Monday, 11 January 2021

Have a Pampered Pregnancy with Zita West

 (Ad - Gifted) 

Pregnancy can be tough. So anything that helps us through it is a real bonus. There are lots of lovely products on the market that could help us out but one company that is worth a real look at is Zita West. 

Zita West is a Midwife who focuses on Fertility and Pregnancy and has produced a range of products that nourish the body allowing it to work at its best. 

Being 32 weeks pregnant my body is definitely in need of some help and so Zita West sent me some lovely products to review. 

I was sent 3 Zita West Pregnancy Oils to try. 

I was sent a restore and relax bath oil, a back ease massage oil, and a Preconditioning down under oil. 

Firstly let me say that the bottles they come in are beautiful. You really feel like your instore for a treat when you hold them in your hand and know they they are luxury products. Pampering at any time I think its important to feel like the products your using are of high quality and so to still feel the desired pampered effect from pregnancy products is lovely. 

Each bottle has 100ml of oil in which after using the oils a few times, I can certainly say will last you a decent amount of time. 

First I tried the massage oil. I am pretty lucky that my partner loves to give me massages but since I have been pregnant he hasn't been able to do it as much. Firstly because of course its trickier to get into comfortable positions for a massage but also because we can't use the usual oils that we would normally do due to them perhaps not being safe for pregnancy. So the great thing about the Zita West oil is that its perfectly safe for pregnancy and there are no concerns about the oils being absorbed into your body. 

This oil is perfect to be used for the general aches and pains of pregnancy, for relaxation, and it also helps stimulate your circulation, which can be a problem for some during pregnancy. It is also safe to be used while in labour which may help ease some of the pains your body can go through. 

The oil was lovely to use and smelt amazing. It has a lovely scent of lemon and lime which my partner said he loved and later commented how I smelt like a sherbert lemon (one of his favourite sweets haha) 

The bath oil was next to try and at the moment I must admit I am really enjoying a lovely bath. This oil you add 3 cap fulls to running water to create a lovely relaxing bath. Straight away you can smell the lovely aroma of Lavender, which is great for relaxation. I was really impressed with how much the scent of the oil lasted and I could smell it for my entire bath. The oil also felt lovely against my skin, and after getting out the bath, it didn't leave me feeling oily which is great. 

Another great thing about the oil is again its safe for pregnancy. You may already know that women can be very sensitive to things such as Thrush during pregnancy meaning they have to be careful what they place in their bath. Even when not pregnant I am unfortunate to have to be careful to what I put in my bath but I am happy to report that the oil did not irritate me at all. Which is a HUGE bonus. 

Last but not least is the Preconditioning down under oil. This is to be used for Perineum massage which can help your down below parts prepare for birth. If you don't know already, your perineum is the area between your vagina and anus and this is a very common area to tear during childbirth. Unfortunately when I had Lily I ended up with a small tear down there and it wasn't the nicest to recover from. Tearing is something that most women really want to avoid and so this oil and massage could really help with that. 

The oil when used will help the area become more supple and elastic giving it more chance to stretch when needed, and the massage itself will also help aid this. It is advised to be done 6 weeks before birth recommending it gets used from 32 - 34 weeks. It can be done by yourself or if you find it easier then your partner could also try do it for you. The oil is also plant based making it safe for your body and suitable for pregnancy. 

I really wish I would of known about this oil before having Lily. I obviously can't comment on if it works or not, as I have not had the baby yet. But I am going to be trying this for sure from now to the end of my pregnancy to be given the best chance of not tearing and I would 100% recommend anyone else who is pregnant to try it. 

If you are interested in any of these products then they can be bought from the Zita West website at the following prices. 

Massage Oil - £12.76
Bath Oil - £12.76
Preconditioning Down Under Oil - £16.96

Which of these products would you like to use while pregnant? 


  1. The Preconditioning Down Under Oil would be my first choice.

  2. It is definitely worth doing the perineal massage. My daughter was advised to do this and she was able to deliver an 8lb baby with no tearing or episiotomy. It makes such a difference to your post-labour recovery.

  3. If I was pregnant again I think I would be reaching for that bath oil first! I just find baths so relaxing and just took some of that heavy feeling away in the water. I suffered thrust so much with my girls so it's great to know that it's safe for use during pregnancy. The other products sound great too and they all look rather luxe.

  4. Fab that the products look so lovely in the bathroom and are safe to use during pregnancy.

  5. I bought something similiar for my sister when she was expecting aand she said it was such a relief and helped her.