Thursday 30 April 2020

The Brand New Scruff a Luvs - Review

(ad - Gifted)

You may have seen a previous review we did on the wonderful Scruff A Luvs and we are super pleased to be able to reveal to you more adorable pets for your child to now be able to rescue.

We was sent a lovely bundle of Scruff a Luvs which included 2 Babies, 2 New Spring edition babies, 1 Friends Scruff a Luvs and one Jungle Scruff a Luvs. 

They are all brand new and Lily and I was super excited to find out what cute animals they were to be. 

All the Scruff a Luvs are secret and you don't know who you are going to get until you open them up. 

The larger boxes, you still don't know who you are going to get until you do the job of giving your scruff a luvs a good bath. They come in matted balls that feel hard, they don't feel like a teddy at all. To reveal who you have got you need to bath them in water and it will soften and you will soon be able to see who you have got. In the Friends pack, you could get a dog, cat or pony. In the jungle pack you could get a Lion, Parrot or Monkey. The Jungle set also comes wrapped in pretend leaves which you also have to remove. I love the idea of the jungle friends because its just like saving the animals that live in the jungle. 

Both of them also came with a comb and a hair clip. The Scruff a Luvs Friends also had a collar which you are able to write the name of the pet on after. 

The fun part of this toy has to be the washing stage. We filled up a sink of water and also used to shampoo to wash the fur. Soon they both opened up, and became soft and more plush like. From the Friends collection we got a cute dog, it was pink and purple and super sweet. From the Jungle collection we got a monkey which was green and pink and also super cute. 

The idea behind the pets is that you need to wash them, groom them and take care of them to make them go from scruffy to fluffy. After a good shampoo and condition, we gave them a good rinse with cold water and then it was time to get them dried. 

First we gave them a good dry with a towel, and then we used a hair drier to blast them dry. We did spend a good 20 min trying to dry them, but in the end they needed to go on the radiator to dry over night. So make sure your child knows they probably won't have their new pet to cuddle that night. 

After giving them a good dry you then need to give them a good brush, and attach their collar and the head clips and they are then ready to be cared for for life.

Lily loved the new babies that were sent. They came in a cute little hutch like box which you can keep your babies in after they are washed. 

Again you don't know which one you are going to get until you open up the boxes. In the babies there are 21 different pets you could get and in the special edition spring babies you could get a Chick, Lamb or a bunny. 

Lily got a cute bunny and a chick in her spring editions and she got a kitten and puppy in the normal baby packs. 

The babies fur isn't as matted as the big ones and they don't come in a ball like the bigger scruff a luvs do, but you can still give them a wash which is Lily's favourite part. 

Another cute thing about them is that they come with a dummy in. What we didn't realise though is that when you have removed the dummy it doesn't go back on, so if this is a feature about the babies that your child likes, then don't remove the dummy. They also come with a little brush. 

Lily took care of her babies and cleaned them up until they were all fluffy again. They also come on little key rings which you can also attach to their little homes. 

Another feature of all the scruff a luvs is that they all come with adoption certificates which you can name you new pet on and sign to say you have adopted them. This is a really cute edition to the pets. 

Lily was super happy with her new pets and she plans to love them forever. 

You can buy Scruff a Luvs from most toy stores and if you buy a Friends Scruff a Luvs then a percentage of that sale goes towards the RCPCA which is great to know your also helping real animals. 

Head to the Scruff a Luvs  section of the Moose Toys website to find out more. 

Would your little one enjoy adopting a pet? 

Sunday 26 April 2020

Baby Born Cute Clothing Review

(Ad - Gifted)

Lily's favourite thing to play with is her baby dolls from Baby Born. She has had the girl doll and boy doll for some time now and they must be one of her most common played with toys. 

So when I got the chance to be sent some lovely clothing from Baby Born for her babies, I knew that Lily would be pleased if I said yes. 

So I was sent 2 outfits, one for the boy baby born and one for the girl.

The boy outfit was a cute jeans dungarees set. It is a 3 piece set that also comes with an adorable pair of white shoes and some sunglasses.

