Monday 29 March 2021

Nuby Snuggle Pod Review

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When it came to having a baby, one thing that was high up on my baby needs list was a Pod. It is always tricky during the day when the baby falls asleep in your arms and you have no where to pop them down. It always feels like a good idea to lay them down on the sofa or on the bed next to you, but that's not always the safest place. Which is why I love the idea of a pod. You can pop then in it for a nap while knowing they are safe. 

So I was sent a Snuggle Pod from Nuby to try out. 

When it arrived I didn't realise it would be so big. Which is great as it means that I will get plenty of use out of it. It is recommended for use of a baby aged 0-6 months old. The design of Nuby's Snuggle pod is really cute, it is white with cute penguins on it. It is a lovely design to fit in with any type of nursery decor. 

The sides of the pod are really nice and thick and the design of the pod is so that baby feels snuggled inside it. Generally newborns don't like big open spaces as they have been snuggled tight inside a tummy for 9 months, so the pod is great for keeping a baby napping. The higher sides also mean that its safe to stop baby from rolling and rolling off the bed or sofa.
I have been testing the pod for a month now and I can say that each time I have put Henry down from my arms into the pod, he has stayed asleep. The sides are made from 100% super soft cotton and filled with a polyester filling. It means that the pod is lightweight and so easy to carry around to different areas of the house. 

The base of the pod is firm but soft, it is made from a anti bacterial 3D layer of mesh which means it is breathable. It must be lovely and comfortable for Henry to nap on as he has enjoyed sleeping in it so far. But he also seems really content in it for awake time too, which is really tricky to get babies to be. 

One thing babies do end up doing is being sick, also as the pods are left out quite often, one thing that is going to need to be done to it, is it being washed. You will be pleased to know that the outside cover is removable and so can be placed in the washing machine. 

The pods are not designed for night time sleeping but instead supervised sleep and naps. They can also be used for tummy time as they are firm but also soft for when baby presses their head into it. 

Overall I love this Snuggle Pod and I have been using it loads. I would happily recommend this pod from Nuby. You can buy if for just £49.99 from the
Nuby Website.  

Have you ever used a Pod before? 

Tuesday 23 March 2021

Introducing Henry

 As you may have noticed I have been very quiet on the blog and you may have guessed why. 

On the 25th of February I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. 

I plan to post my birth story soon, but I was planning a home birth and ended up with a C Section. Which is also another reason I have been very quiet as I have been recovering.

So I would like to introduce you to Lily's new baby brother. Henry Peter, who at birth weighed 6Lbs5. 

Lily is delighted to have a little baby brother and so far has been doing an amazing job of being a big sister. The weeks have flown by and Henry is already nearly a month old. I am cherishing every moment with him because I know that it won't feel like 2 moments until he is Lily's age. 

This is just a short post so then I could keep you up to date, but I really look forward to posting more about him, my birth story and some lovely future baby related reviews.