Thursday 3 December 2020

Kids Christmas Gift Guide

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That time of year again where we are all trying to think of good ideas for gifts. I usually get lots of people asking me "what can I get Lily this year?" and so I usually need some good ideas of what I can suggest. This is why gift guides are a great idea to get some inspiration and also see some of the toys that I bet you didn't know was out there. 

So, have a good read below at all the items that I think make great Christmas gifts for kids. 

1. Playmobil Camper Van

If your child is a lover of Playmobil then they will love this family fun camper. It comes with the campervan, a family of 3 figures, plus tons of accessories such as tables, chairs, BBQ, Bikes and even a cute teddy bear. Kids will love getting to drive this around, park it up and use their imaginations to play camping. The roof of the camper van detaches so then it makes for easy access to play inside the camper van. You can buy this from The Playmobil store or other high street toy shops for £54.99. 

2. Playmobil Large Campground Set

You may want to add to that Camper Van set with this campsite set. It includes cute items like tents, wash area and toilets, and camping cafe and shop. The set includes 3 people and also some animals. It is perfect for your children to play imaginary camp play. It is amazing how many pieces this set includes and it doesn't miss out a detail. It also has a working shower area. The fun part is that before playing your child gets to build the set together. You can get this from the playmobil store or a high street toy shop for £63.99.

3. Squibbles Colouring Book 

I know there is a lot of talk about supporting small businesses this year so you may want to consider this colouring book made by songwriter, artist and dad Jay Stansfield. The book is filled with fun cute and bonkers looking creatures to colour in and also empty spaces that can be filled with journal entries, fun quotes, affirmations, positive thoughts or what ever you want to fill them with. Kids will love getting to be creative with this wonderful paperback colouring book. You can buy this book from Amazon for £8. 

4. Dream Pillow and Day Dreamimals

It has been a hard year for kids, and so you may want to consider getting them a Dream Pillow or Day Dreamimal. Dream Pillows are all about helping children have nice dreams and encourage them to think positive thoughts before bed. Day Dreamimals are for your little one to take around with them in the daytime to be able to carry their positive thoughts with them. Both the Dream Pillow and Day Dreamimals come with dream clouds that your child can either draw or write their positive thoughts down on. Not only that, but the day Dreamimals now come with a hand sanitizer bottle so your child never has to worry about keeping their hands clean. You can buy a dream pillow separate, a day Dreamimal separate or you could buy them both in a bundle. Available as Lamby, Sharkie or Pinkie. You can buy the bundle here for £18.70.

5. Roma Rupert Doll Pram

Kiddies Kingdom is a toy shop that provides a range of amazing toys including this adorable dolls pram. If you are looking for a pram with a cute design then this is the one with its beautiful rainbows on it. It is also available in Green or Yellow making it unisex for both boys and girls to enjoy. The pram comes with a removable cover and also shopping basket area at the bottom. Your kids will love how it looks like a real pram and will love getting to push their dollies around in it. You can buy this and more from the Kiddies Kingdom website for £29.99. 

6. Rocket Skateboard

I think a Skateboard is often a popular item on a kids Christmas list so you may want to head over to Skates.Co.Uk and check out their huge range of skateboards. There are so many designs and also sizes to choose from, including this double dipped red and blue design. Or if skateboards arn't what your looking for, they also have roller skates, scooters and mini BMX to check out. This skateboard is RRP £49.95 and they also have different types of boards such a longboards, electric boards and cruisers for you to check out. 

7. Magicube Word Building

If your child is anything like my Lily then they love learning. Lily has found is so exciting being a school and she is doing really well learning her spellings of words. This set is perfect for creating a fun way to help develop word forming and they are so fun that your child will forget they are learning as they will be enjoying playing. This cubes are super clever and stick together really easily due to the magnets inside. They are perfect for ages 3+ and are also made super colourful so they area attractive for your child to want to play with. You can head to Geomag to to see more or can buy a set from Amazon. 

8. Zimpli Kids Gelli and Slime

Zimpli Kids have a huge range of Gelli and Slime perfect for each child. You can buy glitter slime, or special packs that come with toys inside such as this dinosaur set. You can buy a range of colours, from blue, to red, to green and can also buy fake snow which is super fun for snowball fights at Christmas. Children love to get messy and this is such a good way for them to enjoy getting messy while enjoying a super slime experience. They can all be used in the bath which keeps the mess at bay for parents, but then there are also so many creative ways to use the slime and Gelli. They also have brand new super Eco Friendly sets. You can see the entire range of different Slime and Gelli over at the Zimpli Kids website.  

