Thursday 26 November 2020

Kids Games For Christmas

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One tradition of Christmas that wouldn't of changed this year is playing family games! A lot is going to be cancelled this year but that doesn't mean we can't have fun with our families and playing games is one good way to do it. As always the brands who make games have made lots of new ones just in time to buy as gifts for Christmas and so here is a list of ones you may want to consider buying this year. 

So here it is...

1. Top Trumps Match Games

The First thing I love about these games is the variety in themes. As you can see I have the Lion King, World Football Stars and Harry Potter which keeps all 3 kids in this house happy! And if these 3 themes of games don't match your child's personality then there is an amazing choice of themes to choose from. For example princess, dinosaurs, or toy story and many more. These fun cube type games are all about matching and the idea behind the game is to match 5 of your favourite characters in a row to be able to win the game. But there is a catch, if your opponent turns over their top trumps card and it matches your character then they win instead! So it really is a game of chance and one that's perfect for children to play against each other, or against an adult. Top Trumps Match is a 2 player game recommended for ages 4+. They are £15.00 Each and can be bought from the Top Trumps website

2. P Is for Pizza 

Who loves pizza? I know the kids here do! So they are going to love that this game is shaped like a pizza slice. P is for pizza is an easy cheesy letter game where you have to match the letters with the categories and shout them out before anyone else does. To win, you need to be the first player to collect 9 cards and build their giant pizza slice, but the more cards you collect, the harder the game becomes making this a fun but challenging game. It is the perfect game if you really enjoy word games and really will get your kids brains ticking over to think of matching words to letters. This game from Big Potato Games can be played with 2 to 4 players and is recommended for ages 8 and up. It is £12.99 and can be bought from the Big Potato Games Website

3. Crown the Unicorn

Does your child enjoy hide and seek? Do they love Unicorns? What about Dragons and Lions? All sounding good to you? Then this is the game for them. This creature featuring game is all about a unicorn that has lost its crown and you as a player must go to find the unicorn to return the crown. But beware of the lion which is out to get you and stop you. The game features cards and tokens and bursting with jungle colours that will make it really attractive for your child to want to play. It is simple to learn and also has 2 different levels of play making it even more fun. The game is suitable for ages 4+ and can be played with 2 to 6 players making it one that the whole family can join in with. This game can be bought from the Cheatwell Games website for £9.99.  

4. Shuffle Alpha Zulu

Here is another fun word game that this time is totally mad and extremely shouty. Each round starts with a question, a player needs to get the answer in their head and as soon as they get a special GO card by flipping the stop and go cards over, they can then shout the answer out. Players must then shout out a word that starts with the same letter as the answer. This is a super quick paced game which is sure to get your little ones working hard at thinking of words. The letter game is a constant game played in the car with the little ones so I just know they will enjoy this one. The game comes with 110 cards meaning there is plenty of play to be had. This game is recommended for 6+ and for 2 or more players. It can be bought from Argos for £10.

5. Junior Colour Brain

A game all about colours, which is a game that most children love to play. the game is a quiz and all the answers are a colour. In this game the players start out with all the colours in their hand, and when the question is played (which are child related to make it harder for adults) they then must decide which colour to put down to answer the question. The player who answers correctly then wins that question card. The first to collect 10 cards is the winner! I love how simple this game is to play and I can see if being one that kids are super good at playing. It really is a good family game to play where kids have the chance of kicking a parents bum and being the winner. This game from Big Potato games is for 2 or more players and recommended for ages 6+. You can buy it at a price of £10 from the Big Potato website

6. Times Tables Heroes 

Orchard Toys are one of my favourite board game companies for learning. Kids love to learn and even more so when it is made fun. This is exactly what this game is about, making maths fun and at the same time learning about times tables. Times tables heroes is for helping with times tables from 2 all the way up to 12. The game is 2 games in one, with a Hero City Board Game and a Multiplication Bingo game. In the Hero game, children must move around the board completing the Multiplication sums. Here is when the imagination meets maths by defeating Zombies or battling Giant Slugs. It also includes a colourful times tables checker which will help kids with their sums. On the other side is a fun game of bingo where players must use their times tables knowledge to get 3 in a row. This game is recommended for 6-9 years old and can be bought for £10.50 on the Orchard Toys website

7. The Floor is Lava

Hands up if your kids are obsessed with watching this on the Tv show and playing this by jumping around the house? If so you can now help this obsession by buying them this game of The Floor Is Lava. If you haven't hear of the floor is lava then the idea is that you hop about trying to not put your feet onto the floor which is meant to be lava. Kids usually use furniture for this and with this game they can now give the furniture a break and use the 25 coloured tiles provided with this game. The idea is that you spin the spinner, and use the action card to hop, skip and jump to the next tile. Without touching the floor because remember, the floor is Lava! Be the last player standing to win the game! This game is so good for encouraging movement and just general fun and can be played by all the family. It is recommended for ages 5+ and can be played with 2 or more players. You can buy it for £12 from Argos

So now you have heard all about my game recommendations, which do you think you will be playing this year? 


  1. Some fantastic family fun games the kids would love floor is lava

  2. I like the Unicrn game for my granddaughter and the times table one for my grandson!

  3. The floor is lava looks great! I love playing this with my daughter (in our imaginations!)

  4. These look great games and love the look of the times tables game

  5. Oh I'm deffo going to check out that tops trump one, thank you so much :)

  6. My children love playing games especially top trumps it’s a quick and easy family game

  7. Probably Junior Colour Brain.

    Rachel Craig

  8. A really helpful list. Thank you. I suspect Crown the Unicorn would be the top of the list for a nice change.

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  10. We love playing games at Christmas and these look like loads of fun too!

  11. some excllent ideas here

  12. Thanks for the games reviews. We love playing games with our granddaughter, so it's great to find out about ones that are new to us.

  13. I think I'll have a look at the Floor is lava as my children love game that involves moving around. They're so active so any game that requires you to sit long bores them very easily