Thursday 26 November 2020

Kids Games For Christmas

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One tradition of Christmas that wouldn't of changed this year is playing family games! A lot is going to be cancelled this year but that doesn't mean we can't have fun with our families and playing games is one good way to do it. As always the brands who make games have made lots of new ones just in time to buy as gifts for Christmas and so here is a list of ones you may want to consider buying this year. 

So here it is...

1. Top Trumps Match Games

The First thing I love about these games is the variety in themes. As you can see I have the Lion King, World Football Stars and Harry Potter which keeps all 3 kids in this house happy! And if these 3 themes of games don't match your child's personality then there is an amazing choice of themes to choose from. For example princess, dinosaurs, or toy story and many more. These fun cube type games are all about matching and the idea behind the game is to match 5 of your favourite characters in a row to be able to win the game. But there is a catch, if your opponent turns over their top trumps card and it matches your character then they win instead! So it really is a game of chance and one that's perfect for children to play against each other, or against an adult. Top Trumps Match is a 2 player game recommended for ages 4+. They are £15.00 Each and can be bought from the Top Trumps website

2. P Is for Pizza 

Who loves pizza? I know the kids here do! So they are going to love that this game is shaped like a pizza slice. P is for pizza is an easy cheesy letter game where you have to match the letters with the categories and shout them out before anyone else does. To win, you need to be the first player to collect 9 cards and build their giant pizza slice, but the more cards you collect, the harder the game becomes making this a fun but challenging game. It is the perfect game if you really enjoy word games and really will get your kids brains ticking over to think of matching words to letters. This game from Big Potato Games can be played with 2 to 4 players and is recommended for ages 8 and up. It is £12.99 and can be bought from the Big Potato Games Website

3. Crown the Unicorn

Does your child enjoy hide and seek? Do they love Unicorns? What about Dragons and Lions? All sounding good to you? Then this is the game for them. This creature featuring game is all about a unicorn that has lost its crown and you as a player must go to find the unicorn to return the crown. But beware of the lion which is out to get you and stop you. The game features cards and tokens and bursting with jungle colours that will make it really attractive for your child to want to play. It is simple to learn and also has 2 different levels of play making it even more fun. The game is suitable for ages 4+ and can be played with 2 to 6 players making it one that the whole family can join in with. This game can be bought from the Cheatwell Games website for £9.99.  

4. Shuffle Alpha Zulu

Here is another fun word game that this time is totally mad and extremely shouty. Each round starts with a question, a player needs to get the answer in their head and as soon as they get a special GO card by flipping the stop and go cards over, they can then shout the answer out. Players must then shout out a word that starts with the same letter as the answer. This is a super quick paced game which is sure to get your little ones working hard at thinking of words. The letter game is a constant game played in the car with the little ones so I just know they will enjoy this one. The game comes with 110 cards meaning there is plenty of play to be had. This game is recommended for 6+ and for 2 or more players. It can be bought from Argos for £10.

5. Junior Colour Brain

A game all about colours, which is a game that most children love to play. the game is a quiz and all the answers are a colour. In this game the players start out with all the colours in their hand, and when the question is played (which are child related to make it harder for adults) they then must decide which colour to put down to answer the question. The player who answers correctly then wins that question card. The first to collect 10 cards is the winner! I love how simple this game is to play and I can see if being one that kids are super good at playing. It really is a good family game to play where kids have the chance of kicking a parents bum and being the winner. This game from Big Potato games is for 2 or more players and recommended for ages 6+. You can buy it at a price of £10 from the Big Potato website

6. Times Tables Heroes 

Orchard Toys are one of my favourite board game companies for learning. Kids love to learn and even more so when it is made fun. This is exactly what this game is about, making maths fun and at the same time learning about times tables. Times tables heroes is for helping with times tables from 2 all the way up to 12. The game is 2 games in one, with a Hero City Board Game and a Multiplication Bingo game. In the Hero game, children must move around the board completing the Multiplication sums. Here is when the imagination meets maths by defeating Zombies or battling Giant Slugs. It also includes a colourful times tables checker which will help kids with their sums. On the other side is a fun game of bingo where players must use their times tables knowledge to get 3 in a row. This game is recommended for 6-9 years old and can be bought for £10.50 on the Orchard Toys website

7. The Floor is Lava

Hands up if your kids are obsessed with watching this on the Tv show and playing this by jumping around the house? If so you can now help this obsession by buying them this game of The Floor Is Lava. If you haven't hear of the floor is lava then the idea is that you hop about trying to not put your feet onto the floor which is meant to be lava. Kids usually use furniture for this and with this game they can now give the furniture a break and use the 25 coloured tiles provided with this game. The idea is that you spin the spinner, and use the action card to hop, skip and jump to the next tile. Without touching the floor because remember, the floor is Lava! Be the last player standing to win the game! This game is so good for encouraging movement and just general fun and can be played by all the family. It is recommended for ages 5+ and can be played with 2 or more players. You can buy it for £12 from Argos

So now you have heard all about my game recommendations, which do you think you will be playing this year? 

