Thursday 31 December 2020

A Crazy Year, Baby Update

This year has been like no other and I must admit, I'm exhausted. 

There have been some massive changes, some challenging and some also great. As its the last day of the year I thought I would try to keep my sleepy pregnant eyes open to write you a little update. 

So I am now 31 weeks pregnant, I must admit that I am more than ready to get this whole having a baby thing over and done with. Pregnancy has been trickier this time round. I had the worst morning sickness and then my bump got big quicker than my body could cope with. I think the hardest part though has been the fact I've been doing this entire pregnancy through covid. Its been mentally draining not knowing what will be happening next, having to wear masks when I feel like I need to breathe fresh air and worrying over what birth will be like in a lockdown. Been lucky that during the pregnancy I have not caught covid, but I am seeming to constantly be having some sort of cold and being energyless. 

Non the less there has been some lovely aspects to this pregnancy. Firstly, I didn't even report here on the blog that we are having a little boy!! We found out at our 20 week scan and we are super pleased. We have 3 girls between me and my partner so a little boy to add to the family is lovely. It has been really nice to be able to buy some blue and boy baby clothes and cute clothing with little monsters and dino's on. 

The girls are all really pleased to that they are having a baby brother and are getting more and more excited by the day. I am looking forward to having them as little helpers when he arrives. 

Another amazing moment of my pregnancy has been that we had a brilliant 4D scan. As my partner hasn't been able to come to any appointments, and missed out on the 12 week scan, and as we plan to have no more children, it was a must to go get one done. Plus we knew the kids would love to see their baby brother in video. We was very lucky that during December lock down eased for us meaning that non essential shops were open (a 4d scan is classed as non essential stupidly). We went to Lucy Janes Clinic in Colne and we was so impressed with what we got. 

We actually ended up with 2 scans from them. The first one little man decided that he did not want to be seen and he kept turning his head away from us. We had to go for a little walk, and I tried music to get him to move, but nothing worked and we only got about 5 min of seeing his face. But Lucy Janes was amazing and they said to us that they want us to come back again so then they can try and get a better video. 

Our second visit was much better though again little man wasn't playing game. This time he was super active and wouldn't keep still, he kept putting his hands in front of his face and then even a foot some how went up there (explains the crazy movements in my tummy) but we did get a lot more footage and we did get some amazing photographs. 

The package from Lucy Janes was brilliant, we got 4 prints, 4 keyrings and a DVD of 20 min footage from the scan. They were brilliant and I couldn't recommend them more if you live in the Lancashire area. 

So going forward, I have 9 more weeks to my due date. I am super hoping he comes on time. I am planning to have a home birth, I really don't fancy a hospital visit with this pandemic and so home just feels like the best place to be. 

So as the new year starts, you are going to be seeing a lot more baby content on the blog. I will be showing some wonderful brands and I will let you all know when little man makes his arrival. 

I don't really celebrate New Years, for me, I see it as just another day, another year. Especially this year with the Covid thing carrying on. So rather than wishing you a happy new year, I wish you all the best and encourage you to try and take each day as it comes, enjoying all the little things in life. Most importantly family.

Lots of love from Me, Lily and Family



  1. Not long till he is here now. Wishing you a fast and easy delivery.

  2. So excited for you all happy new year

  3. Exciting (and tiring) times - hope the next 9 weeks fly by!

  4. Happy New Year! Good luck for the birth xxx

  5. exciting times ahead <3 the last couple of months I always find drag but baba will be here before you know it :) Hopefully things will be a bit better by then too, heres hoping

  6. Aww a little bot will e so spoilt by his big sisters good luck

  7. I had a baby girl in August 2020, being pregnant through a virus pandemic is a whole different ball game!
    Not long for you now (although I’m sure it will feel like forever) you’ll have your little baby cradled in your arms x

  8. Not long to go now! Here's hoping the rest of your pregnancy and your delivery all go smoothly.

  9. Aww those scans are so cute. I've never had a 4D scan with my girls but it sounds like you had a lovely experience and so lovely you got to go back for a 2nd time when he wasn't turning his head away. Happy New Year, and all the best for you and your new little boy!

  10. Aw those scan photos are amazing!! Mine were terrible but that was a few years back now. Lovely that you can buy blue now too.

  11. Wonderful photos from the 4D scan. Wishing you all the best for the last few weeks and for exactly the birth you want.

    Hazel Rea @beachrambler

  12. Doesn't seem like 2 minutes ago since this - how time flies