Thursday 17 December 2020

Helping your children practice Personal Hygiene with Baby Born

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One thing we do know is that children learn though play. Role play is one way that really encourages children to learn about every day life, such as cooking, cleaning, parenting and other things. So baby born has teamed up with children's education website ichild to encourage learning about the every day aspect of life, which is personal hygiene. 

Washing hands, having a bath, cleaning teeth can sometimes feel like a chore to a child. It is something that has to be done on a regular basis and so can feel like a task. That's why Baby Born have a new series of toys which are all about getting children to reconnect with the idea of having a bath, washing faces and brushing teeth. 

We was sent a Baby Born bathtub, Baby Born Toothcare Spa and snuggly bathrobe to tell you all about. 

Toys like these are great because while your child is playing with toys like these, they are learning about the importance of personal care by knowing the importance of giving that care to their baby. They can also be used in such a way that when you are wanting to give your little one a bath, or get them to brush their teeth, they can be doing it at the same time as their baby, using the toys. 

Let me tell you a little more about these toys. 

First of all the bath robe, an essential part of clothing for bath time. It is so cute and your children will love putting baby in it after a bath. It is made in a material that means that they can put the baby doll straight into it after they have got them out of the bath and it will help dry baby. It can be bought in blue or pink and is easy for your child to put on and off baby. It also comes with a cute hood and features a duck on the front. 

Next is the Baby Born bathtub. This cute bathtub has such a cute design to it, with its old school stand alone bath shape with feet. But just not any feet, feet in the shape of ducks! It can be used like a real bath and the shower also is fully working to and sprays water at baby by using the bath water that's filled into the tub. As it does, it makes quacking noises and the feet light up making it even more bath time fun. The water is easy to empty as you just tip it out when done. 

It also comes with a cute rubber duck that baby can use in the bath. Its perfect for baby born dolls or dolls to the size of 43cm. You will need 4 AA batteries to be able to make the shower work and the lights and sounds work.

It is recommended that your child plays with this in the bathroom or with towels around as Lily did manage to tip the water over a few times. 

Last and my absolute favourite is the Baby Toothcare Spa. This little unit is so cute and really does remind me of a sink and mirror unit you would use at home. It is something completely different as an accessory for a baby doll and It is great for the role play of general care like brushing teeth and washing hands and face. 

The unit is so cute with 3 little shelves, and 2 towel rails on the side. The mirror also lights up and it plays sounds and music when you press the button. The set comes with toothbrush which with the 2 batteries which are included, actually vibrates like a real toothbrush would. It also comes with a cup, rubber duckie which acts as the plug and facecloth. The sink can be filled with water so then then can have the real experience of using a sink, and when you press the tap it squirts water. It is such a cute set and Lily really loved the toothbrush aspect of it and getting to clean her babies teeth.

Over all, these toys all provide a great experience for a child to role play with and all encourage the practice of self care and hygiene. 

Baby Born has such a great selection of accessories and can buy all these items for the following prices on the Baby Born website

Bath Robe - £8.99

Bath Tub - £39.99

Bath and Toothcare Spa - £35.99

Which of these toys do you think your child would love? 


  1. Great toys - love the baby born toys!

  2. Think my granddaughter would love this especially the bath and shower.

  3. My granddaughter would love this set. Me? I want a full-size bathtub with feet shaped like ducks!

  4. We've always loved baby born. When I was pregnant we brought a baby born doll to 'prepare' my daughter for her new sister and give her an idea of what would be happening. This is such a great way to learn and feel more comfortable and confident with situations like personal hygiene.

  5. Aw this is so cute and such a great idea for them to learn as well as play.

  6. I think there is something wonderful when a child looks after a baby toy of their own. They like to wash them, wash their hair, brush their hair, all the things that they are taught to do themselves. Its a good way to learn through play doing this.

  7. A lovely idea to teach little ones using this set.

  8. The personal care sets are such a good idea!