Tuesday 24 November 2020

Win a Oh My Gif Dance Pack


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Check out this cool Dance pack featuring 6 cool characters including - 
Cheeky Dougby -#WERK,
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Sunday 22 November 2020

Win a Dreamimal and Day Dreamimal


Dream Pillow are now making it so then your child's having a positive night and day by doing a bundle of both pillows! 

Read more below about the amazing Dream Pillows before entering on the Gleam app at the bottom of the page to win a Choice of Dreamimal and Day Dreamimal. Either Lamby, Sharkie or Pinkie. 

  • MAKES GOING TO BED FUN: When children write or draw their favourite dreams on one of the 60 Larger Dream Wish Notes supplied. Make going to bed enjoyable by encouraging kids to craft stories and use their astonishing imagination (or the dream generator finger game sheet supplied) to "Dream Up" a wonderful dream. You won't believe it until you see them actually WANT to go to sleep “ Winner of Bizziebaby's GOLD award 2020 in the "sleep aid" category.

  • NIGHT TIME COMFORTER: More than just super soft cute pillows, each character is a great emotional support companion for Primary School age kids. Based on the widely proven "Image Rehearsal Technique!, the Dream Pillow helps kids to sleep and dream good dreams. It helps to practice positive imagery before bed and teaches children about the power of their thoughts, the importance of good sleep, and positive thinking. A new bedtime ritual will create memories for years to come.

  • DAYTIME OUT AND ABOUT COMFORTER AND HAND SANITISER: The matching mini "Day Dreamimal" character is a relatable cute character (which Surrey & Borders NHS refer to as a "Transitional Object" in their "Transition Back To School Guidance) Children directly associate the Big Lamby Dream Pillow in their bedroom with the mini Lamby Day Dreamimal on their school bag or backpack. Before school they insert one of the the "Wish For Today" notes supplied- alongside the snuggly fitted hand sanitiser bottle

  • WHAT IS YOUR WISH FOR TODAY - At breakfast write or draw a child’s positive thought / wish for the coming day on one of the smaller cloud wish notes (30 included) to give them a sense of security and protection them from their fears. Empty plastic travel bottle with screw-on, flip-cap top included. Cute design. Introduces more fun & gets them into the habit of washing hands. NOTE - No Hand sanitiser fluid is included.

  • THREE UNIQUE DESIGNS: Choose your favourite "Dreamimal" Lamby, Sharkie or Pinkie. Each of the "Dreamimals" have a unique story. Lamby is cuddly, sweet and calming. "Hi I`m Lamby the cuddliest of all the "Dreamimals" I love snuggling and sweet dreams.Plus whenever you worry my speciality is calming your fears". For children their Dreamimals are like toys for parents they are a tool to help children with disturbed sleep and help protect all children's mental and physical health outside the home.

Head Here to buy a Dreamimal bundle of your own. 

Win A Dreamimal and Day Dreamimal

Saturday 21 November 2020

Christmas Gift Guide for Babies


Babies are tough to buy for at Christmas, It isn't like kids who love a certain thing, prefer a certain colour and they can't exactly make a Christmas list. So I often see parents asking for ideas to buy other babies and ideas of what to buy their own.

Below in my guide I have a selection of gifts that could be good ideas for babies, whether you are buying for your own or for some one else's baby.

There are a few things to think about when gifting, age of baby, something helpful for parents, something fun and then the price range. My guide below will give you all this information you need to know! 

So I hope this guide gives you a little inspiration this year. 

