Tuesday 11 February 2020

REVIEW - Helping your Child Start a Positive Day with Day Dreamimals

(ad- gifted)

If you follow my blog, you may have seen me already write about The Dream Pillow which is a special pillow all about helping your child want to go to bed and also have nice dreams. Well now I have been gifted the latest toy which I can see becoming a little craze, its the mini Dream Pillow called Day Dreamimals. 

There are 3 Day Dreamimals and they are all a different character. You have Sharkie who is of corse a shark, Lamby who is of corse a Lamb, and then Pinkie who is a Koala. You can get all 3 characters in the larger Dream Pillow and Lily waned all 3 of these so the characters are totally collectable and even more so now they come in mini form.

We was sent all 3 to take a look at and try out but Lily's favourite ended up being Pinkie and that is who she decided to use first. 

So the idea of the Day Dreamimals is that it is a little friend that your child can take around with them for the day helping them to think positive thoughts. The Day Dreamimal comes with little Dream Wish notes for your child to draw or write on. They can then start the day by drawing a positive thing that they would like to day dream about, they then fold it up, and slip it inside their day dreamimal for their positive thoughts to stay nice and safe.

Starting the day this way is a great way for a child to have more a positive outlook on the day, and also hopefully be focusing on the day dream rather than any troubles they may have. The Day Dreamimal is a also a keyring, so they can hang it on their bag so their day dream stays with them all day. When they look at their Dreamimal, they will then be reminded about the day dream. Lily decided to draw "cuddles with mummy" on hers. 

The Day Dreamimal also can work for night time as it can work the same way, only you pop your night time dreams inside that you would like to dream. Just like you would a large Dream Pillow. But these ones are perfect for travelling and so it means that your child can take good dreams with them where ever they go. I would happily let Lily take one of these with her on holiday! 

The Day Dreamimals are super soft and super fluffy, and as you can see, they are super cute. Lily can just about fit her hands into the dream pillow so she can still cuddle up to it. Size wise they are about the size of both a child's hands put together. Lily's friends also loved the idea of Dream Pillow as soon as they heard about them and so Lily shared her Day Dreamimals with her friends. I can totally see this becoming something that all kids will want hanging on their back packs. 

These are perfect for any child aged 3 to around 10, though of corse older children can have one if they want one.

They would really help a child who has anxiety or fears or who may be experiencing something challenging in their life.

You can buy a Day Dreamimal for £8.95 from the Dream Pillow Website

Which of the Day Dreamimals do you love? 


  1. So so cute - my great nephew and neice will love these beauties

  2. What a fabulous idea. School mornings can be quite stressful so taking a few minutes to write down positive thoughts for the day sounds like a lovely way to prepare for the day.

  3. Great idea and very cute!

  4. I'm with Lily, think Pinky would be the first one our little one would try, They really are a wonderful idea