Friday 10 January 2020

My Mindful Birthday Shopping

So the wednesday just gone, the 8th. Was my Birthday! I turned 33, which I can not believe and don't want to believe as it feels like 2 moments since I turned 30. 

One of the things I love to do for my birthday is go shopping. I generally get some birthday money and so its a really great time to shop because it means guilt free as that money is meant to be spent on nice things for myself. 

And thats exactly what I got, nice things for myself.

I have been focusing on all things mindful lately, and so been trying to make my life as relaxing and cosy and comfortable as possible. With some good little mind distractions in their too, and keeping myself happy with the little things I like. 

So for my shopping trip, I had in mind that I wanted to buy myself all things that are mindful.

The great thing about a birthday in January is that it means January sales! So I always get to buy a little extra with my money. 

Me and my partner headed to Manchester's Trafford Centre for the day. 
Here are all the lovely things I got myself for my birthday. 

I just love candles and scents, they are so great for the mind and to help me stay relaxed. I actually found the blue bottle seperate and fell in love with it. I do like blue glass. At first I couldn't figure what to put in it but then I thought I would buy some oil to put in it with some diffuser sticks. I found a lovely little Aroma Works gift set that had oil and sticks and also came with a lovely candle which worked out perfectly to use in my little blue bottle.

I then fell in love with this larger candle because of the green stone holder it was in. It is totally my colour and love the natural look to it. It smells of Guava Fig and smells lovely. I got the bottle from John Lewis and then the candles and diffuser parts from TK Max. 

I then didn't break the bank with my next buy. I am always aching so when I saw Bath Salts with Epsom Salt in for £1 a pack I thought they would be great to help my muscles relax in the bath. Bought these 2 packs from boots.

These next 2 items I just could not resist. I got myself this lovely blue soft blanket and this super soft cushion. Both are the softest thing I have ever felt which is perfect for my mindfulness as I can sit stroking them. The cats are no longer going to get a look in haha!
I got the blanket from TK Max and the cushion from Dunelm. 

Next I got myself some little treats. I am a massive fan of jelly beans, so I got myself one of my favourite flavours. Hot Cinnamon. Selfridges has now become one of my favourite places to shop, it has all sorts and I love looking around their. The food section has to be the best though, they have a special jelly belly section so I can choose my own flavours.

But the best food in the food hall has to be the little bakery section, where I always treat myself to some macaroons. I LOVE macaroons and I think the ones from Selfridges are the best I have had. You can buy 8 in a little box for £8.99, so not the cheapest of things but well worth every penny. 

These next 2 I bought to help my mind. I am always looking for little things to help distract me from over thinking and one thing I love doing is colouring and drawing. So I picked up this book which gives you 100 things you have to draw. It helps you draw them and tells you each day what thing you should draw. This should keep me busy. Plus i then bought some fine line coloured pens to draw with. I usually use pencil but I thought that these would be different for me. I got the book from Waterstones and the pens from TK Max. 

Last but not least I got myself some items to keep me all comfortable. Firstly I treated myself to some new pyjamas. Shopping in the sales meant that I got to treat myself to 2 pairs from Boux Avenue. I usually can't afford there prices so the fact these are on sale is such a bonus. They are so soft it is unreal! they are going to end up being the most comfortable pairs I own. 

I then at TK max also got myself a dressing gown. I have always wanted to jump out of the shower and straight into a towel dressing gown. It always reminds me of Spa's doing that. So spotted this one and treated myself to it. 

I did also buy myself a few other bits that were less mindful, a few games and also the cutest little gizmo cup, 


I must say, its worth getting a year older just to have a great day being able to treat myself! And now I am all set to carry on being mindful.

Which of the items above that I bought do you love the most? 

(disclaimer - this is not an add)


  1. I'm absolutely obsessed with candles. Have one lit nearly all the time. I love guavas, so reckon I'd love the guava fig one.

  2. Id recommend these beauties too - time out to focus ( even for 5 mins) makes such a difference

  3. The toweling dressing gown, like you said there is nothing better than getting out of the shower and wrapping yourself in a nice toweling dressing gown

  4. Happy Birthday, looks like you spent your birthday money wisely

  5. I love the colur looks cute as a diffuser

  6. I like the colouring book and pens! I find colouring really therapeutic and "help" my kids when they need it

  7. Hands up I love candles and diffusers so those are definitely the items that caught my eye the most. What some lovely shopping ideas for your birthday though.

  8. I love your new pj's! I need to get some new ones I so should have checked out the sales.

  9. Happy birthday to you.. my son is also born January and I'm usually able to find great deals going on too.

  10. You managed to pick up some wonderful things. New pyjamas are always a must for me on my birthday.

  11. Happy Birthday! You found some lovely things but cinnamon jelly beans not for me! Enjoy!

  12. This is lovely! Happy Belated birthday! I also buy myself a few nice bits every birthday so I am glad to see that I am not the only one. :) x

  13. Happy birthday i hope you had an awesome day