Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Pregnancy Must Haves Guide

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Pregnancy can be wonderful, but also tough. I am currently 100% the judge of that at the moment as although I am enjoying being pregnant and super happy at the thought of having another baby, I am most definitely struggling with what comes with pregnancy. 

That is why I have put together this list of items that can really help make pregnancy that little more easy and enjoyable. 

All these lovely items were gifted to me to be able to put together this list. 

1. Love Leggings Maternity Leggings

One thing every pregnant women may be experiencing is a ever expanding tummy, which means that the clothing needs to expand too. Love leggings have a range of maternity leggings that come in a range of sizes and colour. At the top it has a stretchy waistline that can be pulled over your bump, while the rest of the leggings stay slim to your legs making them still look fashionable. The material is nice and stretchy but mostly lovely and soft. They are also not see through which I have found a lot of stretchy leggings can end up being. They are also available in tall or petite sizing's. You can buy these from the Love Leggings Website for £15.50.

2. Love Boo Mum Pampering Products

Love Boo is all about purely natural pampering for mums to be. Pregnancy can be hard on our bodies and a good soak in the bath or using some nice oils always help create relaxation. The bath soak has the ingredients chamomile and arnica which is great for tums that get itchy from stretching and also will sooth aches and pains. It also smells amazing! Then they have a miracle oil for stretch marks. Using this will help put some elasticity into your skin helping prevent stretch marks and it can also reduce any stretch marks you may already have or be starting to have. Its lovely blend of argan oil and almond oil, mandarin and passion fruit oils makes this skin treatment smell amazing. You can buy these and more from the Love Boo website

3. BabyGo Birthing Ball 

This is something that can be used throughout pregnancy as well as during birth. You can actually take these into hospital with you, or they will be perfect for if you plan to have a home birth. I used a birthing ball last time for helping myself get ready for labour. I would spend hours bouncing on the thing while watching tv and in the end it is what helped break my waters. But it can also be used during your pregnancy for things such as gentle exercise or yoga. There are so many benefits to using one and they can really help make your way to a natural labour. This ball is extra thick, which is best for posture and stability, it is anti burst so then it deflates slowly keeping you safe and it is also easy to clean with its hypoallergenic pvc surface. You can buy one for £22.95 from the BabyGo website

4. Mama's Moments Maternity Kit 

I love everything in this box, it is all going to be so helpful when the time comes to needing it. This box is full of items to help prepare for birth and also for help after it. First up in this box is the Cool it Mama. This is great for those hot flushes during pregnancy and for those moments in labour you need cooling or calming down. Next is the Down below bottle. Which contains an oil perfect for perineal massage. It is safe to use during pregnancy and can also help avoid tearing and stretchmarks. Next is the pure bliss, this is more for use after the baby is born. It is for soothing use on all the sore bits you may get, like tearing, swelling and even for a c section wound. Last but not least is the bosom buddies. In this little pack there are 3 bottles all to support breast feeding. They are used for sore nipples, helping low milk supply and soothing any swollen breasts. 
The Mamas Moments kit is made by the natural birthing company which means that all of the above at natural and been especially to be non harmful to mother and baby. You can buy this kit from the Natural Birthing Company website for £39.00. 

5. Medela Sleep and Breastfeeding Bra

When it comes to pregnancy, breasts are now something we find can suddenly be uncomfortable, sore, but also a main part. The first trimester your breasts grow at such a rapid pace that they do become pretty sore and so at night time, sleeping without a bra can be pretty uncomfortable. I found that I could not roll over without feeling pain. But yet your every day bra's are also not comfortable to sleep in. This is where the Medela sleep bra comes in very handy. They are soft, stretchy but also super supportive. I have been using this one for a while now, and to be honest, it is so comfortable I don't want to take it off. I have on some lazy days been keeping it on during the day. It also has no hooks which makes it even more comfortable to sleep in. You can get the bra in black or white and it comes in a range of sizes. I am usually a 34/B and the small has been a perfect fit for me. Plus then when the baby is born you can pull aside the bra with ease to reveal the breast for breastfeeding. I will be for sure getting myself another one of these bra's. You can buy this bra from the Medela website for £14.49. 

6. Lets Talk to Mummy's Tummy Book

This book is written by Helen Lacey and I think is a must have book for any mother expecting baby number 2. The book is made to read as a family while you explore what is going on inside mummy's tummy while there is a baby there. It is such a lovely way for children to be able to feel closer to the whole experience and it adds much more excitement to the whole thing. A parent being pregnant could be a wary experience for a child as they see big changes such as mummy being sick, saying "ouch" and that her body is growing. This book is a lovely way to put a child's mind at ease that it is all natural. The book is beautifully illustrated and shows week by week what is happening inside the tummy. The book is written is such a child friendly way by it speaking out to the children, and asking them relatable questions. It also has stickers inside so the children can get involved with the book. Lily and her sisters have all loved this book so far and get super excited each week when it is time to read a new page. You can buy this book from the Authors website for £13.99. 

I hope this guide has been useful and you head out and support these wonderful brands while they support you. 

Which of the above would you find helpful while pregnant? 

Is there any of the above you wish you would of known about while pregnant? 


  1. I like the look of the book let's talk to mummy's tummy to help younger ones prepare for a brother or sister!

  2. Mamma moments - really gorgeous collection - you'll use long after your little boy arrives

  3. Love Boo, Pampering Products. As appropriate Self Care through pregnancy is beneficial for everyone. Easing the aches, allowing some relaxation. Bliss!

    Rachel Craig

  4. Leggings :- A comfortable option for pregnancy, and initial postnatal weeks / months.

    Rachel Craig

  5. I love the Maternity kit,with I had seen this when I was pregnant x

  6. The maternity leggings look fab, I never managed to find a pair that would stay up towards the end of my pregnancies

  7. The sleep and breastfeeding bra is something I wish I had it would of made it so much easier

  8. Definately the maternity leggings comfort is a must during pregnancy

  9. Breast feeding bra and legging a must

  10. Let’s Talk to Mummy’s Tummy book. Seems a lovely idea. As this is a life changing event for the family. With children it is preparing them for a new life :- A new member of the family. Whilst it is something they will gain knowledge from which may be of benefit when perhaps they are about to have a new cousin, etc. Helps them to increase awareness, etc.

    Rachel Craig