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Nuby's Amazing Range of Teethers

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One of the biggest stages of your babies lives is teething. It also comes around super quick and can also last quite a while. Some babies teeth quite easily and don't suffer to much, and some babies suffer quite badly. The journey of teething really can differ from baby to baby. Either way teething toys can really help support this and Nuby have a super range of teethers to choose from. 

The great thing about teethers is not only are they great for babies gums, they are simply great for babies to do their favourite thing, put everything in their mouths. As soon as your baby masters that grip of something, the first thing they will do is pop it to their mouths. For a baby its a great way of sensory development as well as feeling good against their gums as they chew. 

With this in mind you really may want to buy a range of teethers for your baby. So here I have a list of 10 amazing teethers all made by one of my favourite brands, Nuby.

1. Wacky Teething Ring 

This teether has so much going on when it comes to different textures. The material at the top crinkles, creating a great new sound for your baby to hear, the green part has soft silicone bristles which softly brush against your babies teeth. The yellow part has bigger bumps which apply more pressure to your babies gums and the red part has even more nubs which are firmer for massaging teeth and gums. It is the perfect size for gripping and its shape also helps make it easy for babies grip. Plus they will love the wacky colours. This teether is recommended for babies 3+ months and is £4.00. It is also in the 3 for 2 teether range. 

2. Icy Bite Keys

Every Baby seems to be fascinated by keys right? So these are such a good idea for your teething baby. The colours and dangly keys will straight away encourage your baby to want to hold them, shake them and play with them. Then of course they will end up in babies mouth. The ring shape means its easy for baby to grip and each key moves around the ring so baby can put each one in their mouth. The side of the keys all have different textures which all help aid the gums in different ways. This teether has the extra benefit of being filled with a special gel that can be put into the fridge to cool. This provides extra relief for babies for when teething becomes painful. This one is recommended for babies 3 months plus and is £5.25. It is also in the 3 for 2 teether range. 

3.  Banana and Corn Teethers

These are both super cute and also perfect for baby grip as they both come with different shaped handles for babies to hold onto. They are super lightweight which means that they are also easy to hold and move towards the mouth. The thin design means that they can reach all the gums and each one of these has a different texture which will massage babies gums. They are made from the softest silicone and so feel good on the gums when chomping down on them. They are also officially approved by orthodontic dentists so you can rest easy knowing they are good for your babies gums and teeth. These are £6.50 to buy and both come in the set. 

4. Flip N Fun Teether Book

This is a great one for babies first teether. It can be used from newborn as it is mostly soft and very pleasing to a new born babies eyes. This toy is a fun on sensory experience for a baby with the many different textures for them to feel and also it includes crinkle and squeaky noises to entertain baby. It also features lots of different textures for your baby to chew which all have different bumps on that feel good against the gums. This teether is great for as your baby progresses in age. You at first can flick through the pages of this soft book and let your baby admire the lovely colours and then when older they can flick through the pages themselves which helps their motor skills. This toy provides so much in one and is £8.00 to buy.

5. Stacking Silicone Stars 

These are new for Nuby and really incorporate play with teething. Made from 100% super soft silicone they are perfect for a baby to chew on. They are soft to grip and also really help with hand and eye co ordination as your baby learns how to stack them on top of each other. It really is the perfect teether to grow with your child as their grip and co ordination gets better. Plus they work for all levels of teething and are soft on your babies gums. It comes with 6 stars which are all easy to push on top of each other. You can buy this for £9.99. 

6. Teething Mitt 

This is such a clever way for your baby to get relief from teething. Babies are always putting their hands in their mouth, and even when you do put mittens on them they end up soggy from putting them in the mouth. So this teething mitt works perfectly for that. As well as giving protection from the baby scratching them self or drooling over their hands, it will aid them in their teething journey. This mitt has a soft textures outer layer which the baby can chew on or rub against their gums and provide relief for teething. As it is strapped to their hand, you don't need to worry about them dropping the teether and so I think is perfect for pram and car journeys. It also includes crinkle sounds which will be great for a babies senses. This mitt can be bought for £7.50 and can also come in grey as well as red.  

7. Bug a Loop Teether 

This is one of Nuby's classic teethers that was even around when Lily was a baby. I have known all babies love it and I think that's because of how colourful it is and how easily gripped it is for small hands. Each little bead on this has a different texture to it making it great for exploration and also great to feel different feelings against the gums. Perfect for age 3 months plus and perfect for each stage of teething. This teether can be bought for £5.25.

8. Lots a Loops Teether 

This is a teether with a real different look to the rest and really does encourage fun as well as teething. This super hoop your baby will love as it rattles, is pleasing to the eye with its colours, and it really good for grasping and also doing things like rolling and throwing. The hoops are nice and tough for chewing on and so provide ultimate relief for sore gums. Plus you can go that extra mile and pop it in the fridge to cool and provide even more relief. Perfect for 3 months plus and also only £5.49 to buy. 

9. Chewbie Baby Teethers 

These come as a set of a 2 and are perfect for sore gums. This duo come with different shapes and textures all especially for helping teething gums. The soft bristles on them provide a soft soothing effect and the hard ridges provide for a harder gum massage. They also help to keep babies gums clean too. They are perfect for little hands as they are small to grasp and the colours will interest your baby in wanting to grab them. Just like many of Nuby's teethers, they are officially approved by orthadontic dentists and also perfect for popping in a steriliser or dishwasher. With their being 2 in a pack it means you can keep one at home and one for on the go, tending to your babies teething needs at all times. These are great at only £4.50 to buy.

10. Yogi Animal Teether 

This teether is super cute because who doesn't love animals? Your baby will be delighted at the cute friendly design of this teether. The Yogi Teether is available as a blue elephant or a red monkey. Both are designed with small hands in mind so that baby can easily grasp them and bring them to the mouth. Made from 100% silicone it is super soft for chewing on and will feel great against your babies gums. 
This teether is recommended for 3 months plus and is £5 to buy. 

All of Nuby's teethers are made from materials that are safe for babies and BPA free and are all easy to clean. Each teether may have different cleaning requirements so always best to check this on the website. 

To see all of these teethers and more, or to purchase your favourites. Head to the Nuby website where there is a full section dedicated to amazing teethers. 

Which of the above teethers is your favourite and why? 

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