1. Snuglo Baby Moustache Suit and Hat 

How cute is this little unisex outfit? Snuglo is a British Baby Clothing company who specialise in making super cool clothing for babies and toddlers. Their range goes from newborn to 4-5 year and you can buy items such as hats, bibs, baby grows, leggings and t-shirts. This outfit features a cute gentleman pattern with tophats, moustaches and spectacles. It is super soft and the material is of a really nice thickness, keeping baby nice and warm. It is also made from 100% cotton and can be machine washed. This set is available from newborn to 12 months and it comes in a lovely Snuglo gift box making it the perfect outfit to gift to a baby. The hat is £4.95 and the all in one is £10.95. You can also buy the set as a full gift set with other added items such as bib. Head to the Snuglo website to see more. 

2. Gummie Glove Teethers

These have to be the cleverest little teethers that I have seen. Have you heard of babies starting to teeth really young? But yet struggle to hold the teether to their mouth? The Gummie Glove solves this problem by the baby wearing the teether as a mitten. The Glove comes in a little bag, and has a colourful design that babies will love. Attached to the glove which is fasted by soft velcro is 3 chewable teethers. 2 on the side one one that you can take on and off the front of the glove. This glove is not just for younger babies though and also can be used for any baby to toddler who is having teething troubles. 
The other set is the Link and Teethe which all babies find fun to use. It is super colourful and made in different shapes which can then be linked to a carseat or pram if needed. The teethers are all made from a soft silicone which reminds babies of chewing on a finger and they are safe for chewing being BPA, Phthalate and latex free. These would make such a good gift to keep any chewing baby happy. The glove and links are both £12.99 and can be bought from the Gummie website. 

3. Melissa and Doug Deluxe Pounding Bench 

This is a gift which is more for the toddler age of babies, though I can see my baby boy taking after his daddy (a blacksmith) and wanting to use that hammer sooner! Melissa and Doug wooden toys are all made from strong wood and they are such good quality wooden toys. Always super colourful and super fun and this pounding bench is no different. It comes with a wooden hammer and 6 colourful characters that need to be bashed through the toy. It is fun to be had over and over again. It also really helps with grip, and co ordination helping your little one learn at the same time as have fun. This would make such a good gift for a child to open on Christmas morning. Recommended for ages 2+ though I would happily myself give this to a younger baby. Maybe just be prepared to be bashed over the head. You can buy for £15.99 from stores such as Amazon

4. Nuby Textured Sensory Toys

Babies love anything colourful so these sensory shapes are a perfect gift for a baby at Christmas. These toys explore lots of different textures from a smooth surface to different sized lumps and bumps. They also come in lots of shapes and sizes including balls which babies will love to roll. The bricks are perfect for babies to stack and the animals are great for gripping hold of. The soft plastic they are made from is super safe for babies to chew, which we all know they love to do. It also comes in a bag which you can then store them all in after play. These toys are perfect for ages 0+ and at first will give your baby a sensory experience of seeing the bright colours. But it is also perfect for older babies who love to grab, roll or build towers. These can be bought from the Nuby website for £14.99.

5. Ziggle Red and White Striped Blanket

As Christmas is winter season, a warm snuggly blanket makes the perfect gift! And Ziggle has this lovely red and white star blanket perfect for Christmas. I love that it is a lovely design for Christmas but then I can also see it being used all year round as it isn't overly festive. The design is also reversible with a white and red stars on the inside. The blanket is so soft and is made from luxury chenille. It is perfect for cold winter walks or snuggling your baby up for naps. Ziggle also do many more baby products such as bibs, towels, muslins and clothing so there is plenty of gift ideas on the website. This blanket is £20 and can be bought on the Ziggle website

6. Nuby Star Pram Toy 

This is such a cute pram toy for a baby. The star is super fluffy and has such a happy little face which will be lovely for a baby to stare up to. It also comes with a soft cloud, soft moon and hard star hanging down from it. When moved it makes a lovely chime sound which will be lovely when the pram sways. As the baby grows older they will also love to shake this to make the chime noise. It is great for clipping to highchairs, car seats, or prams and so perfect for on the go. It would make such a lovely gift and I think the snowy look to the star gives it a slight festive feel. You can buy this from Nuby for £8.99.

7. Aveeno Mum and Baby Gift Set

This one is a treat for mum and baby. Aveeno is all about looking after the skin and so this gift set gives that and more. It comes with a Baby Hair and Body Daily Wash which gently cleanses baby from head to toe, a baby daily care moisturising lotion which moisturises dry skin and keeps the skin nice and soft, and it comes with a moisturising lotion for mums to, which helps keep her skin nice and soft too. They are both designed so they can be used for the first weeks of a babies life, so it makes a great gift for a newborn baby. Plus they will love the cute teddy comforter that it comes with. It all comes in a lovely gift box and will be a delight to open by both mum and baby on Christmas morning. You can buy this set from Boots for £20.00.