The dungarees are really cute, they are a nice blue coloured set with a pattern that includes stars and hearts on it. It also has a sequin heart on the front that says Love above it. The dungarees also clip just like real dungarees do that me and you would wear, which is a nice addition to make it feel like they are dressing a real baby. Under the dungarees there is a cute blue and white stripy t-shirt and the set also comes with a blue hat. 
The quality of the clothing is super high quality and it also fits baby born dolls perfectly. Lily found it easy to dress her doll in this outfit meaning she can play with it all by herself. 

The outfit also works perfectly as a tomboy style girls outfit for the baby born girl doll. 

The girl outfit we was sent was the deluxe trendy rainbow set. This one is also a 3 piece set and this time comes with cute silver welly boots. 

The theme behind the set is a little rainy day outfit. It has bright green leggings, a bright pink t-shirt that says be wild on it with a bunny picture, and then it comes with a rain mac which is see through with pink, blue and yellow animal print on. It is such a cute set and Lily finds it really easy to put on her dolls. Even the shoes go on and off easily. Just like the other outfit, they are both really good quality and fit the baby born dolls perfectly. 

Lily has loved playing outdoors with the dolls and the fact they are in little outfits rather than baby grows really encourages her to play with them in different ways. The clothes are also quite stretchy which meant she could still put nappies under the outfits if she wanted to. 

You can find both outfits plus much more on the baby born website

Friday 17 April 2020

Keep Kids Warm in Style

(ad gifted)

Although the sun is shinning, everyone knows that the spring and summer English weather is never blazing hot every day. There is often a cool breeze and the early mornings can often feel chilly. 

So you might be looking for that extra layer to go with your child's spring / summer outfits.

So I have 2 lovely choices of brands you may want to consider when thinking about staying warm. 

The first is from a clothing company from Spain called La Coqueta. They have a beautiful website full of delightful designer kids clothing and a boutique in London. All the designers of the clothing are from Spain and making the clothing in Spain. They make clothing from baby items up to the age of 10 years and for girls and boys. 

We was sent one of their lovely cardigans to review. 

Firstly the box it came in was beautiful itself. It would make a lovely gift if you was gifting some baby clothes to someone. After opening the layers of lovely paper it was wrapped in, the gorgeous cardigan was revealed, and gorgeous is exactly what it is. 

The cardigan I was sent was a very traditional cut, with 2 buttons at the top and the rest of the cardigan open. It would look beautiful over a party dress or summer dress. We was sent a pink cardigan but there are other colours available on the website. The pink colour is so pretty though and is a lovely shade. You can tell that the cardigan is made with such high quality materials and time and effort put into the making of it. The detail around the collar is so lovely and the use of shell buttons just gives it that extra Spanish feel to it. Also the detail around the cuffs of the arms is also so delicate looking and beautiful.

The materials of the cardigan are all organic and are made with the finest cotton and wool, making it super soft and also not irritable on children's skin. This was a big bonus for us as Lily has Eczema. Usually with such high quality clothing you end up having to hand wash them, but La Coqueta know how much this can be effort when you have children and so have made there clothing so it is machine washable. 

Lily looks so pretty in the cardigan and it will look so lovely with many of her items of clothing. It is perfect for an extra layer during the spring and summer months as it is not too thick and will just provide that extra bit of warmth. 

You can buy this cardigan for £46, plus browse many more beautiful items on the La Coqueta website

The next item of clothing has a different style completely but still is brilliant for that extra layer during the spring and summer months. 

It is a super cool sweatshirt from Bebe Hound. 

We was sent a sweatshirt of our choice and I chose this one that stales Little Photographer on it. I felt it was perfect for Lily as she is a mini me at times and always taking pictures.

Babe hound is based and hand printed in Yorkshire and make comfortable, unisex, cool looking clothing all made from 100% cotton. 

Their website has t-shirts, bags and sweatshirts all with cool slogans and pictures on that your children are sure to love. I browsed for a while and found lots that I felt would suit Lily's personality so I expect there will be a design perfect for every child on there. 

