Thursday 30 January 2020

Monthly Book Roundup - What We Have Been Reading in January

I have to smack myself on the hand because I haven't actually done a book post for a good couple of months now. Last year I found I was very busy and struggling to keep up to date with blogging, but so far this year I have found my new lease of life and i'm back on it. 

So i'm back with what we have been reading this month in January. 

Lily still loves her story time, and we still read a few books a night. Though she does also bring one home from the school library and insists we read that lots, which doesn't help her books at home get read. 

I haven't really had a theme for January but these are 3 new books that I have got her and want to tell you about. 

1. Zog and the Flying Doctors by Julia Donaldson 

As soon as I spotted a new Zog book in the shops, I just knew we had to have it. We are a big fan of the first Zog book so to find a sequel to it is great. In this story, Zog has his job flying the doctors around so they can attend to patients. One day the princess doctor decides they should fly in and visit royal relatives in the castle. Bad move as they don't let her leave. Good job though as the king gets ill and so princess pearl sends out Zog and the other doctor to go get ingredients so she can make him better. The story is really good with a great storyline and also lots of characters. It also has a great story of kindness to it. I picked my copy up from WH Smith but you can get it from many book stores.

2. The Cave by Rob Hodgson

This is such a funny little story about a tiny creature living in a cave. The big bad wolf wants it to come out so it can eat it, and tries all sorts to make it come out. The funny twist is that actually when the small creature emerges from the cave, its actually not so small and its a big bear bigger than the wolf! the wolf runs into the cave and roles reverse where the bear is trying to get the wolf to come out the cage. The story isn't mega long which is great for those nights you want a shorter story and Lily did really enjoy the comedy behind it. We was gifted this from Lily's school but you can find it online and in shops. 

3. Elmer by David McKee

A classic! Elmer. But Lily has only just started to enjoy the Elmer stories. She was bringing them home from her school library each week so I figured I would get her one for home. If you don't know the storyline of Elmer, which I will admit, I didn't. Its all about a patchwork colourful elephant. In this origional story, Elmer feels very different to all the other elephants, and decides to colour himself in grey. It is at this point he gets up to his usual tricks and plays jokes on the other elephants. But then when the other elephants see his colours, they want to be colourful too. So one day a year, Elmer goes grey and all the other elephants go colourful. The Elmer stories are all so good and have such a good storyline to them. I picked this up from WH Smith but it can be bought in most book stores. 

Which of the books do you like the sound of and why? 


  1. We have the Cave and it's a great book, my daughter loves it. Elmer is so lovely too and it teaches children that they can be different and happy

  2. Elmer is indeed a classic and I would choose this book for our youngest. She may still be too young to understand the message behind the story but she tries to learn the words off by heart and recite them while looking at the colourful illustrations.

  3. We've read that Zog book (and the previous one) it's so good. Elmer sounds interesting. Love patchwork.

  4. I remember reading Elmer with my parents as a child! What happy memories you are creating! :)

  5. Great books - love ELmer!

  6. I love seeing what other people read. I loved elmer! Siobhan x

  7. Elmer was one of my favourite books as a child. Nice to see it still going.

  8. Elmer was one of my favourites :) Such a classic, my daughter loves it too