Jumper - £34.90 *Buy Me Here*

This adorable winter jumper from sustainable clothing company Fruji is such a lovely idea for a Christmas gift. Not only is the lovely design perfect for Christmas its perfect for all of winter time too. This cute design features a husky jumping in snow amongst the stars. The colours are a lovely blue and green which is great to break up all the red Christmas wear they may have already. 
It is made from soft and snuggly organic cotton and is thick enough to keep your little one warm for winter. The cuffs, hem and neck line are all with rolled edges making it an extra comfortable fit. It also has 2 fastenings on the shoulder to make it easier to dress and undress your baby or toddler. The jumper goes from sizes 0-3 all the way to 4-5 and I would say that this jumper is unisex and is perfect for a boy or a girl to wear. If your looking for a gift this year for a little one that isn't a toy, then Frugi clothing is the perfect option. 

5. TOMY Lamaze Olive the Orange Clip and Go Toy - £7.99 *Buy Me Here* 

Lamaze is such a good go to brand when it comes to interactive, hands on and colourful toys. This Olive the Orange Clip is sure not to disappoint. It has all the wonderful sensory interaction that your baby could need. Firstly by being bright orange and colourful, secondly its different textures which are great to touch and hear when they crinkle, and thirdly it has a hidden mirror perfect for your baby to peep into. The toy also has teething toys attached as we all know babies love a good chew on things. 
This toy also has a clip on so then you can clip and go. Perfect for clipping onto prams and car seats. You can't go wrong with a Lamaze toy as a gift and there are lots of different choices to buy online. 

6. GUND Kissy the Penguin - £30 *Buy Me Here*

This adorable animated musical penguin will give your baby lots of smiles as it talks, sings and blows kisses to your baby. When you press his left paw, he interacts with your baby, blowing kisses. When you click the right paw, Kissy the penguin will sing a cute song. Both are sure to have your baby in fits of giggles. Kissy the penguin also moves as it blows kisses to them, which any baby will love that their new friend moves. Kissy also has such a sift cuddly appearance meaning your baby will also want to give cuddles and well as kisses. The size of Kissy is 30cm which is a nice size to sit along side sitting babies which is why this toy is aimed at babies around 10 months onwards. You can also make Kissy speak in either English or French making this toy bilingual. Kissy makes the perfect present for a child to open, especially on their first Christmas. 

7. Spike the Hedgehog Sensory Tree House - £19.00 *Buy Me Here* 

This toy from Learning Resources has so many factors in it that a toddler would enjoy. Firstly it is a sensory experience. Each hedgehog has a different texture to it, meaning that when it is held in the hand they are getting a different sensory experience each time. The lid of the treehouse is also textured so when they are taking the lid on and off they are also having sensory play. The hedgehogs are all also 5 different colours which helps your toddler learn colours and they will also enjoy the brightness to them. They are also the perfect size for small hands. 
Another aspect to the tree house is playing hide and seek. Your toddler will love to place the hedge hogs inside the tree and then get them back out again. This is great for their motor skills. Parents will also love this factor as the hedgehogs can be stored inside meaning less mess. This will make the perfect Christmas gift, as well as keeping your child entertained for hours they are also learning at the same time.

8. Orchard Toys First Farm Friends Jigsaw - £8.75 *Buy Me Here*

If your toddler is around 2 years old then you may have noticed that they are getting very good with hands on activities. This might be the perfect time to invest in their very first jigsaw puzzle. Orchard Toys has the perfect one for you and the theme is farm! Kids love farm animals so this puzzle will really attract them to want to do it. The friendly pictures on it will be a delight to your child when they have finished the puzzle. Orchard toys puzzle pieces are nice and chunky which makes it easy for your 2 year old to grip them and place them down. This puzzle has 2 inside which are both 12 pieces each. Whether buying for your own child or someone else's, this puzzle will make the perfect Christmas gift. 

Which of these gifts do you like the sound of the most? 

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