Friday 6 March 2020

Mothers Day Breakfast In Bed

(Ad - Gifted)

I there is one treat as a mum that I can think of that goes down well on Mothers Day its breakfast in bed. Not too early of corse, but after spending every day of the week, of the month, of the year getting up and preparing breakfast for the little ones, it is lovely to be spoilt by getting it brought to you. 

So here is my post encouraging you to prepare a nice breakfast in bed for mums this year. 

Of corse, no one wants to eat a fry up in bed, so its a much better idea to think of lots of little snacky ideas that are perfect to fill up a tum in the morning. 

First your going to need something to serve breakfast on. Rather than creating lots of washing up and having lots served on different plates on a tray, why not think about getting a extra large cheese board. These make the perfect surface to serve food on and then only makes one item to have to wash up. 

I really recommend Tru Bamboo's cheeseboard which is RRP £22.45, firstly because on the size! It fits loads of food on as you can see from the photograph. The large size means it acts as a tray as well as a plate and is perfect for doing things such as spreading and cutting on. Which is another point about this great board. It is super sturdy with its pure thickness but not at all heavy meaning comfortable to rest on your lap. 

It also looks really nice, smooth and neat and made from Bamboo meaning that its a strong but also eco friendly wood. It also has a little drawer which keeps the knifes in, which are going to be perfect for cutting cheese and spreading jams. 

Plus when you offer breakfast in bed, you can then let them know that the cheeseboard is also a Mother Day gift! Making this a double whammy present.

So what can you put on your board for breakfast?

Here are a few ideas of what I decided to put on.

Yummy Fruit - Always a treat and a nice fresh thing to eat in the morning.
Jam on toast - You can buy really cute jars of jam which look so lovely on a board, also means she can have a choice of flavours.
Pasties - So many selections of pastries but all work so well for breakfast.  
Hot Cross Buns - Nearly Easter time, these are now hitting the shops and are super tasty to eat toasted with butter. 
Cheese and Crackers - Always nice to have something savoury with sweet and cheese always goes down well with me at any time of the day. 
Chocolates - Got to add a little treat on there, plus they make the tray look super pretty!

So, who has decided then that this is what they either want for mothers day? Or are going to treat someone else to on mothers day? 


  1. Yes, I want this for Mother's Day! Great idea to serve it on a cheese board.

  2. My mum would certainly enjoy this, its a shame she lives so far away, i cant do it for her, but its a brilliant idea and different

  3. Ohh! I love this. What a fantastic idea. It looks and sounds so good x

  4. Id love this - who's arm can i twist to serve 😎😎

  5. This looks amazing - can we hire you out?? ;)

  6. This looks like a lovely breakfast in bed.

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