Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Ideas to Create a Valentines Gift Hamper

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We are counting down the days, its nearly Valentines, this is your moment where you decide are you going to leave gifting last min and grab some flowers from the local shop? Or are you going to put a little more effort in this year? 

My guide for Valentines this year is different to last and this year I have been thinking about how nice it would be to make a hamper! Everyone loves a good hamper to route through and with a valentines one, there are so many different gift ideas of what you can put inside. 

So below are some ideas of some lovely gifts that I think are perfect to make up a hamper for someone in your life. 

OR you may be thinking of what you could hint to your loved one of a gift you may like yourself, OR you may be single and why the hell not treat yourself!

Either way, enjoy these following ideas for Valentines. 

Davenports Raspberry and Rose Truffles

I am literally popping one of these in my mouth as we speak and wow they are to die for. I think Raspberry and Chocolate are an amazing match and I am not too sure what Rose tastes like exactly but all together this combination of flavours works so well. These chocolates are super indulgent and yes, very moorish (I say as I pop another into my mouth). The box itself is presented nicely with a beautiful ribbon, and the chocolates them self are so cute! The flower on the top is such a pretty touch and so when you open them and see that, it just makes all the difference to the appearance. This really is a box of chocolates that makes a perfect gift and its the perfect size to pop into a hamper. 

Scentered LOVE Candle

I recently reviewed Scentered's lovely hand wash and lotion and was so impressed with the scent. So I just knew that the candle would also be lovely. I was right, this candle smells so amazing. It is made from pure essential oils and custom blends of wax making it super natural. The scent is described as sensual, and heart warming which is what makes it such a lovely candle to gift to someone, plus it is one to enjoy for many nights as it burns for up to 18 hours. 
The presentation of the Candle is also beautiful and as you can see from the image, comes in a lovely pink tub with lid. There are 2 sizes available on the website but this one here is the travel size and so perfect for a hamper. 

Pati & Coco Multi-Layered Dessert 

Rather than heading out for dessert this Valentines, why not create a cosy night in and treat someone with these yummy indulgent desserts. Each little jar is made up with layer upon layer of delicious flavours and they really are so melt in your mouth. There are four flavours available, Praline and Choc, Ganache and Choc, Caramel and Choc, and Pistachio and Choc. Each pack comes with 2 inside and they really do make such a little treat pop into a hamper. Another thing that I love about these is that there is hardly any waste, the jars are not made from plastic and are made from glass instead so they are reusable after! Perfect to always remember this little loving gift from someone. 

Dr PawPaw Red Tinted Balm

I have been a big fan of DR PawPaw Lip Balms for a while now. I love the little tubes they come in which make it super handy to get around places. This little tube is the red tinted balm and so is the perfect Valentines treat. It works really well for soothing lips and also keeping them nice and moisturised. It may be February but it is getting colder and so lips will be getting dryer, so buying Dr PawPaw for a loved one keeps those lips nice and kissable. Plus this really wont take up much space in a hamper. 

Yardley London Eau De Toilette

Fragrance is always something that is loved by many and Yardley London do a lovely fragrance of English Dahlia. This perfume is beautifully smelling and your loved one would love to find this in their hamper. The box has stunning red flowers on the front making it very fitting for Valentines and it won't take up much room in your hamper. The fragrance is described as an elegant and fascinating green floral Chypre, opening with sparkling citrus notes that combine with fresh neroli and apple, before moving onto a sensual and feminine heart, blending dahlia accords with rose and peony, enhanced with a warm base of patchouli, cedar and musk. This would keep anyone smelling devine all day. 

iMantara BodyCare

The first thing I think of when I see these bottles and here the word iMantara is that they are luxury. You can't get a better gift than buying that person you love something luxurious. iMantara have a body wash and body lotion which is simply beautiful. They look beautiful with their gold writing and black bottle. The body wash formula is made with a potent blend of coconut extracts and olive oil, which beautifully nourishes the skin. It also includes Thai jasmine water and jasmine sanbac essential oil to revive and restore the body and mind.

The lotion is a rich formula that effortlessly absorbs into the skin and quickly hydrates you. It is made with Jojoba and Thai Coconut Oils which are incredibly moisturising and restorative. It also has Shea Butter which leaves legs and arms super smooth whilst Jasmine flower extract invigorates and Rose Geranium balances and Peppermint essential oil energises. Together they make the perfect Valentines Gift and would also be a lovely addition to a hamper. 

So which of these items above would you most like to receive?

Would you make a Valentines Hamper? 


  1. I usually do a hamper type present for the OH with sweets that he likes and smellies etc, it's a great idea and some great ideas here

  2. Love them all - never done a Valentine's day hamper - love Christmas ones as gifts

  3. Some lovely ideas including several I would never have thought of. All ideas always gratefully received.

  4. Lovely idea and the truffles sound amazing!

  5. I think that's a super idea - both to make and to receive a Valentine's Hamper. Strictly for the very well-planned strategicians though, I fear!