Wednesday, 9 June 2021

My Little Goody Box - Sensory Box Review

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I am so excited to tell you all about My Little Goody Box. I am a huge fan of Sensory Play when it comes to babies development and so when I was offered a box of sensory items from my little goody box, I was more than pleased to receive one.

My Little Goody Box supplies sensory boxes and toys that support play, learning and development.

Sensory play is so important when it comes to a babies development. The way a child learns is through discovery and they use their senses to make these discoveries. Plus the find using their new found senses amazing and it is something they just love to do. Have you noticed that a baby constantly puts things in their mouth? A lot of people think this is just teething when actually it is also a great way of discovering. 

We was sent their Deluxe Sensory Box which includes a huge range of items. 

We was super impressed with the amount packed into this box and it was so exciting looking through it to find out exactly what was inside for Henry to enjoy. My partner was also super impressed with all that he found inside. 

I think it is great that it all comes prepared for you in one box with lots that you will need. Before I was approached by My Little Goody Box, I was already in the process of making a sensory box but I actually found it really hard and time consuming trying to find everything I needed. For example, could I find a little wooden hoop and ribbon anywhere in my local shops? Nope! This box means that it just takes all that hassle of shopping around and provides all you need in one box. 

So whats inside the box? 

1. Fish Shaped Mirror - Babies love looking at their own reflection. 
2. Rainbow Ribbon Ring - The colours of this babies will love, Henry loved it being dangled in front of him. 
3. Foil Blanket - This is great for them to look at or lay on, they will love the shine and reflections, also the sound it makes when they roll around. 
4. Light up textured ball. - The flashing light captures babies attention plus they will love the bumpy texture to it. Henry was mesmerized by the light.
5. Feather - The feather is super colourful to look at plus is lovely to stroke against babies skin for them to feel.
6. Organza Scarf - Babies love these, they are bright and colourful, and easy to hold. They have a great different texture to them and they are also see through which is perfect for peek a boo and looking through. 
7. Punching Balloon - When blown up this is great to baby to be able to hit and kick. 
8. Tube of Bubbles - Babies love to watch the movement of the bubbles as they float around. 
9. 2 Egg shakers - These make a brilliant sound for baby to hear. Plus when they get a bit older they will love to be able to hold them and shake them. 
10. Duck or Dog puppet - Perfect for singing songs and interacting with your baby. Plus they will love the colourfulness of it and the cute face. 
11. Bath Book - Perfect for taking sensory play to the bath, plus its waterproof for baby to put into their mouth. 
12. Cube Rattle - Babies will love the sound this makes but also the shape of it and the bright colours. 
13. Rubber bath toys or Flashing Duck - Perfect for baby to start to hold and again they will love looking at the bright colours. 
14. Scent in a Organza Bag - Perfect for introducing scent to a baby. 

Henry loved all the items in the box but his favourite had to be the duck. It was because of this duck puppet that we got Henry's first real giggle. He also really loves looking at the flashing ball, and the rainbow ribbon ring. He finds all the colours so fascinating. He finds that the organza scarf is really easy to hold and so he loves to grab this. He is only just starting to learn to grab things so its great that he has something he finds so easy to be able to touch. He does enjoy putting this in his mouth though also which is fine for exploration as long as you are keeping a close eye on them ans making sure they don't put too much in or suffocate with it. 

Sensory items are great for babies but a lot of them do pose a hazard risk and so are for adults to use with their babies rather than the babies play with them alone. 

Over all we are super pleased with this box, its perfect for a starter sensory box and you could always join other boxes with it to make an even bigger and better sensory play. This deluxe box costs just £27.99 which I think is a brilliant price to say how many items comes inside. 

If your interested in getting a sensory box and would like to see what boxes they have on offer. Head to the My Little Goodie Box website to see more. 

What items of the sensory box do you like the look off? 


  1. This lovely lot would be perfect for my grandson.

  2. These look fab my son loves sensory toys

  3. What a fabulous selection. A really lovely gift for a new baby.

  4. Beautiful sensory toys i have started buying for my children , they both have tantrums and are very angry at times and these seem to help . I love the duck