Tuesday 14 April 2020

Learning Resource My First Telescope

(ad - Gifted)

Introducing the Learning Resource My First Telescope from the GeoSafari Range.

Lily was sent one to try out and I must say its been really handy for keeping her entertained and also educated over the last few weeks of lock down.The first week we had it, lock down wasn't fully in play so we took it to the end of our street where there was a big open space to test it out. But we have also been using it out of the window, in the front yard and the back yard.

Firstly, the Telescope is really easy to use as its already set up ready for use. This made Lily very happy as she could start using it straight away. The legs on it fold up tightly so then its easy to store and also easy to carry. Lily loved that she could carry it herself. 

The colours of the Telescope are perfect for any boy or girl with its mixture of blue and orange and yellow. It is also not to heavy for children to carry. The eye piece has 2 eye holes so it makes it easy for children to use and they don't have to learn to close one eye. It also has a soft rubber area for where they need to press their face to the telescope, this means they don't end up hurting their face. 

The telescope is quite easy to use. The legs pull out very easily and the front cap pops on and off easily too. It took lily a little while to learn to how direct the telescope angle by un-twisting the side knob and then pushing it into the direction she needs, and she is still getting used to where to aim it too, but hopefully as she grows, her ability to use it will grow too. She also didn't quite understand that what she needed to look at needed to be at least 30 metres away. 

Lily has loved playing with this so far and has been using it to see the birds, the tree's and the aeroplanes in the sky. The great thing about the telescope is that you don't need to focus it so the child can simply just aim and then look through it. With the day light staying longer and Lily's bedtime being before the night sky comes, we haven't yet had chance to look at the moon with it yet but with the 10x magnification this telescope has it will be great to use to teach kids about the moon and stars.

The only thing I did find that was the legs were slightly short and so the telescope worked better being placed on a wall, or would work on a table if looking out the window.

The My First Telescope is £30 to buy and is aimed at children aged 4-7 years old. It can be bought from the Learning Resource website.

Is this something that would keep your kids entertained? 

What would they enjoy looking at?


  1. What a great looking telescope! Lovely photos too. Lily looks like she's a professional! I can imagine her excitement when she looks for the stars. My daughter is 14 and we bought her a telescope for Christmas just gone and we got it out the other day for the super moon and it was amazing! It showed all the craters and it was so clear. My daughter loves astronomy and you never know, Lily may develop a love the stars and moon by having her own at this age.

  2. This looks fun and educational, my daughter would love it

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  4. This loks like a really fun educational toy. It's great that it is light enough for a child to carry, although I agree with you that it might be improved by having longer legs, or legs that can be adjusted to be longer, so that the user can stand and use it.

  5. Oh wow, this looks terrific fun for the little ones and educational which is always aplus

  6. Lily looks to be really enjoying this my grandson would love it hes always looking at the stars

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  8. looks a great telescope my nephew would love this!