8. Toffee Moon Cardigan

If you are looking for some gorgeous winter baby clothing then look no further than Toffee Moon. Toffee Moon make gorgeous outfits and accessories for babies which are beautiful, practical, comfortable but also unique. Made with the softest of materials perfect for your babies skin. This little cardigan come with cute little buttons and is made from naturally breathable cotton. You can get this design in many colours including greys, pinks, blues, or even an amber colour. You can also find slight variations of cardigan designs such as sparkly buttons. This cardigan can be bought in sizes Newborn as pictured below, all the way to 12 months. You can also get added personalisation to your clothing and for an extra £10 for can get 3 initials added to it. This really is a gorgeous Christmas present and comes presented really nicely all ready to be handed over as a gift. The cardigan is £25 and can be bought from the Toffee Moon website.  

9. Nuby Cloud Comforter 

Another cuddly gift perfect for a baby from Nuby. This cloud comforter has a fluffy cloud design with a grey and white stripy blanket comforter at the bottom with little added colourful tags for baby to play with. It is super soft and baby will love brushing their face against it and its perfect for cuddles. designed for newborns upwards and this is a gift perfect for a child to keep until they are older. Lily still has her comforter from when she was a baby. You can buy this toy from the Nuby website for £8.99.

10. BabyCup 

Babycup is an award winning product which babies will enjoy and parents will love too. One thing babies love to do is learn and these special cups teach your baby to drink from a cup at a early age, cutting out sucking meaning its better for teeth. Not only does it encourage learning how to drink, it encourages your baby to learn grip and fine motor skills. The cups come in cute different colours and are also see through so you can measure how much liquid is inside. Plus you get 4 little cups inside one pack meaning you have more for when one is in the wash. They are BPA Free meaning they are safe for babies to drink from and they are also super easy to wash meaning no nasty germs linger behind. This would make a great gift for a baby who just can't wait to be a little more independent. You can buy these cups for £8.99 on the Babycup website

11. Peggie Penguin Sensory Teether

Be prepared for teething with this cute teether in the shape of a penguin. You can't get more wintery than a penguin so this would make a cute gift for any baby. Babies will find this extreamly satisfying to chew on as their teeth start to develop. Shaped with little hands in mind in can easily be grabbed ready to place into a little mouth and chewed. The shape makes it perfect for front and back teeth. The feeling of the teether will also satisfy the baby as it has bumps on it for a sensory feel. Perfect to rub against sore gums. It also contains a safety clip and ribbon so it can be attached to clothing to prevent loss and maintain hygiene. This cute little teether can be bought on the Bickiepegs website for £8.99.

12. Mam Soothers 

I have always loved Mam Soothers. Lily was quite fussy with them and Mam was her favourite brand. Features of the dummy is that you can get different age range and different types. Including ones for night time which glow in the dark. I found this very helpful when Lily awoke in the night needed her dummy putting back in. I have also always loved the cute patterns that are on the front of the dummies. Mam use subtle colours so they aren't over colourful on your babies face. Always helps to then be able to see your babies cute smile form behind the dummy. The different sizes you can get start at 0 and go 12 months plus. Meaning these are gifts you can give for any age of baby. I am sure parents would be very appreciative of this gift at Christmas time. They are also made from a soft silicone meaning that baby enjoys the similar feeling to skin, and more importantly they are BPA and BPS free. You get 2 in a pack and the pack can be re used as storage for them when on the go. You can check out all the different soothers on the Mam website and buy them from £5.75 a pack. 

13. Nuby Reindeer Musical Toy

This toy will really get your baby in the Christmas spirit. What a cute reindeer from Nuby. Super soft to touch and stroke and cuddle, and then it is also musical which will really entertain them. At a push of a button this reindeer comes to life with a song of "do your ears hang low" and also a game of peek a boo. It is super easy for your 6 month old to press the button, or for younger babies you could press the button yourself. This will provide so many giggle for a baby and I can imagine it getting played with over and over again. This is a great way to encourage a baby to start interacting more and who better to interact with than a singing reindeer. This toy does not come with batteries, so when gifting this toy, keep that in mind. You can buy the Nuby Reindeer for £14.99 from the Nuby website in the Christmas section they currently have. 