9. Born Free Animal Adoption

If you have a little one that is animal mad then there is no better gift than an animal adoption. Born Free are an international animal charity that focuses on keeping wild animals safe, healthy and alive and by adopting an animal you are helping safe a life. There are many animals to choose from, tigers, elephants, lions, bears, giraffes, any many more. Each adoption comes with information about the animal, magazine, and cuddly toy. Plus a certificate which says you have adopted the animal for a year. Not only that, but your child also gets the satisfaction that they are helping the animal that they love. You can buy this pack for £36 from the Born Free website

10. Melissa and Doug Pizza Oven

Melissa and Doug are amazing for their wooden toys and this pizza oven is no exception. It is set out exactly like a real pizza oven with area to store toppings, area to place pizza and a knob on the front to pretend to turn the oven on. It comes with pizza, toppings, wooden pizza board and pizza chopper. Plus a herb shaker to pretend to add flavour and menu. Kids will love role play with this set and love getting to be a little chef. You can buy this set for £37.44 from amazon.

11. Orchard Toys World Map Jigsaw

If your child enjoys learning about the world then this may be the puzzle for them. With 150 pieces its sure to let them take their time in constructing it while learning about all the countries around the world. With nice child sized pieces the jigsaw ends up becoming a huge sized floor puzzle, which they are going to be super impressed with when finished. It also comes with a world map poster that they can refer to while making the puzzle. This is recommended for children aged 5-10 and is £15.50 to buy from the Orchard Toys Shop

12. Lionheart Activities and Stationary

Lionheart is all about creativity, colouring and stationary for children aged 3-10 years old. Children love to draw, colour and do activities and so this set is perfect to give as a gift and to keep your child entertained over Christmas. On the website you can see a range of colouring pens and pencils and also activity books, or even quality paper books for older children to practice their hand writing. The younger sets all feature wonderful jungle animals and are very attractive for children to want to get stuck in with. Check out the website to see the amazing range of items ranging from prices such as £9.99 to £19.99. 

13. Learning Resources Pasta Set

This toy I think makes a great gift for such a wide age range of children going from 2 years old all the way up to 10 years old. I think a child who loves playing role play even up to an older age would love this set. But it is also perfect for the younger ones with the chunkyness of the pieces. This set comes with 2 plates, strainer, tongues, a salt shaker, 2 forks, 2 meatballs, bread and a variety of pasta shapes. Pasta is a firm favourite to eat in this house so I know it is a food type that kids will really enjoy getting to play role play cooking with. Not only that, they are made from safe plastic, very durable and super easy to clean. You can buy this set for £20 from the Learning Resources website

14. Hexbug Dragon

Who's child has always wanted to own their own dragon? Well now they can with this cute remote controlled Hexbug Dragon. It has flexible and moveable wings and moves around just like you would expect a dragon to do. Then it breathes fire with a LED light and roars just like a dragon. Using the remote, you decide where you want your dragon to move. The toy already comes with batteries which is always a bonus and it can also be bought in black or green. You can buy this toy from Amazon for £23.72. 

15. Pixelo Metallic

With this set you can make your creativity magical and is perfect for any arty child. Simply insert your metallic choice into the electrical pen and draw, doodle and dot with it. The set comes with 8 beautiful illustrations printed on black paper which make the metallic aspect of it really shine and stand out. It is such a lovely way to make art and when you are finished with the 8 that it comes with you can download more from the John Adams website. Pixelo comes with the pen and 6 choices of metallic colours. This can be bought from Amazon for £22. 

16. Vet Squad Safari Expedition

Vet Squad is such a cute toy for the animal lover or if your child takes any interest in becoming a vet. This Set comes with a special jeep that opens up into a mini vet area. It also comes with a poor injured giraffe and a vet character. Plus it includes lots of little accessories. The Giraffe also has an injury which disappears with water making it look like you have nursed it back to health. It is such a cute set and perfect for imaginative play. Recommended for children aged 3 to 10 years and can be bought for £20.00 from the Entertainer

17. Sylvanian Families Baby Hedgehog Hideout

Here is a cute Sylvanian set that is perfect to keep your child's ever growing collection going. Lily is a big fan of the baby Sylvanians because they are so tiny and cute and so this set is based on a cute baby hedgehog and its little hideout. The set comes with a little grassy house which features a cute slide entrance, it also has a little cocoon bed for the hedgehog to sleep in. The set comes with the baby hedgehog only but other cute baby characters can be bought to join the hedgehog in his hideout. This set is £15.00 and can be bought from Entertainer Toys. 

