Monday, 9 November 2020

All about the MAM 2in1 Double Breast Pump

Do you want to breast feed? But then also would like the option of being able to bottle feed too? Well in that case you will be needing a breast pump! 

With Lily, I actually rarely did bottle feed, which meant I did ALL the night feeds and the day ones. I only needed bottles for the odd occasion and so a breast pump wasn't high on my need list. BUT this year, I am doing things a little differently. I 100% plan to breastfeed. But my partner would love to be able to help out with giving some bottles too. Meaning I get extra sleep in the night, and he gets to enjoy the bonding experience of feeding the baby. Plus with having Lily and her step sisters, they are all going to want to be big sisters and feed the baby too. So a decent breast pump is totally needed this time. 

That's why I am super excited that I have been sent a 2 in 1 Double Breast Pump from MAM which I am going to tell you all about.

Firstly, Why is it 2 in 1? It is 2 in 1 because you can eclectically use it, or manually. With a simple lid adapter, you can change it from using it electronically to putting a hand pump lid on meaning you can do it by hand. I think the fact it has the hand pump version in is incredibly handy because there are always times you may need to pump on the go. Or if you work, you may need to pump and dump, or pump and store. No one wants to have to carry around the full electric system with them and so this adapter is perfect for this type of use. 

Secondly, its double! Which means you can pump from both breasts at the same time. Saving time and also meaning you keep both breasts at the same level. Meaning one breast isn't fuller than the other, and you don't have to switch half way through. It is also clever in the way that you can do induvial settings for each breast!

So what comes in this set? 

It has - 

2x Breast Pump 2in1 Electric attachments, including funnel cover. 
1x Rechargeable battery Unit
1x Breast Pump 2in1 Manual Pump Handle attachment
2x 160ml MAM Easy start anti colic bottles with Sealing Discs
2x Size 0 Teats
2x Storage Pots 

More about the Electric Pump - 

There is so much to tell you about this pump, I am already impressed with its capabilities and is it strange to be excited about using a breast pump? No I don't think so either! Haha

So the battery for the pump is rechargeable, and comes with a 3 hour battery power life. This is great because it means you can pump where ever you want and don't need to be near a plug socket. It features a modern touch screen digital display, which gives it a lovely appearance and also means you don't have to mess around pressing lots of different buttons on a remote. It can be totally customized to your comfort preference with 9 different suction strengths and different modes which help with stimulation and flow. I have never used a electric pump before, but hearing all these features do make it much more appealing to want to use one. 

More about the funnels, bottles and tubs - 

The funnels are super soft and made from a silicone inlay which provides maximum comfort. Which is always needed for anything breast feeding related. the funnels both come with covers, which means it keeps them clean and dust free, perfect for traveling around. The storage pots which their are 2 of both contain 120ml of milk and come with a tight sealed lid. All plastics that are used, including the bottles and pumps are all BPA/BPS Free meaning they are safe to use. 

Now the bottles, I haven't used Mam bottles before (as I said, Lily didn't have many bottles) But I have heard amazing things about them and so I am looking forward to using them. 

The pack comes with 2 160ml Easy Start bottles and 2 size 0 teats which are the best to use for a newborn starting out on a bottle. The teats are flat, and soft and to replicate a mums breast. Which is exactly what babies are looking for, plus is really helpful when you are doing both breast and bottles feeding. Plus a main feature of the bottles is them being anti colic. There is a special valve in the bottom that prevents air bubbles and stops the milk from foaming. This means its a smooth flow and help prevent baby from swallowing air bubbles, meaning a less colic and more relaxed baby. Always a bonus. 

AND thats not all, the bottles are also Self-sterilising. You simply fill them with 20ml of water and heat for 3 minutes in the microwave. Meaning you don't need a steriliser for the bottles. I think this is a super clever extra that the MAM bottles do. 

Lastly, how cute are they? I love the shape, and the cute little patterns on the front. Which in this case is an elephant.

This set is RRP £200 from the MAM store, but is well worth the price as you simply can't go wrong with it. 

I plan to use this plenty when the baby is born! So you shall see some future reviews of this item if you keep following the blog! 

Who would like to enter to WIN their very own double breast pump? 

I currently have a competition running to win them on Instagram! Head here to enter!


  1. I loved MAMM bottles, I tried the Dr Browns ones and they were impossible to open and clean and didn't help my daughters colic at all

  2. This sounds very good, i found it hard doing 100% breast feed as no one can really help but this would be loads better for you .

  3. I had these bottles in pink for my own daughter -I found them really easy to clean

  4. Cant beat the best - will be invaluable on your new journey

  5. When I breastfed my last 2 children an electric pump was a lifesaver

  6. It's always a good idea to get a breast pump that has a manual option, as sometimes the electric pump can be too enthusiastic and make you sore.