Monday, 8 February 2021

Baby Essentials Guide

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The List for things that babies need is endless, my list kept getting ticked off and then even more items added to it. There is always something you forget and then of course you discover new things that you decide you want. 

So I want to help you out a little by telling you about some brilliant items and brands that may help you complete that list of things you need. 

I have been sent all these wonderful items below to tell you all about. 

1. Cellular Blanket from Little Green Sheep

Cellular blankets are a must for newborn babies. When it comes to baby sleep, one of the most important things is safety and cellular blankets are the best for babies to sleep in at night time. The holes in the blanket let air flow meaning that your baby can breathe safe and sound. They also help regulate babies temperature and so keep them warm for winter and cooler in summer. This blanket from Little Green Sheep is lightweight and breathable and also made from 100% organic cotton. You can tell the blanket is lovely quality and is knitted to a top standard. It feels so super soft which I like as its great to know that baby will be super comfortable. There are also different colours on the website to choose from which I chose the Dove Grey colour. Size wise its 75x75cm which is perfect for cribs, prams and moses baskets. It is going to look lovely in my next to me crib I have. It is also machine washable which is always helpful as they do need washing quite often. You can buy one of these from the Little Green Sheep website for £19.95. 

2. Baby Sleeping Bag from Little Green Sheep 

As well as the use of blankets, another thing you may want to consider for your baby and sleeping is a Sleeping bag. These are great for giving baby a safe and snuggly nights sleep. The great thing I have always loved about sleeping bags is that in the middle of the night when your baby is upset, its much easier to pick them up and comfort them while still in the bag. Meaning there is no need to disturb them by untucking and tucking in blankets. It also has a handy zip at the side for quick changes that may need to be done in the middle of the night. Little Green Sheep does a beautiful range of sleeping bags which can be bought in sizes from newborn to 18 months. You can also buy different togs of sleeping bag for different seasons. So warmer togs for winter and cooler ones for summer. The 2.5 tog is perfect for all year round and good for house temperatures between 16-20 degrees. The designs from Little Green Sheep are all really attractive but also not over the top in patterns meaning it won't distract your baby from sleep. You can also buy them in different colours which are all unisex, I again chose the Dove Grey. It is made from a luxury organic linen and cotton blend and you can tell that it is a super quality sleeping bag. You can buy one of these from the Little Green Sheep website for £29.95. 

3. Nuby Baby Bottles 

Nuby have a wonderful range of bottles but the one they have sent me to tell you about is one that is especially for reducing reflux. Reflux is when a baby brings back up its milk shortly after having it. Which is very common for babies. Lily used to do it very often and sometimes at quite a large amount. The Reduce Reflux Bottle is especially designed to help this to not happen. The bottle is for 0+ so can be used from birth and is also designed to be used with the baby being sat up which is the recommended position to help with reflux, colic and and wind. The bottle comes with a tube inside which helps with this. The tube can be removed so if the baby doesn't suffer with any problems, then it can also be used as a normal bottle. The bottle also has many other features such as a easy latch soft flex teat that flexes and stretches like the breast. I love this feature as I will be using the bottles along side breast feeding. The teat also has 3 unique anti-colic valves which help reduce air intake. Which is always a plus. The bottle holds 240ml of milk and has a wide neck. It also comes with a brush for easy cleaning. You really couldn't want more from a bottle. You can buy this bottle for an amazing price of £8 from the Nuby Website.  

4. Bibs from Ziggle 

Having a baby means an abundance of bibs and if you like the more creative design of bibs then Ziggle is the company you want to be looking at. These bandana dribble bibs are perfect for when your baby starts to dribble which they will sooner than you know. The gathered shaped neck is great for catching all the dribble so then your babies chin and neck don't get sore. The bibs are made with 2 layers, the top layer is a super soft 100% pure cotton which makes them comfortable to wear and is also kind to babies skin, and the bottom later is absorbent fleece that keeps babies dry for longer. They have adjustable poppers at the back which means they can be used for newborn onwards and they are also machine washable while keeping their shape. I have used these bibs for Lily and I must say they stay in amazing condition even after many washes. There is a huge range of choices of designs on the website which I love. I spent ages choosing which of the bibs I wanted and Its very hard to make a choice. The great thing about the website and huge choice is that the price goes down if you buy 4 or more bibs. Making bibs as wonderfully priced as £2.99. To check out the range, head to the Ziggle website

5. Muslin cloth by Meslin 

So this is a muslin cloth with a difference. First of all, lets talk size. Generally muslin cloths are a standard medium size, where this is one is actually quite large. Large enough for your baby to lie on it and even have it wrapped around them. Which to me is great that it has more than one purpose of simply wiping mouths and catching sick. Second difference is the design. With babies loving contrasty things in mind , these have been designed to help your babies senses by being in bold blacks and whites a striking patterns. It is thought that babies see these better and are generally mesmerized by such patterns. I decided to choose the Dalmatian pattern but there are also some other wonderful contrasty designs such as zebra print. The Muslin is made out of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton making it super soft. To buy this muslin cloth it would cost £18.00. My muslin cloth also came personalised which you can get with request from the company. To have a look at the other designs of Muslins or to pick one up, head to the Meslin website

6.  Teething Toys from Chewie Cat 

I have just fallen in love with this band and its baby toys. A babies favourite things to do is grab, move their arms and then put it into their mouth. Their toys cater for all of this. I was sent a totally cute rattle in the shape of a dinosaur, a teether dinosaur and a teething necklace. First of all the rattle is so cute and does make a shake noise when shook. But its also great that it has the BPA free silicone chew on it as well so then it meets all the babies desires. Plus its personalised and who doesn't love having their babies name on things. The dinosaur itself is crotcheted out of organic cotten and the wooden handle is made from beech wood. The teether is super cute, I love the size of it and also it feels so soft which is going to be perfect for chewing on. Made from BPA silicone it is a super safe material for a baby to chew as much as they like. You can get so many different designs so if dinosaurs arn't your thing then you should be able to find an animal or design that you do love. Last but not least is a teething necklace. Again the beads are made from BPA silicone and so safe for baby to put in the mouth. You can also choose a range of different coloured beads to suit your style. The cord is made from satin and also has a breakaway safety clip at the back for those moments your baby pulls on it. If you are interested in these adorable and super helpful products then you can find them on the Chewie Cat website. 