The jumper is really soft, especially on the inside, and is perfect for that extra layer in the spring and summer due to it being not too thick. It is also quite baggy which means it is nice and airy to wear. 

The camera on the front is soft and velvety and strokable and feels nice to touch. Although the jumper isn't very girly, the colours I find are perfect for a girl to wear with the camera being a light purple. 

Lily looked so cool in her new sweatshirt and has loved wearing it out while using her camera which looks very similar to the one on her jumper. 

Sweatshirts from Bebe Hound are £22 each and can be bought from their website

Which of these designs do you like? 

Have you checked out what else they have on their website? 

Tuesday 14 April 2020

Learning Resource My First Telescope

(ad - Gifted)

Introducing the Learning Resource My First Telescope from the GeoSafari Range.

Lily was sent one to try out and I must say its been really handy for keeping her entertained and also educated over the last few weeks of lock down.The first week we had it, lock down wasn't fully in play so we took it to the end of our street where there was a big open space to test it out. But we have also been using it out of the window, in the front yard and the back yard.

Firstly, the Telescope is really easy to use as its already set up ready for use. This made Lily very happy as she could start using it straight away. The legs on it fold up tightly so then its easy to store and also easy to carry. Lily loved that she could carry it herself. 

The colours of the Telescope are perfect for any boy or girl with its mixture of blue and orange and yellow. It is also not to heavy for children to carry. The eye piece has 2 eye holes so it makes it easy for children to use and they don't have to learn to close one eye. It also has a soft rubber area for where they need to press their face to the telescope, this means they don't end up hurting their face. 

The telescope is quite easy to use. The legs pull out very easily and the front cap pops on and off easily too. It took lily a little while to learn to how direct the telescope angle by un-twisting the side knob and then pushing it into the direction she needs, and she is still getting used to where to aim it too, but hopefully as she grows, her ability to use it will grow too. She also didn't quite understand that what she needed to look at needed to be at least 30 metres away. 

Lily has loved playing with this so far and has been using it to see the birds, the tree's and the aeroplanes in the sky. The great thing about the telescope is that you don't need to focus it so the child can simply just aim and then look through it. With the day light staying longer and Lily's bedtime being before the night sky comes, we haven't yet had chance to look at the moon with it yet but with the 10x magnification this telescope has it will be great to use to teach kids about the moon and stars.

The only thing I did find that was the legs were slightly short and so the telescope worked better being placed on a wall, or would work on a table if looking out the window.

The My First Telescope is £30 to buy and is aimed at children aged 4-7 years old. It can be bought from the Learning Resource website.

Is this something that would keep your kids entertained? 

What would they enjoy looking at?

Monday 6 April 2020

An Eggcellent Easter Egg Hunt with Learning Resources

We’re #StayingIndoors and have teamed up with Learning Resources for an eggciting online Easter egg hunt. You’ll stand the chance to win an eggciting prize and receive a mystery discount!

On 6th April hop along to Learning Resources’ Facebook or Instagram pages and look out for the clues. Follow the clues to find one of their favourite blogs, where you’ll need to hunt for an Easter egg to crack. Hidden inside each Easter Egg you’ll discover a letter! Remember all the letters because you’ll need them to spell out the answer to a question at the end of the hunt to enter the competition!

Learning Resources are giving away a bumper Alternative Easter Gift prize bundle to once lucky winner and everyone who enters the Egg Hunt will receive a surprise discount of between 10-50% off a Learning Resources purchase on their website.

As well as providing you with this fun Easter Egg hunt, Learning Resources also have some amazing alternative Easter gifts online. If you don't fancy giving your child chocolate this year then some of these gifts may be perfect for your little one. 

They have a special section just for Easter themed toys which all have a great learning aspect to them to, which is great seen as we are all currently home schooling. Plus they will all keep your kids entertained for the weeks ahead that we all have to stay in doors!.

Check out some of the games, and cute little toys they have to offer here

Hope you have a Hoppy Easter!