18. Stomp Rocket

What a great way to keep kids active this Christmas with Stomp Rocket! This original stomp rocket with super high performance can travel 400ft into the air which is enough to impress any child. Simply stomp down your foot and watch it travel the length of a football pitch only high into the air! Your child wont be able to wait to get outdoors and get playing with this rocket. Perfect for encouraging fresh air and fun. This set includes 3 rockets which can be used again and again and even better that no batteries are to be needed. You can buy this toy for £12.99 from Amazon

19. Love Monster Figures

If you haven't seen it already then Love Monster is a cute animation full of fun and adventure which is aired on Cbeebies. It is based on best selling books by Rachel Bright and it is all about a monster who is kind, giving and loving. This Figureen pack which is for ages 18+ is a cute toy for your kids to act out all those lovely acts of kindness and love. While having lots of fun. It comes with 5 characters from the show and books including the Love Monster himself. It is the perfect toy gift if your child is a big Love Monster fan! You can buy this from Argos for £12.00.

20. The Reindeer Feeder 

Are you looking for another way to spread some Christmas cheer this year in the house? Well the Shrumann the Reindeer feeder is all about doing exactly that. In this beautifully presented gift box is the Shrumann himself. His presence this year is to spread Christmas cheer and to also be ready to help Santa on his night of arrival. His main job is to make sure the kids are all fast asleep so Santa can sneak in unnoticed, and then his other job is to make sure the reindeers get fed! Shrumann is super soft and cuddly and super friendly and he is going to be loved each year in all house holds! It also comes with a lovely story book all about him. You can head to the Reindeer Feeder website to find out more and buy this lovely set for £19.99.

21. Haribo Selection Box 

Kids and grown ups love them so! And its true. Who wouldn't be happy finding a Haribo Selection box under the tree? This yummy box comes with a selection of your favourite Haribo from original starmix to sour ones to giant strawberries gone small. It contains a wonderful 8 bags. It is sure to keep kids happy for at least 10 min while they scoff them all?? Then leaving them with a super smile on their face. Plus at an amazing price of £2, you can't go wrong. You can buy from stores such as Asda

22. Aquabeads Tiara Set

Become a Aquabeads princess with this stunning Tiara making set. Create this by placing the beads together and then adding water which magically seals them together making a solid shape. This set includes over 500 beads and the template to make it into a beautiful Tiara. A base is also included so then you can actually make the Tiara wearable. Recommended for ages 4+ any beauty queen would love this set. You can buy it for £12.99 from the Aquabeads website

23. One Hundred Steps Book

We all know who this book is about, and i'm so pleased to see it made into a book. This book is all about the amazing Sir Tom Moore who amazingly at the age of 100 took 100 steps to raise money during the start of the Covid pandemic. I myself really loved reading through this book which tells you all about his life and about the steps he took. Its a super positive book which is great for children to be able to read. The book is done with beautiful illustrations and is wrote so it can be understood by children of all ages. I know many children were very interested in who this remarkable man was, so its great that he can now be read all about in this book One Hundred Steps. The book can be bought from places such as WH Smith for £9.00. 

24. Og Story Book

Kids love new story books for Christmas so why not consider this story book about OG. Og is written by Joanne Hutchinson and is all about a mythical creature called Og. He isn't one for reading, but soon taken on a magical adventure of books which helps develop his love for it. there are 20 well known loved books featured in the story, which kids will love hearing about. The book is written in hope to get other children interested in reading books themselves and also developing an extra love for stories. The book is cleverly written with rhymes which is enjoyable for parent to read and child to listen to. You can buy this book for £6.99 from Joannes Website

Which of these gifts do you think you will consider getting this year? 

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  1. So many great toys here, Playmobil is always a favourite of mine and I like the map jigsaw a well!

  2. Some excellent ideas, I especially love books for gifts xx

  3. I think Playmobil always goes down well and is great for a wide range of ages

  4. I think my son would really enjoy Playmobil and the Squibbles colouring book