Tuesday 19 May 2020

Fun Learning with Orchard Toys

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We have been a big fan of Orchard Toys for years now. I have always found them to be the best for educational games and really put thought into how to make learning fun. 

As a lot of us are all home schooling and some us probably still going to be home schooling for a while, you may want to look at Orchard Toys for ideas to help educate your kids. 

Plus when your children do go back to school, it is always good to carry on their leaning at home. 

Orchard Toys supply games for up to 8 years old and have recently made home learning packs for pre school to key stage 2. These include either a selection of games or games and an activity book. They all include essential learning including counting, spelling and time telling. 

Their activity books are really good and we have got quite a few of them now. They have colouring books which help with numbers and spelling and also activity books which have fun puzzles to solve which also aid learning. They also include stickers, which is Lily's favourite part about the books. 

Plus if you head to the Orchard Toys website, you will be able to see lots of activity ideas as well as some brilliant print outs. We have been using some of the print outs and Lily finds them really fun. They include crafts, baking ideas, colouring sheets, maths sheets, phonics fun, plus fun facts.

I 100% recommend Orchard toys for fun and for encouraging your child to learn and I know I shall carry on using their games through Lily's Learning. 

Do you own anything from Orchard toys?


  1. Orchard games are fantastic for learning whilst playing. There are so many games to choose from, spoilt for choice!

  2. I love orchard toys - they are great fun and educational so perfect for kids!

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    Usually I never comment on blogs but your article is so convincing that I never stop myself to say something about it. I am Really very happy to say that this post is very interesting and informative to read.


  4. we love orchard game, such fun and educational too, win win!

  5. We love orchard toys products, we have pizza pizza and giraffes in scarves

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  7. I love Orchard Toys - educational yet also fun.

  8. Own a lot of Orchard games, because they are fun and educational

  9. I love the orchard tree games so much fun and kids don’t realise they are learning