7. Fitted Moses Basket Sheet from This is Silk 

Bedding is of course an essential for a babies need and this is a special sheet that you may not have thought about buying or even knew existed. Babies spend a lot of time layed on their back and this can create things like baby bald spots on the back of their head. This special design from This is Silk is designed to avoid things like this by it being softer on the back of their head by being made from silk at the part where the head lays. It can also help babies who are prone to Eczema and allergies as silk repels dust mites and is hypoallergenic. The rest of the sheet is made up of cotton to provide extra cosines for sleeping on. There are different beautiful designs on the website and different colours. I also love the beautiful gift box it comes in as it makes such a lovely gift. The sheet can be bought for size of a moses basket with a mattress size of 27cm to 66cm and 33 to 76cm. It has been designed with safety in mind for when your baby is sleeping meaning you both can get a restful sleep. This can be bought for £22.99 from the This is Silk website. 

8. Vital Baby Health Care Kit 

When thinking about keeping out babies safe and healthy, there are lots of things we may need to buy. I love that vital baby save you from having to shop around by providing a kit that has 3 handy things in one pack. In this kit which is perfect for newborn onwards there is 2 types of thermometers and a nasal decongester. First shaped like a teddy bear is your room and bath thermometer. This can be used when placed in a room to check the temperature and also be used when checking the water of babies bath. The cute design means that your baby will love to see it in the room or bath and the reading pops up on the front of the screen and warns you with a LED light if things are too warm. The other thermometer is for checking your babies temperature. It can be used for oral, under arm or rectal use providing you with a fast and accurate reading. The decongester is made to help clear babies nose, you simply squeeze. It is made with a super soft silicone tip which is delicate for little noses. You can buy this from the Vital Baby Website for £16.99. 

9.  Baby Grows from Zippy Up 

I have been a fan of these for a while now and love their designs. They are super clever baby grows in the fact instead of dealing with poppers that take forever to fasten, they simply zip up and down. This makes life so much easier as when you have a newborn you are constantly doing nappy changes. I would also recommend these outfits for when baby is older to, have you ever tried fastening up a baby suit with a baby that loves to roll and crawl away? It is a challenge and so the fast zip up system is perfect. One thing I did wonder was would the zip effect the babies skin but not at all as it is concealed in material and the tab at the top means the zipper doesn't catch on any little chins. The zipper is also 2 way which makes nappy changes even quicker. Always a bonus! 
The feet are sealed inside the suit and the arms come with turn out cuffs to be used as mittens meaning extra warmth for your baby and also less chance of them scratching their face. These babygrows are made from cotton and so are super soft and there are tons of choices of colours and designs on the website from blues, to pinks to neutral colours. Zippy up also sell little hats which are just as soft and cute as the baby grows and they also match making them a perfect fully outfit. Long sleeved baby suits start from £15 and you can get them from the Zippy Up website. 

10. Baby Accessories from Funky Giraffe

Always great to stock up on essential baby accessories and Funky Giraffe do a great range of bibs, cute little mittens and also some toys to grab and teeth on like the one in the image. The mittens I love because they are super colourful and bold and contrasty which means your baby will love looking at them while on their hands. They are made from soft cotton and have elasticated cuffs which help them stay on the hands, reducing the chance of them knocking them off and then scratching them self. Funky Giraffe are all about being funky and the designs of their bibs and mittens and teethers are always super colourful. They are also super reasonably priced and you can buy the mittens for £1.50 a set. Head to the Funky Giraffe website to see more. 

11. Kit and Kin Baby Wipes

One of the most essential things you will ever need to buy is baby wipes. You use them for wiping bums, wiping down surfaces, wiping mouths, wiping hands, the list goes on. So if you are wiping skin often, you are going to want to know that what you are wiping with is kind to your babies skin. These wetwipes are super kind to the skin by them not using any nasty chemicals and instead being made with 99% of water. They are also large in size meaning that you get more use out of each wipe. Better yet as well as being kind to your babies skin, they are also kind to nature by being biodegradable. They are made from a plant based material meaning your using nature and helping nature at the same time. In each pack you get 60 baby wipes and the packets have a easy dispense lid to be used quickly and over again. Each pack costs £2.50 and can be bought from the Kit and Kin website.

So with all that in mind, I hope you are feeling more prepared for your baby. Hopefully I have given you some ideas of things you may still need to buy or want to buy now that you have read about it.


Which of these items do you like the sound of the best? 


  1. Cullular baby blanket - love them all

  2. I like the baby wipes because they have no nasty chemicals in so perfect for peace of mind.

  3. How exciting for you! I like the circular blanket as to me, you cant have a new baby without one! The cream for boobs looks good too.

  4. all great and essential items, great choices

  5. Vital Baby Health Care Kit :- As Health is Important. Nasal decongester may prove to be a great asset in easing baby’s nasal congestion, allowing baby to breathe more easily / effectively, and easing discomfort.

    Rachel Craig