Hope that you get some inspiration from this guide and have a lovely Christmas.

Which of the items above would you love to buy a baby for Christmas? 

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Wednesday 18 November 2020

Win a Men's Bracelet from Trend Him

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It is getting close to Christmas time and we are all starting to think about buying gifts for loved ones. Trend Him have a range of gifts for him that would all go down well as a lovely gift for the trendy male. 

They have washbags, tie clips, neck ties, wallets, watches and more. 

But you may want to consider having a look at their huge mens bracelet range. Plus I find a lot of the bracelets very unisex so there also may be a female in the family who may like them. A lot of them actually fit my style of bracelet that I would wear. 

You can get bracelets that are made from leather, beads, and even metal. You can buy cuff style, chain style or beaded style and they come in a range of sizes. 

The bracelets are not badly priced at all and some start at a wonderful price of £12! 

A lot of the style of these bracelets also work together really well, meaning you can style more than one bracelet together. 

Some of my favourites feature skulls, and also some lovely colours like deep blue and deep red. Head over to the website to see some of the choice!

Trend him want to spread the holiday cheer and so they would love to offer one winner a £25 spend on a bracelet of their choice. All you have to do is enter on the gleam app below. 

Which of the bracelets do you like the look off? 

Win a Mens Bracelet worth £25

Monday 9 November 2020

All about the MAM 2in1 Double Breast Pump

Do you want to breast feed? But then also would like the option of being able to bottle feed too? Well in that case you will be needing a breast pump! 

With Lily, I actually rarely did bottle feed, which meant I did ALL the night feeds and the day ones. I only needed bottles for the odd occasion and so a breast pump wasn't high on my need list. BUT this year, I am doing things a little differently. I 100% plan to breastfeed. But my partner would love to be able to help out with giving some bottles too. Meaning I get extra sleep in the night, and he gets to enjoy the bonding experience of feeding the baby. Plus with having Lily and her step sisters, they are all going to want to be big sisters and feed the baby too. So a decent breast pump is totally needed this time. 

That's why I am super excited that I have been sent a 2 in 1 Double Breast Pump from MAM which I am going to tell you all about.

Firstly, Why is it 2 in 1? It is 2 in 1 because you can eclectically use it, or manually. With a simple lid adapter, you can change it from using it electronically to putting a hand pump lid on meaning you can do it by hand. I think the fact it has the hand pump version in is incredibly handy because there are always times you may need to pump on the go. Or if you work, you may need to pump and dump, or pump and store. No one wants to have to carry around the full electric system with them and so this adapter is perfect for this type of use. 

Secondly, its double! Which means you can pump from both breasts at the same time. Saving time and also meaning you keep both breasts at the same level. Meaning one breast isn't fuller than the other, and you don't have to switch half way through. It is also clever in the way that you can do induvial settings for each breast!

So what comes in this set? 

It has - 

2x Breast Pump 2in1 Electric attachments, including funnel cover. 
1x Rechargeable battery Unit
1x Breast Pump 2in1 Manual Pump Handle attachment
2x 160ml MAM Easy start anti colic bottles with Sealing Discs
2x Size 0 Teats
2x Storage Pots 

More about the Electric Pump - 

There is so much to tell you about this pump, I am already impressed with its capabilities and is it strange to be excited about using a breast pump? No I don't think so either! Haha

So the battery for the pump is rechargeable, and comes with a 3 hour battery power life. This is great because it means you can pump where ever you want and don't need to be near a plug socket. It features a modern touch screen digital display, which gives it a lovely appearance and also means you don't have to mess around pressing lots of different buttons on a remote. It can be totally customized to your comfort preference with 9 different suction strengths and different modes which help with stimulation and flow. I have never used a electric pump before, but hearing all these features do make it much more appealing to want to use one. 

More about the funnels, bottles and tubs - 

The funnels are super soft and made from a silicone inlay which provides maximum comfort. Which is always needed for anything breast feeding related. the funnels both come with covers, which means it keeps them clean and dust free, perfect for traveling around. The storage pots which their are 2 of both contain 120ml of milk and come with a tight sealed lid. All plastics that are used, including the bottles and pumps are all BPA/BPS Free meaning they are safe to use. 

Now the bottles, I haven't used Mam bottles before (as I said, Lily didn't have many bottles) But I have heard amazing things about them and so I am looking forward to using them. 

