Saturday 18 January 2020

Celebrating My Blogiversary - 4 Years Old

I think this year has been the fastest yet. Another year has past and just after celebrating my actual birthday, its time to celebrate the Birthday of my blog!

My First post was today 4 years ago, I must admit when I first set up my blog I never thought that 4 years later I would still be doing it, never mind still loving doing it. 

So looking over the last year of blogging, I have to admit, it took a backseat. I don't often talk about the upsetting things of my personal life on my blog, I more focus on the fun, Lily and promoting all the wonderful brands out there. But I have had some struggles with stress over the last year and so my blog was one of the things that took a back seat. 

But this year I am going to be trying to focus more on myself, which does mean more of the things I love doing. Including blogging. You may have read i'm doing Mindful January, well I want to carry on that mindfulness into every month, and so there may become more of a lifestyle theme to my blog. Of corse I will still be blogging all about Lily, and I really do need to give myself a kick up the bum with activity posts, but I think putting a little focus on myself this year isn't a bad thing. 

So my totals of posting, is 839 posts. Which means over the year I did only write 100 or so posts. I have been feeling though that quality is better than quantity and its much more important to write decent posts than it is to do one for the sake of posting. 

So one thing I do each year is show how Lily has changed from one year to the last. I love that i have some followers on here that have been looking at my blog for all these years. they get to watch Lily grow just like I do. 

So here is lily from a Year ago

and Here is Lily now - 

There was much more of a difference in images last year as she seemed to turn from a toddler to a big girl, but you can see from the picture how she is getting bigger. But Lily is growing more in intelligence than she is height, she still fits into some 3-4 year old clothing and some 5 to 6 is way to big. 

Now to look how my blog has grown, I always like to look at my stats and have a compare. 

Twitter Last Year - 7923
Twitter This Year - 8199 
Total Gained - 276 

My twitter gain isn't high at all, but I really haven't put any focus into gaining twitter followers this year. I am really happy with the amount of followers I have and have put more focus on other areas. 

Facebook Last Year - 3592 
Facebook This Year - 3733 
Followers Gained - 141

So again not high at all, but I do find facebook a tricky one to gain followers on.

Instagram Last Year - 2614 
Instagram This Year - 2990
Followers Gained - 376 

As you can tell, my main focus has been instagram this year. I plan to carry on putting my focus into Instagram this year too. 
Instagram is one platform I wish I had put more effort into from the start, but I have been learning a lot lately and there is lots that I haven't been doing. Lately I have felt like I am in a black hole of the internet, where Instagram is not showing me to my followers, I find I have to work for my likes and so if you are a blog follower, and a Instagram follower, I really would appreciate more loves and comments on my posts. I plan to interact back with you too! 

Last year I was pleased because my Tots 100 score went up to the top 250, well this year I am even more pleased to see it rise to number 163. I really never thought my number would be up there. I remember my first year of blogging not getting a job because I wasn't in the top 200, so its great to know that I am there now.

My plans for last year on the blog was to go out more and take more photographs to show you. I was bad! I didn't do this! So going to say it again, I really want to go more places and show you them this year. Even if its only through a Instagram story. 

Usually for my Blogiversay I do a giveaway, this this year I already have one running on my Instagram so you may want to go and enter that. 

If you are a blogger reading this I would love to know how your blog is doing? 

If you are a reader then I would love to know what you think of my blog? 

So here is to another year of blogging!

Thank you to all my readers and friends and family who support by reading and sharing!


  1. Happy blogiversary! I've been following your blog since the beginning. When my granddaughter was born I realised that I needed to get up-to-date with new parenting methods, new toys, etc., so I started following several "mummy bloggers", one of which was your blog. Some of the blogs I originally followed are no longer in existence, and some others I no longer follow because the content doesn't appeal. Yours is one of the blogs I have stuck with. My granddaughter is a few months younger than Lily, so when you post reviews of books, toys, days out, etc. that Lily enjoys, then I can be pretty sure that these will be something that my granddaughter will enjoy.

    1. Really great to hear that you have followed my blog for so long :) Thank you!!! Loads more coming this year :)

  2. What a lovely thing to do to look back on how you have done over the past year for your bloggy birthday! It is amazing how quick time goes as a blogger - I am 9 years blogging now - don't think I've ever kept anything going that long before.

  3. Happy blog anniversary it is lovely to look back and see how things have changed in a year. Heres to the next year x

  4. Happy Blogiversary and what a great idea to track your blog in this way, I might have to do that! Love seeing how you've progressed.

  5. Happy birthday to you and your blog! Your stats are super impressive. It shows that what you're doing to grow your blog is working!

  6. Congratulations on your 4th year! And for the growth you’ve seen this year.

    I’ve just posted about my first 100th posts so to have over 800.... wow!

  7. Happy anniversary to you and your blog! 4 years it's a long time and you did grow quite a bit on socials as well during this period. Your Lily looks so grown up, in just one year.

  8. Wow, Lily has grown so much in a year! Congratulations on four years - here's to many more!

  9. Well done for four years! I've been blogging 6 years now. 2019 was very busy so I didn't blog as much as I'd like too and the start of 2020 has been a bit slow. But I'm getting back into it :)

  10. Happy Blogiversary! its great to see you are focused on what you want to do and what you want in your blog, you can be happy if its something you want to do, and the areas you want to focus on, heres to many more years to come.

  11. Happy Blogiversary to you, 4 years is such a long time already and so glad that you are growing everyyear with 839 posts todate.

  12. Happy blogging anniversary, it always seems like you will never get passed year one and then before you know it its 4/5/6 years down the line.

  13. Yay Happy Blogiversary 4 years of blogging is awesome! Some great growth on social media and Lily has definitely grown! Sorry 2019 wasn't all kind to you but heres to an amazing 2020, I can't wait to read more of your content!

  14. A bit late but happy Blogiversary, you do a fantastic job, thank you