Wednesday 3 June 2020

Na! Na! Na! Surprise Review

(ad - gifted)

We have been gifted series 2 of Na! Na! Na! Surprise and they are the cutest little things I've ever seen. 

If you haven't heard of them before, they are cute little dolls that come as a surprise in a super surprise pack. We was sent 2 dolls and so i'm going to tell you all about them. 

The boxes they come in straight away make the dolls look special. They come in a pink shiny box which looks a little like a suitcase and the girls were so excited to get them opened. 

When you have removed the plastic packaging you are left with a shiny pink bag and a straw. The doll is inside, and to be able to get to the doll you need to pop in the straw and blow up the packaging. When you have blown into it and its inflated you pull a strip of cardboard at the top and then squeeze it and it will pop with a burst of confetti. Out of the 2 dolls, one of them popped before we even squeezed it and the second one didn't pop. I think the first we blew up too much and the second one not enough. The kids were both pleased with all the confetti that went everywhere though (us parents not so much though).

You then can open the packaging to reveal the doll. The doll comes in a cute pouch bag which comes on a keychain and you can use again and again. You also get some little surprise bags to open. In the surprise bags there are clothing and shoes for your dolls. 

The dolls already come the underwear on and when you have dressed the dolls they look adorable. I really like there cute little faces. They are made from a material but are still hard dolls. They also have movable arms and legs. The Na Na Na Surprise dolls are super fashionable and their outfits all relate to their little bags they come in. Which are animal themed. 

In series 2 there are 6 different dolls to collect.

We got Katherine Whiskers which is cat themed. She comes with beautiful pink hair, a black top with a cat on it and a pink tutu. She also wears a cat hat which matches the pouch bag. We also got Michael Manchester who is dog themed. He comes in a green track suit and a white t-shirt with a dog on it. He also has a dog themed hat. He is the only boy in the collection so we was really pleased to get him. They both also come with really stylish shoes. 

Lily and Jessica got one doll each, and not knowing what they was going to get, Jessica got the boy one and Lily the girl. They both decided they preferred each others and decided to do a swap. 

We accepted a challenge called the #NananaSurpriseStyleChallenge to find clothes in the kids wardrobes that matched their dolls. With Michael being a boy and his clothes looking super different to anything Lily owns, we could only find a T-shirt with some animals on as a theme. For Jessica, She has a beautiful dress that has a tutu bottom and that was the closest match to Katherine. It was actually a crazy co-incidence that they already happened to be wearing these outfits before opening their dolls. It was like it was meant to be! 

The girls have loved their dolls, especially Jessica (7) who has been carrying hers around with her lots and also taking her to bed. 

If your child loves Surprise dolls then these are really cute ones to start collecting. Perfect if your child has siblings into them too as if they get the same one twice, they can always swap. 

Na Na Na Surprise Dolls are £22.99 each and can be bought from your usual toy stores.

Head to the Na Na Na Surprise website to see more. 

Which of the Na Na Na Surprise dolls would you child like to get? 


  1. I've not heard of these before, they are fab!

  2. ashleigh allan4 June 2020 at 08:45

    Looks good my niece would love these!

  3. Oh, I see what you mean about cute! They're all gorgeous but we are cat people so would go for Katherine Whiskers Fashion Doll. Thanaks for the review. I will be investing in one of these for Christmas.

  4. These look great, kids love a surprise, fingers crossed

  5. Totally agree these are so cute, i have a Granddaughter who would love this

  6. They are very cute but we haven’t heard of them before .