Wednesday 8 January 2020

Mindful January - Good Morning Basket

(disclaimer - this is not an add) 

When your not feeling yourself, wether its because of depression, anxiety or stress, the mornings can feel the worse. Especially in winter when you wake up and its dark, or miserable looking. 

There can be days you don't feel like getting out of bed, and if you do, you may just end up in your pjs on the couch. 

Starting the day off correctly is really important and sometimes if you don't it can really upset your whole day.

But then starting the day off can feel like such effort, you look at people who somehow manage to get a full face of makeup and neatly done hair and wonder how they manage to do it. Especially if your a parent. I know that I struggle to find the motivation and time to do things like that. You no longer feel yourself, Then this can contribute to you feeling down about yourself, you feel a mess, your not refreshed and again, it impacts the day. 

So, what can you do to help your day start off better? 

I have come up with a little idea that I will be doing each day just to make mornings a little better and for me to start to feel more me again. It is called..

The Good Morning Box 

So the good morning box is all about little things that can help you feel a little more you in the mornings, maybe help you feel refreshed and help with the energy for the day. 

And the great thing about the good morning box is that it is tailored especially to you. 

What you could put in your box? 

Firstly a little message to yourself, wish yourself a good morning. We wait for others to say good morning to us, but do we ever actually say it to ourself? I chose to write on mine, today is a new day. It reminds me that doesn't matter what happened the day before, doesn't matter if you feel you failed, if you hated the day, this day is new and you can make it be whatever kind of day you want it to be. These little messages to yourself can always be changed and really you could add as many as you wanted to glance over in the morning. 

Pills and Vitamins 
If you are feeling run down, you might want to think of some things that can help you with this. Or you may already be taking something you need to remember to take. The good morning box is the perfect place for it. I am currently taking Multivitamins for my energy and CBD tablets for my mind. Not heard of CBD before? I will be taking about the ones I am taking later on in January. 

Face Creams
I apply my face cream from body shop each day. It is my favourite and I have been using it for years. Firstly it really wakes up my face and makes it feel refreshed and smooth. Secondly, it has a lovely familiar scent which I love. Have you ever had a smell that when you smell it, it makes you happy because of how familiar it is? Well this cream does that for me. If you don't have a cream you have been using for years then isn't this a good time to start? Find one that can become your morning happy scent. 

As I mentioned, your not feeling yourself, you feel like you look a mess but you don't have the energy to apply a ton of makeup, do your hair. You may have used to be the person who always well presented herself, made them self look good, smell good, but now you can't bring yourself to do it. Well have you ever thought about how a simple spray of something that smells good can help you feel more you? And it takes 2 seconds to apply with some simple presses of a button. The tiny differences can make a huge difference to how you feel and so this one may be a good one to try to make you feel a little more you. This can apply to men too with aftershave. 

Finally for me, it is tea, only because it already has been for years part of my morning ritual. If your like me, you over think and have already woken up to dread the day, what is there to look forward to, but actually... there is that cup of tea that you just love having in the morning. Maybe you could buy a range of tea's, pop a different one into your box each day to try. 

This is my box, and so tailored to me. But there could be things you can think of which you know will help you feel better in the mornings. 

I would love to know what you would put in your box? 

(all words are my own, this is not an ad)


  1. Same as you and my mindful meditation books - focus the mind - really works * coffee instead of tea ( we're allowed even if its caffeine filled )

  2. Tea bags, definitely vitamins and notes to myself,

  3. Aw this is such a lovely idea! I think I would put a wee note to myself and my I can Cards to help me focus on the day ahead!

  4. I'm not a tea drinker (or coffee for that matter) so I'd pop a bottle of water and my Kindle so I could read a chapter of my book

  5. Having a Good Morning Basket is such a good idea! So efficient. My inner Monica Geller just loves it :)
    My best way to kick start a day is to smile first thing in the morning and say 'All is well'. And even if my world is falling apart, I am waking up feeling 20 times happier.

  6. My morning ritual always starts with a good old cuppa, love the idea of having a morning basket

  7. My morning always starts with a cuppa, my medication (for numerous health issues), and supplements. This year I am planning to start getting up a little earlier so that I can have some quiet time on my own before the kids get up.

  8. This is such a great idea, I love the sound of a morning basket and could certainly do with one myself when I'm half asleep in the mornings!

  9. This is such a lovely idea. I love the thought of leaving a little message for yourself to say good morning and have some words of engagement or motivation. Also great to have some vitamins on the go!

  10. this is a great idea, i love what you put in your box

  11. Starting the day right can go a long way into making the rest of your day go well, I love the idea of a good morning box and I would love my favourite treats.

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