Thursday 18 February 2021

Belloost Belly Spa Kit Review

 I am now in my later stages of pregnancy, 38 weeks to be exact! If you have been pregnant before you will know how uncomfortable these stages can be. Your feeling big, heavy, probably suffering from back ache and also feeling very fatigued. 

If your pregnant and not quite at this stage yet, well you have this to look forward too. But don't fret. There are lots of ways that you can help yourself feel a little better and one way is my pampering yourself. 

So you may be interested to read all about the Belloost Belly Spa Kit. I was sent one to try out and tell you all about so if you are in need of some pregnancy relief, then keep reading.

Belloost are all about supporting you during pregnancy to help your comfort and enhance your self care. They stock pregnancy pillows, pampering and also affirmation cards to also help your mind during this time. 

In this Spa Kit they have packed all the pampering you need into one lovely little box.

It includes a Belly Mask with Rose water, a belly and boob balm, and some lovely bath salts. 

I was also sent some lovely affirmation cards and some make your own affirmation cards which I will tell you about a little later and a hands on pregnancy poster which is all about pressure points that can help during the stages of pregnancy and labour. I found this poster really handy and will be getting my partner to try some of these out on me.

So the idea of the kit is that you put a night aside for some you time and you use all the products from step one to the last step. Leaving you feeling relaxed and wonderful. Just like you would if you attended an actual Spa. 

Start with the Belly Mask. You will find a tub of powder and some rose water in your kit. You need to use half of the rose water in the powder to make the clay mask. The kit comes with a wooden stick which you can use to mix with. Be gentle mixing your clay as otherwise the powder will spill out the sides and make a mess. When you have fully mixed it in then its time to apply. I would recommend doing this either in the bathroom stood up, or layed down on a towel on the bed. If you can have help from a partner to apply it, then this is also very handy. Then using the stick apply the mask to the belly. I am giving you this advice to do this near your bathroom as I did it downstairs, with out a towel which did result in a little mess as when the mask is dried it can crack slightly when walking and powder can fall off. 

So when it is applied, and you have left it on for 10 min or so, its time for the next step. 

My favourite thing about the mask was the scent. Wow it smells lovely, the Rose water can really be smelt while using it which is great for helping relax. It also was very therapeutic when going on.

Next your going to have a lovely bath. It is best if you have already had your bath running before putting on the mask, or get your partner to be running it for you while you relax. Put in the lovely bath salts and the rest of the rose water. You can then enjoy again the lovely scent of the rose water while you relax. 

The salts are made from Epsom Salts and Pink Himalayan Salts. Epsom Salts are so good for relaxing your muscles so these salts are going to really help for your aches and pains. The pink salts are also good for improving circulation. 

You do not need to remove the mask, the bath will clean this off as it dissolves in the water. Though, my bump cant fit into the bath anymore so I did have to use the water to wipe it off. The clay will then mix into your bath water and also soak into your body adding extra rejuvenation to your skin. Having all this in the bath was very relaxing. 

After you have finished relaxing in your bath, get out pat yourself dry and its time to use the Belly and Boob Balm. Made from natural ingredients such as shea, butter and seed oil, it is safe to be applied to your skin. You can use it on all your body not just your bump and boobs, and you can use a generous amount to help leave your skin nice and smooth. I really love the texture of this, it starts off as a harder butter when first applied but as you rub it in it turns into a more oiled feeling which leaves your skin feeling even more moisturised. But it is also not to oily which can sometimes leave you feeling slippery and soaks in slowly but enough to feel comfortable. The only thing I would of probably loved even more about this balm, is if it would of had the matching scent of the rose. As it didn't have much of a scent. The balm can be used then on a daily basis. It can help with elasticity of your skin, helping to avoid or moisturise any stretch marks. It can also safely be used for perineum massage. 

After this you should be feeling much better and hopefully enjoyed a well deserved pampering experience.

Some more pluses of the Belly Spa is that organic, vegan and cruelty free. You can buy the kit for £37.

If you are as close as me to having your baby, you may be wanting to get your mind ready as well as your body. I plan to have a home birth so affirmations are something I am using. I have been using them throughout my pregnancy to keep my mind positive and plan to use them while I am in labour. 

I was sent 2 cards with 2 phrases on. One being my favourite "each surge is bringing me closer to holding my baby". If you are not aware of the word surge, it is another word for contraction and I myself prefer to use it. I love this quote because it really helps remind me why we are feeling the pains of the surges. The cards are really beautiful and will look lovely placed around my home for me to read. Hospitals will also let you stick these up if you ask them too. The set I was sent also has some blank ones. These are great to write ones that resonate with your own mind. I plan to simply write BREATHE on one.

So if you are interested in helping yourself through your pregnancy. Head to the Belloost website where you can find the spa kit and many other pregnancy supports. 

Would you find this Kit handy for pregnancy? 


  1. Something new to neice about

  2. Saw this on insta, its a great idea especially late in pregnancy when skin is so stretched and sore. Love the affirmation cards too!

  3. You must be so ready for labour now. I remember being at that stage with my first son and trying to just move was a task in itself 🤣

  4. It sounds lovely. You absolutely need to make time for a bit of pampering when your pregnant.

  5. This set looks lovely! Going to see if I can order a set 😊

  6. What a lovely idea. Mums-to-be benefit from this care and support.

  7. Lovely idea Cass. Well done you making it through to week 38 in lockdown too. This is lovely idea for your well-being too