Friday 21 August 2020

Meli & Ro Busy Bag Review

 If you are looking for a way to keep your kids busy then look no further than Meli & Ro busy bags! 

There may be many reasons why you would need a bag like this. Maybe you are going away for the weekend, maybe your little one is staying at a grandparents, or maybe your having a new child arrive and your going to have your hands full. Meli & Ro busy bags are packed full of things perfect to keep your child entertained. 

We have been sent a bag to try and we was super impressed with the amount of fun packed inside. 

We was sent a yellow bag,  but there are lots of colours to choose from. I think the bag itself being a back pack is brilliant. Such good quality and something that can be used again and again. In our pack was a mixture of unisex activities. Lily is a big fan of all things boys and girls and so a mixed pack was best for her. She also shared with her 2 sisters we now live with and one loves girly items and the other more boyish, so they were perfect to share. 

You can see above all we got in a pack. 

The girls were really pleased to have a fossil egg each and both Lily and E were happy with the fact their was dinosaur themed items and crocodile items. 

Pick up sticks has always been one of my favourite games so I was really pleased to see this too. 

The girls all cracked open their eggs first to find their surprise glowing creature inside. 

There was also some colouring sheets for the girls and some scratch art for them to do. Plus a make your own cardboard bugs. J and Lily also loved the Cats Cradle that was sent and has been practising with it loads. 

There are so many options on the website of different things you could get in your bag, and you can also buy different sizes which is great if you want it filled with items for more than one child. You can also build your very own bundle if there are specific things you want in your bag. 

Of course all different aged children like different things, so you can also select the age of the child that it is for. 

These all really kept the kids busy, and they still have some left yet to do. They loved the scratch art but the Dino tattoo's were a firm favourite. 

The bags start from £32.50 which works out great when you get such a good quality backpack with it too. It also saves driving round to all the shops which is good for the moment while Covid is about. 

There are also different activity packs on the Meli and Ro website so head there to check out more of what they have. 

What items would you love to find in a Activity bag like this? 

Thursday 20 August 2020

Frozen 2 Shuffle Game Review

(ad - Gifted)

Any Frozen fan would love this game because its fully frozen themed! Shuffle has cleverly designed a frozen card game that has 4 games in one and I was sent some to tell you all about. 

So the 4 games that are included are Snap, Pairs, Action Game and Happy Families. You get 1 set of cards and you can play all 4 games with this one set. 

The first game we played was snap. 

I'm pretty sure most of you will know the rules of the game. You share the cards between each player and then on your turn place a card down into the middle, if 2 cards are the same, the first to slam down their hand and shout snap wins! For this version of the game you are matching colours and characters, so Elsa on top of Elsa which are both light blue, would be a match. This game got super competitive and slightly violent with the hands slamming down (haha) but they really loved playing it.

Happy Families is all about getting a family of 4, so you need to get yourself 4 Elsa or 4 Olaf for example. Each player gets 4 cards, then the rest go into a pile face down. To play, the first player asks the next player if they have a card that could complete their family. If not then they pick up from the pile. If a player does have it then they pass it over and the player gets to take another turn. The first player with a full family wins.

Next up is Pairs, again its a pretty simple game we have all played before. You place all the cards face down and then you have to pick up 2 of the same colour to have a match. The person who collects the most wins. 

Then you have Action Game which is one I hadn't heard of before, each player gets 5 cards each. Place the remaining cards on the table face down. The goal of the game is to get rid of as many cards as you can as quick as you can. The game is a little like the adult game blackjack and you have to match what has been put down before, so you can match a symbol at the top of the card, or a colour. If you can't put down, then you pick up. A few of the symbols have meaning to them, for example if you get ones with arrow symbols on then this means you need to swap with another players cards. The first player with no cards left is the winner. 

The girls found the action game a little more complicated than the rest, but it was my overall favourite to play. 

The game does come with instructions but you can go to the website and watch videos that give you a better idea of how to play. 

The best thing about this is that its £4.45 for the pack, which is amazing to say you get to play 4 games. 

If you would like to know more or see how the game is played then head to the Shuffle Website now and check it out.

Which of the 4 games would your child like the most?