Saturday, 7 March 2020

Schleich Horse Club Toy Review

We have reviewed items from the Horse Club before so when we was offered some new sets to review we horse jumped to the job!

I have always though that Schleich toys were amazing and Lily has has some animal figures since she was little but lately she has really got into horses and so we have formed a nice collection of these. 

We was sent the horse Club Mobile Vet Van, and 2 of the Horse Club Girls. 

Lily as always was super pleased to see these and could not wait to get them out to play. The horse girls she could already see as the box makes it so then you can touch them. So she wanted me to open these first for her. The horse is tied in with those twisty ties and so didn't take long to get them out. 

As soon as they were out she started playing with them straight away. Making horse noises and putting the girls on and off the horses backs. Each horse comes with a saddle and bridle and so the girls sit easily on top and can hold onto the bridle straps. The girls are both movable figures to and so you can move their arms to make imaginary play with them more fun. 

The best thing about these horses is the detail. They are so beautiful. Painted with amazing quality and detailing and each horse have there own look to them making them different to the other horses. You can tell that they have modelled these horse on real horses with the amount of detail they have put in. As I said earlier, the quality is amazing they are quite hard and you can tell they are going to get many many years of use out of them without them getting damaged.

There are 4 different horse girls to collect, Hannah, Sofia, Lisa and Sarah and are all £15.00 each. 

As Lily was playing with the horses, I decided to get started to opening the Mobile Vet Van. Sometimes Schleich toys can have a bit of constructing to them but luckily this van barely has any. It comes with the wheels off and just a few others things off like the side mirrors for the van, but these all take 2 seconds to plug in. Everything else comes in little bags. I would say its wise for an adult to open these bags as there are small parts that are easy to loose if your not watching. 

The set also comes with stickers and instructions so then you can easily put together anything thats needed and place the stickers in the right places. 

It really didn't take long at all to get this toy set up. As well as the van, the set comes with a vet, a foal, and 15 accessories that are all tailored to helping your child play vet.

Just like the other figure, she comes with movable parts, so she can sit and also move her hands. She comes with a little vet kit which you can make her hold and place around her neck.

The van its set closes up and then opens up so then you can play inside. All the parts of a vet van have been though about and you have tables and x rays and other items in this van that really help with the imaginary play.

The vans doors open at the front so the vet can get in and drive. Lily was very impressed by this. The car wheels also spin pretty fast meaning that is pushes smoothly and effortlessly across the floor.


Lily loved playing with these and straight away started taking the foal into the van for a check up. 

She also loved that with it came a little pad of paper. This was to fill in for when she has taken care of an animal. She can tick what actions needed to be done Eg- put a bandage on and then also write about what was wrong with the horse. I can see this being one of Lily's favourite things to do and she will be doing it with all her horses she owns. I am really pleased that they thought of adding this element into the set. 

This set is £30 to buy which I would say is well worth it with the amount of play your child will get out of it. 

This set is part of a huge collection of the horse club and there are so many more available which you can buy at Argos

Would your child love to play with this set? 


  1. This looks fabulous, our little one loves animals so she would get many hours of fun with this

  2. Much more play interaction than I imagined. A really lovely set.

  3. My granddaughter would love this set. It looks like it would give lots of hours of imaginative play.

  4. We adore these beauties too - our collection is growing nicely

  5. what a fab little set. toys just get better and better x