Sunday 26 April 2020

Baby Born Cute Clothing Review

(Ad - Gifted)

Lily's favourite thing to play with is her baby dolls from Baby Born. She has had the girl doll and boy doll for some time now and they must be one of her most common played with toys. 

So when I got the chance to be sent some lovely clothing from Baby Born for her babies, I knew that Lily would be pleased if I said yes. 

So I was sent 2 outfits, one for the boy baby born and one for the girl.

The boy outfit was a cute jeans dungarees set. It is a 3 piece set that also comes with an adorable pair of white shoes and some sunglasses.

The dungarees are really cute, they are a nice blue coloured set with a pattern that includes stars and hearts on it. It also has a sequin heart on the front that says Love above it. The dungarees also clip just like real dungarees do that me and you would wear, which is a nice addition to make it feel like they are dressing a real baby. Under the dungarees there is a cute blue and white stripy t-shirt and the set also comes with a blue hat. 
The quality of the clothing is super high quality and it also fits baby born dolls perfectly. Lily found it easy to dress her doll in this outfit meaning she can play with it all by herself. 

The outfit also works perfectly as a tomboy style girls outfit for the baby born girl doll. 

The girl outfit we was sent was the deluxe trendy rainbow set. This one is also a 3 piece set and this time comes with cute silver welly boots. 

The theme behind the set is a little rainy day outfit. It has bright green leggings, a bright pink t-shirt that says be wild on it with a bunny picture, and then it comes with a rain mac which is see through with pink, blue and yellow animal print on. It is such a cute set and Lily finds it really easy to put on her dolls. Even the shoes go on and off easily. Just like the other outfit, they are both really good quality and fit the baby born dolls perfectly. 

Lily has loved playing outdoors with the dolls and the fact they are in little outfits rather than baby grows really encourages her to play with them in different ways. The clothes are also quite stretchy which meant she could still put nappies under the outfits if she wanted to. 

You can find both outfits plus much more on the baby born website


  1. These are really cute doll's outfits. I especially like the mac and wellies.

  2. Lovely clothes, my daughter would love them for her baby born

  3. These clothes are so cute, especially love that mac with the wellies

  4. Adorable - will be getting some soon for my 2 great neices

  5. Aww lovely photo! Brings back memories of me playing dress up with my dolls.

  6. These are so cute love the baby born dolls and clothes collections

  7. Aww the rain mac is adroable, this used to be my favourite thing to do - dress my dolls, and i know my daughter loves doing it with hers now!