Sunday, 16 May 2021

Treats from Trendhim for Fathers Day

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Fathers Day is fast approaching and falls on the 20th of June this year. That means you need to get your gift thinking head on and start shopping for what to buy dad. 

I always find that dads can be really tricky to buy for and so that's why you may want to consider heading to Trendhim to find the perfect gift for him. 

Trendhim supply all the trends a man may need. They stock bags of many different kinds, smart watches, trendy accessories, and many ranges of different jewellery. The types of trends that this store has should have the type of items to suit any preference of man, from classic and smart, to alternative and out of the ordinary. 

I have shopped at Trendhim many times and always found that their items arrive super fast. Plus you can items gift wrapped which saves you a job plus means that you can send to your dad if they live away from you. 

Trendhim have some super affordable prices and weather you want to spend a little or a lot, you will be able to find something in the price range. 

In the past I have gifted my father a washbag from here and gifted my brother a bracelet. Both were super happy with their gifts and I too was happy with them. This time I shall be gifting a necklace from their huge range that Trendhim have. They have a super cool Thor Hammer Necklace range which I just love. 

So if your on the hunt for a Fathers Day Gift, I would recommend that you head to Trendhim and have a good look around their website. 

To celebrate Fathers Day, Trendhim have given me a £35 voucher to give away to one lucky winner. Enter on the gleam app below to win!

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Monday, 10 May 2021

Lily and Ribbon Breastfeeding Bra Starter Kit Review and Giveaway

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Breastfeeding at first can be many things, exciting, beautiful, lovely, but also daunting, tricky, and sometimes painful. I love breastfeeding, but this time round with Henry I have found it all a lot trickier. It has taken him way longer to latch and when he does he doesn't always do it correctly, which has meant to at times having a screaming baby and sore nipples. 

One thing that can make your breastfeeding journey a lot easier is by having the correct kind of bra which is good fitting and comfortable. That is why you should look into treating yourself to a Lily and Ribbon breastfeeding bra starter kit. I have been sent one to try out and so here are my views to why they would be good for you. 

Firstly, this kit comes with -

Curve Bra, 
Night time Breast Pad,
Day Time Breast Pad,
Breast Pad Storage Tub,
Breast Pad Washing Bag

It all comes together presented in one box. 

The first reason you may want to look into this bra is for the support. Breasts tend to be very heavy through breastfeeding and so a bra that provides good support is a good idea. The Lily and Ribbon Bra is fitted so nicely and so really does provide that support. The material is stretchy and ive found fits around your breast instead of sitting on it like ive found some bra's do. It also has adjustable straps so you can resize your bra to fit you better. This also makes the bra really comfortable to wear as it does not feel too loose or too tight. The bra comes with padding inside which adds to extra comfort. The only thing I have found with the padding is that when moving the bra to the side to breastfeed it can get folded over inside the bra and you have to re adjust it after feeding. The material is also super soft which feels nice against the skin. This is super important as breastfeeding nipples can often be hard and sore. 

Another thing that's needed when it comes to a breastfeeding bra is easy access. This bra provides exactly that with an easy clip at the top, you then simply fold the bra down to expose the breast ready to feed. Some bra's I have tried I have found ping back up while feeding which is not great. But I have not had a problem with this bra in that sense. 

The bra comes in sizes S to XL and you can buy it in black or nude. 

Now about the day and night breast pads. These are like no other breast pads that ive have seen before. Rather than being flat and round they are shaped to fit into your bra and around your breast with a curve. I love this because I do find that the flat pads often crease up inside your bra. This also means that with these pads they they are discreet and you can't tell that you are wearing a pad as usually when a pad creases up, this is noticeable.  

The material that these are made from also provide for extra comfort. They are a soft material and also have a little area where the nipple would sit against the pad. These pads are meant to be super absorbent for leaking milk. I have actually stopped leaking milk and so unfortunately haven't been able to test out the absorbency of these but I wore them to test the comfort and I find them very comfortable. These come in daytime and night time versions and so the night time version is made so then you can wear it all night long. 

They are simply to use, as you just slip them in and out of your bra. 

The pads come in a lovely storage box, which means that when you are not using them they can be kept clean, your also not loosing them easily in your drawer, and it means you can take them with you when you are visiting family or going on holiday. It also comes with a wash bag which means you can safely wash your pads ensuring they stay the same quality. 

This full set is £49.00 and you can see more about it on the Lily and Ribbon website

If you love the sound of this kit, then why not enter the competition below. 

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