Monday 29 June 2020

Getting Crafty with Aqua Beads

Aqua Beads are super fun and creative on their own. But how about getting even more creative and then getting crafty when using Aqua Beads. 

We have been sent some brilliant sets from Aqua beads. A 1000 Star Bead Set, an animal theme refill and a 500 bead refill. These are perfect for hours of fun plus getting crafty.

The sets all come with super colourful beads, some circular and some star shaped. Plus they comes with template cards which show you what you can make. You will need to get the bigger set to use the refill sets as this one comes with a base to make your aqua beads on. It also comes with a pen that drops the beads into the base. It also comes with a little spray bottle to fill with water.
The bigger set also comes with a bead case that you can store all your beads in. 

So, what kind of crafts could you do? You could make keyrings? You could decorate cups, or you could follow my tutorial below and make some cool door signs to hang on the doors. 

But first, you need to make your aqua beads. There are lots of different designs to choose from and even more on the website. The kids chose a dragon, dog, unicorn and Llama.

You place the design card into the base and then place the aquabeads in the correct spot. The kids found the pen a little tricky to use and preferred to use tweezers. After all the beads are in the correct spot you then spray this with water and then leave for a hour. The water makes the beads all sticky and they stick together to make a lovely aqua bead shape.

After they are dried you should be able to carefully peal them away from the base. 

Then to make the door signs. They are super easy to do and look great when finished!

You will need some card, coloured if you wish. Some glue, and some scissors, plus a pencil to draw out the sign template. 

It is best to draw your door handle on the back so then when its cut out you can't see any pencil lines. There are a few different shapes you can do but we decided to go with this shape below. 

You then need to cut out the shape ready for your kids to get designing. They can pick there own message to go on the hanger, we used Girls only, Im in! and Keep Out. Then if they like they can add extra decorations. 

When they are ready and your aquabeads are ready, you then need to glue the aquabead shapes onto the door hangers. You need to use quite a lot of PVC glue and then its best to leave something heavy on top of it until it is dry. 

When they are dry they look great and the kids were super pleased to have made their own signs. We put on on their bedroom, one on the playroom and one on the bathroom door. 

So why not get yourself some aqua beads and either make some door hangers of your own or come up with another creative idea! 

Head to Aquabeads to see more of there wonderful sets. 

What would you make?


  1. Oh wow, fabulous info, thank you. love those door hangers

  2. We love these too - the possibilities are endless - glad you had fun too

  3. Aquabeads look great, iv been waiting on my daughter reaching age where she will use them well, think wer almost there

  4. ashleigh allan11 July 2020 at 08:30

    My kids love aquabeads - lots of fun!

  5. I would be a bit worried about my cat eating them

  6. Lovely door hangers! The set looks as though it would support a number of skills as well as being fun and creative.

  7. I would of loved this as a child - and now to be honest. 😂

  8. My grandson is addicted to doing these I'm always looking for more

  9. I would make a bookmark so I don't keep losing my page!

  10. These look fun, I shall have to get some for my granddaughter to try.

  11. I've made some of these with my kids before! It's so fun!

  12. We went through such an Aquabeads phase in this house ! we were all at it haha x

  13. My daughters love aqua beads so easy to do and they can be as creative as they want.

  14. This is something i am still to try with my daughter, will look forward to trying

  15. My daughter used to love these things, we used to spend hours doing these.