The pack comes with 2 160ml Easy Start bottles and 2 size 0 teats which are the best to use for a newborn starting out on a bottle. The teats are flat, and soft and to replicate a mums breast. Which is exactly what babies are looking for, plus is really helpful when you are doing both breast and bottles feeding. Plus a main feature of the bottles is them being anti colic. There is a special valve in the bottom that prevents air bubbles and stops the milk from foaming. This means its a smooth flow and help prevent baby from swallowing air bubbles, meaning a less colic and more relaxed baby. Always a bonus. 

AND thats not all, the bottles are also Self-sterilising. You simply fill them with 20ml of water and heat for 3 minutes in the microwave. Meaning you don't need a steriliser for the bottles. I think this is a super clever extra that the MAM bottles do. 

Lastly, how cute are they? I love the shape, and the cute little patterns on the front. Which in this case is an elephant.

This set is RRP £200 from the MAM store, but is well worth the price as you simply can't go wrong with it. 

I plan to use this plenty when the baby is born! So you shall see some future reviews of this item if you keep following the blog! 

Who would like to enter to WIN their very own double breast pump? 

I currently have a competition running to win them on Instagram! Head here to enter!

Thursday 5 November 2020

Paw Patrol Mighty Pups - Save Adventure Bay Game

 (ad - Gifted) 

Who here is a massive Paw Patrol fan? We are in this house which is why we was super excited that a brand new game has come out that features all the pups in action! 

Its called Paw Patrol Mighty Pups - Save Adventure Bay! and it is available on the following consoles. 

Nintendo Switch
XBox One
or PC 

The game is released on the 6th of November and is available from Smyths Toys or Amazon.

The game can be played one player mode or 2 player mode and features fun mini games and adventures saving familiar loved characters by using the pups mighty powers. 

We was sent the game to play and have been having a blast with it! First of all, you and your kids will be super impressed with the graphics. We have been playing it on Nintendo Switch which means we can play it on a little screen or big screen. The graphics are so good that it looks exactly like the Tv show itself. Not a detail is missed and all of the characters look exactly like they do on the tv show. It looks just as good blown up on a big TV as on a small screen and so this really helped make the whole playing experience more fun. 

The kids loved playing with this on their own, and in 2 player mode which is co-op mode and helping each other rather than being against. They found it really easy to set up and play which meant that I could just leave them to playing it. The little missions the pups have to go on are so much fun and really get them excited. When playing it on the big screen they could not stop moving around and you could see the adrenaline and excitement rushing through them as they played. They also get to visit different parts of the town and other exciting places that may be recognisable from watching the TV show. 

The game also has some education value as your kids will have to do a lot of problem solving! Great for getting little brains active! 

If your kids are massive paw patrol fans then I would 100% recommend this game for them. 

You can watch more on the super clip here - 

To celebrate the game, we had a special paw patrol party! We was sent lots of fun things to have our party with, and it also gave us the first chance to play the game! 

After getting the party started by playing the game we also did some super activities. Colouring, which calmed all the kids after the excitement of the game, and making our own paw patrol badge. 

We also had some Pup tastic snacks that we made which all went down so well after the kids had built up such an appetite! 

Plus to get them back into the gaming spirit, we played some paw patrol themed card games which got the adrenaline back up and ready to get back into the computer game. 

If your feeling in the party mood after all this, then why not head to the #PAWPatrolMightyPups Twitter party which is featured on @UkMumsTv Twitter page on November the 6th at 1pm until 3pm. 

Monday 2 November 2020

Win a Crown the Unicorn Game from Cheatwell Games.

 I think this Christmas we shall unfortunately be spending a lot of time indoors. I know one way that I shall be entertaining the kids and that will be by playing lots of games. Christmas has always been a time for playing games for me, but even more so this year as other Christmas activities are sure to be cancelled. 

So let me introduce you to a new game on the market. 

Its called Crown the Unicorn and its made by Cheatwell Games. The game is suitable for ages 4+ and especially great for kids who love unicorns. Plus 2 to 6 players can play the game meaning that all the kids can play at once! 

The idea of the game is that is a game of search and find which features a lion and a unicorn. 

The Lion and the unicorn were fighting for the crown, the unicorn won the crown but the lion chased her and she lost it. You want to return the crown, but can you find the unicorn? Can you avoid the angry lion? This easy to set up game is a great search and find game that all the kids will enjoy. 

If you like the sound of this game then why not enter below for your chance to Win it? 

Win the Game Crown the Unicorn