Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Nerf BUNKR Competition Set Review

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I think that Nerf has brought so much fun into the world of shooting games. It has given families a great way to bond, kids a great way to exercise and over all just brought so much fun into a household. 

The kids in the house LOVE Nerf and play fighting has been something we do pretty much on a weekly basis. We play lots of games that involve the Nerf Guns, our favourite being Capture the teddy where we team up to retrieve the teddy from a different room.

So when we was offered to review the Nerf BUNKR competition set and Nerf Ultra Two Blaster, we jumped at the opportunity. 

Both of these come separately. You have the Nerf BUNKR competition set which is a set designed for use with Nerf guns, and then you have a brand new gun. 

First let me tell you about the BUNKR set. 

For starters, let me make clear, this set does not come with a gun. So you would either use it to add to your Nerf collection or you would need to buy a gun. Secondly the BUNKRs all come flat packed and need to be inflated. You will need some type of pump to do this with. 

The set comes with 4 BUNKRs which are all pretty large. Larger than I thought they would be so perfect for hiding behind. You have 2 barrel shaped ones, a Crate and a Wall. They can be used indoors or out, but I have a pretty small house so they do get better use in a garden. Though we did play with them in both. The set also comes with 2 BUNKR game cards. 

When using these in the garden, its recommended to fill the bottom with water so then they don't blow over or away. But in the house they should be fine with out this. 

One little feature of the barrels is that they have a little dip in the top which you can store your bullets in for reloading. This is super handy as we usually use our pockets. 

The kids loved using these bunkers for hiding behind, and darting between. Lily was especially happy she had somewhere that reduced her chances of getting shot. 

The BUNKR competition set is £39.99 and can be bought from Amazon

Next up is the gun, which is a great new addition to our Nerf Gun collection. It is a really good size for a cool looking gun and it holds and shoots 6 bullets. The BUNKRs were a great defence against this gun! 

Are you a NERF fan and would your kids love these? 


  1. looks great fun, for big and little kids!

  2. This looks epic fun for the kids, and the adults.

  3. My girls love Nerf fights. I love how it teaches hand to eye coordination too. This looks so fun and great for playing and running around in the garden.

  4. My son loves Nerf this looks awesome

  5. Yes! my girls love playing with the Nerf guns and so does my nephews when they come to visit!