Thursday 7 May 2020

Summer Fun Games from Tactic Games - Review

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Although its only spring its starting to feel like summer. We have had some lovely sunshine lately and although we can't enjoy it on a beach, we have been making sure we still have some fun in the sunshine. 

Tactic Games have helped us with this by sending us some games that are perfect for play in the house, your back yard or garden. Meaning summer fun for everyone. 

We have been sent Beach Bounce and King of the Hill and we have already been playing both of them loads. 

First of all let me tell you the favourite of the 2, and that has to be King of the Hill. 

What looks like just a basic box of bricks is actually a challenging fun throwing game where you have to try and score the most points to win.

The set comes with 8 bricks and 3 cylinder shaped bricks which all have a picture on the front. These are the king and his 2 knights, and the other bricks are to build the castle they all live on. 

The set also comes with instructions and score sheet. The instructions give you a few ideas of shapes of castles you could make, or you can make your own. Then it also comes with 2 soft red balls. 

The way to play the game is by throwing the ball aiming to only knock the king and his knights off. That's the way to gain the most points. You must try and not hit any bricks of the castle as each brick standing is worth a point each. If you knock down the knights and not the king, then you score 0 points as the king is still standing. But if you hit the king and not the knights then you loose 2 points for each knight standing. 

That means that you could end up with 4 bricks standing but if both the knights still stand then you would still end up with 0 points. 

Every player gets 2 throws of the ball each and then you total up the score at the end. Everytime the castle is knocked down it needs to be built exactly the same for the next player. You play until the first player reaches 25. You could stick with the same castle throughout the game or you could change it on each round. Which is a great way to vary up the game. 

We have loved playing this game, and Lily found it lots of fun even though she found it challenging and only got a total of 4 points. The game is great for all children no matter the age, but then they will understand the game and play it better if they are older. 

The next game we played was Beach Bounce. I love how summer themed this game is, its perfect to help us enjoy a beach theme with out being able to go to the beach. 

This game comes with 2 balls, and some cardboard pieces that need to be pieced together to make the playing board. The box that the game comes in ends up also being needed for the game and becomes the base. It is super each to piece together and in minutes your ready to play. When the game is set up there should be 9 squares and also a shark zone at the front.

The idea of the game is to bounce the ball over the shark zone at the front and let it land in one of the squares. You need to get 3 in a row and get all of your flags onto the island to win. Sounds easy but its a lot more tricky than it sounds which makes it lots of fun. You can play in teams or make it a 2 player game, each team or player selects if they are a seal or a dolphin and when you get a ball into a square you place the animal tile into the square to show you scored. 

Each time your team gets a 3 in a row you then get to place a flag on the island at the back. 

But to make it trickier, if you bounce your ball and there is already a tile in there, turn it around as that now belongs to the other team.

This game is super fun and super simple to play, making it fun for kids aged around 4+. We have played it loads so far and Lily is getting better at playing it each time. 

Both of these brilliant games are available from Tactic Games and you can see more about them here on the website. 

Which game do you like the sound of? 


  1. I like the look of both these games! If I had to choose though, I would love to play Beach Bounce with my niece and nephew!

  2. Havent got these yet - they look great fun

  3. ashleigh allan12 May 2020 at 21:41

    Looks like lots of fun!

  4. These games look great, we would love to play beach bounce

  5. looks fun games for the kiddies, i know my daughter would love

  6. Ooooh, these look interesting and fun - anything to break up the boredom we're all going through!!

  7. Beach Bounce looks a super fun game for the little ones

  8. Never heard of either of these games, but look great fun to play, games which the whole family can play together